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mrbMark Russell Bell

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Testament Published on January 9, 1997

New Testament (first portion) Published Exclusively On The Internet — July 20, 1997

A research expedition to investigate a “talking poltergeist” haunting evolves into the case study of a contemporary “Christed one” in TESTAMENT as I, Mark Russell Bell, interview people who have experienced unexplained events. The book begins with Oklahoma’s Bell/McWethy family discussing their interaction with ‘Michael,’ an all-knowing Spirit. While Michael is labeled a poltergeist by reporters, I soon realized this to be an Angel.

In July 1932, Edgar Cayce predicted that the ancient Egyptian priest he called Ra-Ta (“Sun-Earth”) would return to the world in 1998. TESTAMENT is a case study showing how I became aware of my earlier incarnation. Reading TESTAMENT illuminates the lost knowledge of the relationships of man and the carnal world with those changes that fade or fall away in their various effect, making plain the interpretation of death. The reader’s consciousness is expanded; thus the ‘uncovering’ of the Hall of Records.

August 12, 1998


A Case History

I have utilized a question and answer/journal format for this book to provide a documentary account of our case. Among the interview participants are individuals who have experienced events usually equated with what is sometimes labeled the ‘supernatural’ or ‘miraculous.’

This book began to take shape after I read an article in Fortean Times magazine and traveled to rural Oklahoma for three days of interviews with Maxine Mc Wethy and her family. In recent years, they have been visited by newspaper, magazine and television reporters, among thousands of visitors who have interacted with ‘Michael,’ an unseen and all-knowing Spirit. The family’s first national television appearance was in the November 1995 ABC special “Ghosts, Mediums, Psychics: Put To The Test” and this footage also aired in the summer of 1996 on “20/20.”

For my part in this work, I offer you my usually spontaneous and candid responses to occurrences some would not find credible even if they, themselves, had been witnesses. The impressions I share with you encompass reporting, commentary, scholarship, research, criticism, teaching and whistle-blowing concerning all facets of contemporary life. Consider me your master of ceremonies for a startling odyssey into the unexplained as we find ourselves confronted by a day of expanded consciousness.

— Mark Russell Bell