Q: Mark Russell Bell
A: lecture attendee
(X): unidentified sounds
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Santa Monica, California

Mark Russell Bell

Illuminating The Unknown

After researching accounts of talking poltergeists throughout history, Bell traveled to rural Oklahoma to interview a family experiencing the phenomena. He witnessed the materialization of objects and spirit utterances among other startling occurrences. After returning to L.A. the bizarre events around him continued. Bell will discuss the parallels in the lives of such people as Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky and Nostradamus as Spirit manifests around certain individuals.


Bell worked as a publicity writer for Paramount Pictures before he began compiling the case study that would document interaction with an Angelic Force.


Q: Okay, so I guess I’ll start. First of all, is anyone here familiar with (“THE”) my website testament dot org? (X) Okay, so then I’ll give you (X) a pretty general approach to the case study that I present. (X) There are a lot of details so I’m going to go pretty quickly and at the end maybe there’ll be time for question and answers. If not, you can always visit me in the booth and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. Well I put some news releases outside too which is pretty succinct. I should mention that in the program they did leave off a few words after the beginning of the description where it said about Spirit manifesting around certain individuals. They put a period but actually the sentence was to read “to provide metaphors for others.” Of course, Spirit manifests around everybody so they sort of missed the point. So that was sort of a not very insightful edit. Now one of the things that I learned in the case that I’m going to describe was about ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ because I had done a lot of interviewing over the years as a publicist at Paramount. And (“WHEN IT]” or “WAND]”) there were little glitches in interviews that your mind just edits out. Or sometimes people — there’s a lot of hemming and humming and repeating of words. But sometimes the tonality can be quite different. (“AN”) What happened with me is I had some very prominent spirit messages when I interviewed a family experiencing a talking poltergeist in Oklahoma. And when you have some very clear cases of Electronic Voice Phenomena, it makes you really become attentive when you listen to tapes. So since that time I’ve become aware and spoken to other people involved in Electronic Voice Phenomena. And it’s far more prominent than most people realize. You can hear it on any kind of recorded material (“AS WELL AS”) — on even radio broadcasts. But that’s one thing I think I’ll leave to the transcripts at the website and in the book because that gives you a better idea of it — at least, in the — (“THE”) the most recent (“PART”) parts (“THEN”) then I could in describing it in just a brief while because it is a very complicated business. So what happened with me is in my childhood I experienced a few unexplained occurrences. Well first of all I was born an identical twin back in 1956 here in L.A., in Culver City which was right near MGM Studios (X) so I was — come on in — I was a Leo — Leo (X) born on August 8, 1956 — born near MGM Studios, (“WHICH IS”) sort of known (X) by the Leo the lion logo. When I was about five — five or six, there was an occasion when I woke up one morning and my brother and mother were still asleep and I heard a disembodied voice calling my name. Well I didn’t know it was a disembodied voice at first. I thought maybe this was a friend playing a joke on me — some — one of my friends from school must have found out where I lived and was playing a joke. But at the time I really found no solution and investigated throughout the apartment. (“SO”) I just put it aside because there’s nothing else you can do but it sort of stuck in my mind and may be one of the reasons why I was always interested in the unexplained. I would read about UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster and ghost stories. But I (or “BUT I”) had another odd (X) experience sometime between (X) the ages of seven and ten in school after I’d had a (or “AA”) vacc(ination) — vaccination. They said that I had a delayed shock reaction to having (“AA”) a vaccine. At least, that’s (“WHAT”) what they said. It happened about a half hour after I had taken the vaccine and I passed out. I fainted. And I had this very odd thought when I woke up–when I came to with my back (“YOU KNOW”) against the floor–which always has stuck with me because it was “The aliens have come back.” And back then, aliens weren’t really prominent in the culture as they are today. Another odd occurrence around the age of 12 or 13 was for my twin brother I decided to hold a seance so I had a Ouija Board and a little glow-in-the-dark skull from Disneyland. And I basically had no sooner said, “I call upon the spirits of the dead” and there was like a (X) mini-tornado in Pasadena. Obviously, (X) tornadoes do not occur in Pasadena so this was the first and last seance that I ever was involved in. In school I did have some more experiences where I (X) passed out. I basically became so worried that I would pass out that I would hyperventilate and pass out so it was some kind of stress (panic) disorder. At least, that’s what — that’s what they said. However, it sort of struck me as odd once when my mom took me to see the movie “Marnie” — (“HITCH”) Hitchcock’s “Marnie” because in that film the main character would have these red flashes and (“ANYWAY”) there were sort of bizarre parallels between this movie and my own stress disorder. So my first job in the entertainment industry was as a story analyst. I worked for Marty Ingels reading scripts for him and his wife. And after that I was looking for — since this was a part-time position I was looking for another part-time position so I saw an ad for an assistant to the actor Mickey Rooney which I applied for. And Ruth Webb, his agent, basically knew Marty so she was thrilled to have me (X) join the agency. And so as his in-office assistant was sort of my introduction (X) to Hollywood. This was at the time when he was nominated for “The Black Stallion” and he was at the height of his career on stage in “Sugar Babies.” And interestingly enough the Mickey name is sort of a derivation of the name Michael, which was also — happened to be my twin brother’s name. So working in this talent agency — I’ve talked in some of my radio inter(X)views about some of the little odd synchronicities but just to give you an idea — now, of course, my whole trip is the cult of celebrity. And now that I no longer work in the corporate entertainment world, it’s interesting — one of the little things that happened was I became a talent agent and booked Mickey in a mini-series called “Celebrity,” which ironically enough was for NBC. Well I don’t think Mickey would mind me telling this story because he’s well known — some of his personality quirks are well-known. And (X) some of his foibles, as well as I make mine very well known in the book and at the website. But he was — it’s pretty well known he was the inspiration for the Archie Bunker character in “All In The Family.” Well, anyway, he had just finished doing a series for NBC called “One Of The Boys” which co-starred him with then-unknown actors Nathan Lane, Dana Carvey and Meg Ryan. Well, the show did not succeed. It had very little promotion and Mickey was furious at NBC for the way they handled his series. Oh it was — actually I think it was called “Roomies” — I’m not sure of the title. It’s been a long time. (X) It was — it only lasted one season. So unfortunately this new mini-series that I booked him in, “Celebrity,” was also an NBC production. Well at one point I know he called Brandon — Brandon Tartikoff a kike, which sort of didn’t put things — begin things on a very good level. But when he ended up walking off the set using the excuse that quote some “jungle bunnies” were in the room that they were supposed to arrange for him. So I was on vacation at this time. So when I came back, I came back to all kinds of lawsuit threats and ‘how could I not have taken the precautions’ — well, anyway, Mickey could have done this show if he wanted to do the show. So Ruth was the one who handled — tried to handle the situation and had testified. And one day she came into my office and dropped this like telephone (directory)-sized book of testimonies and said, “Here. Memorize this so you’ll know what to say.” Well I wasn’t about to lie and I really haven’t — come on in. It’s fine — I have taken that sort of path ever — ever since in terms of ‘celebrity.’ When I began work — after becoming an agent, I decided to get out of the rat race of the talent agency business. (to latecomers — ) I haven’t gotten to the good part yet so you haven’t really missed anything. I went to work at Slade, Grant, Hartman and Hartman, a public relations firm. And I know one of my clients at that time was Willard Pugh who was in the movie “Made In Heaven” so I was still getting sort of interesting little parallels (X X) (that) sort of (“WERE”) were gaining momentum when I was working at Paramount Pictures. Well, first of all, I must say in the ‘90s I’d moved to Echo Park where I was living right across from Angelus Temple and the beautiful lake there with the lotuses where the Lotus Festival is held every year. And one of my experiences — I think the most memorable experience after I became an independent contractor for Paramount and, by the way, I was downsized basically because I had a stock option for Paramount right before the merger and they didn’t want me (“T[O]”) to get the big money, so to speak. So by making (me) an independent contractor, they were able to get out of their deal; however, karmically, when this happens there are ramifications, as everyone well knows. (“BUT”) There was one time when I was working on the movie “Clueless” (X) and I’d written the press kit production information, something that I normally would do. And something very puzzling happened. When I went to take the disk with my press kit on it into the department because there was no server back at that time. It said ‘disk corrupted.’ (“SO I”) That was a big problem because, you know, I — so I would have to go home and put it on a different disk. Well the same thing happened. So I said, “Oh boy, something’s really odd here.” I went — so I went to Kinko’s and I said, “Okay, (X) I’ll type it all — I’ll type it over at Kinko’s.” Well that didn’t work either. The same thing happened. So I said, “Okay, well I’ll type it in the department at Paramount in the photo lab. Well guess what? When I went to take the separate brand new disk from that computer to the director of publicity’s computer, it still said ‘corrupted.’ So I left it at that. Frankly, it was for Scott Rudin who is famous for not using publicists’ press kits anyway. A lot of producers in Hollywood try to fix what’s wrong with their movies in the press kit and it really doesn’t really fool anyone. It really tips them off as to what’s wrong with the movie. (“BUT”) In terms of me working for Paramount, that was one — sort of when it happened, the people there liked (X) journalism. So I felt comfortable in this highly corporate environment. Well, anyway, in Echo Park I was living on Clinton Street, and this was sort of prophetic because it was before President Clinton had been elected. And among the bizarre events was two burning bushes on the hillside right directly outside my condo and I have a photograph of these bushes in the book. Two bushes — well weren’t there two President Bushs? So it was sort of an interesting correlation. And I think there might be two Clintons, by the way. But I had some interesting what were once called ‘raptures of Christ’ during this period. And I had worked on a play and screenplay based on the last formal trial for witchcraft in France so I thought maybe I was having these religious ecstasies because I had read about them when I was doing research for this play and screenplay. I also had at least one bizarre alien dream where I was aboard some kind of — I guess flying saucer or something. I mean I didn’t really — I was just in this room and I was on a table and there was this bright light and I was very hostile (X) and upset. And I — there was nobody there and I — all you’ll remember is (“I”) I was going to get behind the door and whenever somebody came in, I was going to slam that door into them when they entered the room. And that’s when — of course, (“WHEN I”) when I did that, that was when I woke up. So there was another bizarre experience when I was watching a poltergeist movie on TV. (X) I was watching it and there was this like (or “LIKE”) — this face appeared in the TV and it sort of came forward, looked around the room, and then retreated. And I thought, “Well this is a publicity stunt by the producers of the TV show.” And I sort of left it at that. There was also an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” that looked at a couple who was being (X) tormented by an unseen presence in their home. A woman had even blacked out while (X) cameras were filming so she — they thought there was one really sneaky person. However, I had researched in my spare time a book about ‘talking poltergeists’ throughout history and it seemed very clear to me that this was one of these historically known as (X) a ‘talking poltergeist.’ I guess the most famous case is the Bell Witch case, which I’d actually even dramatized and suggested as the first (X) telefilm spin-off of “Unsolved Mysteries.” Well they ended up going with a crime thriller but this was the original book here — (X “THE”) the cover page. It was copyrighted in 1894 and it was based on events early in the 19th Century. Another case that I found very interesting in terms of comparison was The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap — A Modern ‘Miracle’ Investigated (published in 1936) by Harry Price and R. S. Lambert. And just to show you how bizarre some of these cases are — I mention one of the inc(idents) — the incidents that happened in the Bell Witch case in my news release and I’ll read you a portion from the original book.

Rev. James Gunn preached on Sunday at Bethel Methodist Church, six miles southeast, and Rev. Sugg Fort filled his appointment at Drake’s Pond Baptist Church, seven miles northwest, thirteen miles apart, both preaching at the same hour, eleven o’clock. It so happened that both ministers came to visit our family that evening, finding quite a crowd of people gathered in, as was the case every day during the excitement. Directly after supper the witch commenced talking as usual, directing the conversation to Brother Gunn, discussing some points in his sermon that day. Mr. Gunn asked the witch how it knew what he had preached about? The answer was, “I was present and heard you.”

Q: And this was an unseen voice that was manifesting in their home.

The statement being questioned, the vociferator begun, quoted the text and repeated the sermon verbatim, and the closing prayer, all of which the preacher said was correct. Some one suggested that Brother Fort had the advantage of the witch this time, that having attended Brother Gunn’s service, it could tell nothing about Brother Fort’s discourse at Drake’s Pond. “Yes I can,” was the prompt reply. How do you know? was the inquiry. “I was there and heard him.” Then assimilating Rev. Fort’s style, it proceeded to quote his text and repeated his sermon, greatly delighting the company. There was no one present who had heard either sermon, but both ministers admitted that their sermons had been accurately reproduced, and no one could doubt the fact, or were more greatly surprised than themselves.

Q: Just to show you how wacko some of these cases can be, in The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap the haunting Entity told them that it was a talking mongoose. And they said that they had even seen it on a couple occasions taking this form. I’ll read verbatim (X) page — part of page 51.

On another occasion he . . .

Q: Who was Gef — G — E — F. (X)

. . . called Mr. Irving a ‘heathen’ and ‘infidel.’ Then, feeling angered at something that Mrs. Irving had said, the animal shouted from his sanctum: ‘Nuts! Put a sock in it! Chew Coke!’ This particular bit of rudeness was while the Irvings were in bed. Because no one took any notice of him, he dropped behind the panelling at the head of their bed and gave a terrific thump on the woodwork that shook the place. Two heavy blows followed, but these were in other parts of the house. Mr. Irving told us that the three blows were given in a fraction of a second. Immediately after a box of matches was thrown on their bed. Then the fit of temper passed, and to make amends, Gef asked permission to sing two verses of ‘The Isle of Capri.’ This was followed by another song, ‘Home on the Range.’ Then a parody of the same song, which he had picked up from the men at the bus depot. This was really two much for Mrs. Irving, who called out: ‘You know, Gef, you are no animal!’ To which the ‘mongoose’ replied, ‘Of Course I am not! I am the Holy Ghost!’

Q: So you might be asking how can all this trivia lead me to the goal that I attest to in my news release, which is basically the Superconscious Mind of the universe communicating to us through our belief systems? Well one of the things I noticed in these accounts was that they both — the haunting Presence called one member of each specific family the name ‘Pots’ — P — O — T — S. Just a little incidental fact — one on page 160 of the Bell Witch case and then on page 29 of The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap. So I thought, “Well that’s very odd. This must be the same Entity.” So that was one of the first questions that I asked the family living in Centrahoma who were experiencing the phenomena. And I learned at that time — because I had read a Fortean Times magazine article — that Maxine Mc Wethy’s — she said, “Well my original name before I was married was Bell.” So I thought (“W[ELL] THAT’S”) that’s interesting. This must be a dynasty of what was then known as ‘poltergeists.’ I’d worked on “The Godfather, Part III,” by the way. So (X) in looking at these chronicles where people signed affidavits and (X) left very compelling accounts because they’re just so crazy ‘why would they be making something this odd up?’ Well it seems that the haunting Presence had an ulterior motive and was giving clues amidst what seemed like craziness. And by reading these prospective cases of the disembodied voices speaking in the different voices of family members of people who attended the haunting you could see parallels to other cases. Such as Edgar Cayce who became a channel for this Amassing of spirits. And another interesting case is the Messages From Michael books where the haunting Presence communicated via the Ouija Board. (X X) Well, anyway, in the Bell Witch case, which is probably the best documented of these cases, at one point John Johnson was said to ask the Entity: “Tell me where you live, and who and what you are, anyhow?” And the answer was:

I live in the woods, in the air, in the water, in houses with people; I live in heaven and in hell; I am all things and anything I want to be; now don’t you know what I am?”

Q: Well he thought that the haunting (X) Presence was a demon. And if you really think about people’s interpretations of the Angelic and the demonic, and this includes me, we — before some of my experiences — we take a pretty narrow-minded approach. For example, I had big problems selling my beautiful condo in Echo Park when I wanted to move (“SATAN”) to Santa Monica so was this inability something demonic because it didn’t make sense. (X) The condo was on the market for less than a $100 thousand with a beautiful view of Echo Park Lake. Well there’d been a foreclosure in the upper building so it wasn’t meant to be. So — but maybe this was Angelic because it helped me to realize (“AND”) — sort of changed my thoughts, so to speak — gave me some financial difficulties which made me begin seeking out employment, which was at first a trial of errors, but I did have plenty of Help. (X) So before I went to interview this family with Bell ancestry living in Oklahoma, I turned in my final projects at Paramount Pictures, not knowing that when I came back I would take a sabbatical, so to speak, and never really go back to my career in the very highly corporate Holly-wood world and I remember Carol’s assistant said, “You look like a wise old owl” — which sort of became stuck in my mind because when I reached Centrahoma where the family lived, in discussing their town with the family they said, “Well the town used to be called ‘Owl.’” So I was getting these sort of odd little synchronicities. Another synchronicity was there were all these “Boldly Go” bookmarks from the latest “Star Trek” movie laid out all along the guest table in the publicity department, which was sort of a good omen. And I must say that this family that I interviewed, by the way, has been seen (X) on a television documentary called “Ghosts, Mediums, Psychics: Put To The Test.” And I understand it also aired on “20/20.” This featured a chair moving on its own, heat photography of a window showing (“AA”) odd little face — a form which they proceeded to explain away as the shadow of a neighbor when I really couldn’t quite understand how the producers were sabotaging their own show to say this ludicrous statement because it obviously looked — it didn’t even look human. (“THE”) The image of the face. And so at the very end of this half hour episode of this hour show — they also did an episode on remote viewing that was highly convincing — the reporter said, “Michael — ” which was the name of the haunting Entity — at least, the family’s nickname for all the assorted voices that they were hearing because they assigned individual identities to the voices they were hearing too and were trying to figure it out because sometimes the voices would say that they were aliens and had to go to the courthouse in nearby Coalgate to get plans for a UFO. And all these bizarre stories I was being told. So, anyway, she said, “Michael, give me a sign” — the reporter at the very end of this documentary — and at that moment — exact moment, there was — you could hear coyotes beginning — a coyote or coyotes — I can’t remember how many there were — beginning to howl in the distance. So this was sort (X) of establishing (“AA”) some kind of connection with the subconscious mind of the animal. And so they left it on a ‘Well could it be or could it not be — who really knows?’ (“BUT”) I must say that chair moving was really quite an interesting little bit of — ‘captured on film.’ I would’ve like to see the “20/20” — I would’ve liked to see what any one of those hosts might have said about that half hour. But (“WW”) while I was there I saw (X) coins and small objects materialize like pebbles. A nail bounced off my head. It hurt. I said it didn’t at the time but it did. I thought — I was worried that it was going to bleed but it didn’t. One of the most memorable incidents was the little girl named Heather was saying (X) Leader, who was this alien who basically groaned a lot, once she felt him surrounding her. I said, (“WELL” or “WO”) “Did it have clothing? (“AN”) How did it feel?” And she said it was just like a magnetic field: ‘but really big.’ Well another time while I was interviewing the family, the table lurched so I made a joke about ‘Well it must be pretty big to be getting up like that.’ And they said, “Well the aliens told us that they’re from Saturn.” And I went on a tour of the area with (X) Twyla, who they thought was the ‘agent’ of the poltergeist. (X) An interesting word I thought — agent. And rocks hit the w(indshield) — like a rock hit the outside of the windshield and then a dime hit the windshield from inside. So I (X) analyzing and you could read this in the transcripts — I’m saying, ‘Oh well the spirit is showing us how he’s outside and inside at the same time.’ (X X) We heard spirit giggling in the backseat and she said, “Oh, Michael” — well actually I was saying. She — I don’t think she heard him (that time) — but I said — I mentioned it to Twyla and she — because one of the (X) manifestations was of this boy who apparently his mother had cut off his head. I mean it was very — these very gothic little anecdotes which I just decided to publish verbatim. (“SO”) People could see their own parallels between the events of the earlier poltergeist cases. And I do list some of the earlier events in our discussions that I present verbatim. When I — (X) one day — one night when I was in Oklahoma (X) I went to call my (X) twin brother to let him know how I was doing — here in L.A. And he must’ve been asleep or half asleep at the time because he answered the phone (groggily), “Hello?” (X) So I started talking to him and then he said, “My bed is shaking.” Sort of (“AA”) a classic paranormal event; however, the distance aspect sort of threw me. (“I”) I really — I went to the family the next day and said, “That isn’t possible, is it?” Well they’d seen so many wild and bizarre events that they said they were quite used to it: ‘it was possible.’ (X) Well (“THE NECK”) the next night — actually I can’t remember which happened first but the other night this bee(tle) — I heard this thumping on my walls. And I thought, “Well in most of these poltergeist cases you could always hear this thumping.” So I looked out to see what it was and it turned out to be this large beetle was throwing itself against the door. It sort of looked like a scarab, an Egyptian scarab. So I discussed that with the family the next day as well. There were — we also had interaction with wasps, ants — cockroaches were quite noticeable in the house, which sort of created an interesting parallel because on the cover of my follow-up book which is published only on the Internet — I found what looks like an Egyptian — an old Egyptian relic of some kind that features cockroaches and also sort of a reptilian humanoid face. But I know when I — the third night of interviews it was just me and Maxine basically (“AND A”) and some of her visitors. We ended up going to nearby Coalgate (“AND”) to have dinner at a diner. And while we were there, (“SHE”) we both — (“FISH”) she first felt her chair bending inward while she was sitting there and right after that I — I felt the same thing. And there was also an event where moisture (X) suddenly appeared on my pants and I thought, “Well did my water leak out of my Land’s End bag?” And I went through this testing and, of course, they’re non-porous — those (X) — those bags. But when I got home I was astonished because I was still experiencing the phenomena. What I had thought was happening in this house in Oklahoma now was happening in my condo in Echo Park. For example, coins would appear. In fact, once I even heard the ‘swoosh’ as a penny hit my leg and then fell on the floor. (“WHILE”) My brother and a friend were visiting me. So I called his attention to it and he said, “Well you might have thrown it there.” And a few minutes later I looked and there was a dime there so I said, (“DI”) “James, look, there’s a dime.” And he said, “You didn’t throw that there.” So what I decided to do is present the case with these verbatim interviews because, for example, one of the people I called when I got home was my friend Fiona who already was a psychic reader over at The Psychic Eye bookstore. And she said — as I was talking to her, she said, “A magnet just flew off my refrigerator.” Even though she’s (“SS”) kind of used to these things but the timing was sort of strange . . . (tape recorder reverses to record on the second side) . . . my mother (X) is one of these very skeptical people who (or “WHO”) is much more comfortable with anything on television than she is with anything in real life. So she said, “Well there’s nothing really happening. (X) Oh, just a moment. A wasp is acting very strangely.” I was talking to my friend Marie and I was telling her how the family in Oklahoma would always say, “Watch out for your change and watch out for your money because they take money — he takes your — your money.” So I — I even left a $5 dollar bill and said, “Well let’s see if he takes it.” He didn’t take it from me. But I was telling Marie this and she was telling me something very bizarre that had happened to her. Well her bank account had been cleared out and (X) she was the only one (“WHO HD”) who had the card — the bank — the debit card. The bank ended up refunding her the money under circumstances that never (“R”) rea(lly) have been totally understood. But all these things were giving me very positive indications that something a little bit more profound was going on than I had expected. (X) I remember going to a slide show (X) that my brother and his friend James were throwing at their house (X) and people were showing slides from their vacations. And I think what was most interesting was Charlotte was saying, “The man with the Hawaiian shirt was our tour leader.” And then a few minutes later one other friend said, “My new car is a Saturn.” So I be(came) — (X) I became aware of it. It was like the Superconscious Mind was sort of training me how different thoughts were transmitted to people and they can act upon these thoughts or not. But it really made me question where the thoughts were originated. Do they originate in the brain? Or are brains (X) like trans(mitters) — transmitters? Almost Like the Talking Heads song “Radio Head.” So (X) I did feel that I was loved by this Force manifesting around me which did find ways to show me that Love really was the most important lesson. I guess it’s very appropriate on Valentine’s Day to say that some people learn about love through their spouses. And some people learn through their children. Or through their work. Well I learned about it in a very bizarre way, to say the least. There was one morning (X) when I woke up about (“AT”) 6 a.m., which was very unusual for me. It was still dark (“MAY”) and I was — had crystal clarity. And I thought, “Well this is very unusual to wake up and be so clear at this hour.” So — well I had (“AA”) a poetry book I had recently purchased called This Is My Beloved. And I opened the page and it said — I think it was a dedication or something. It said:

Good Morning, Darling.

Q: So I said, “Uh-oh.” (X) Anyway, so I felt — at first I felt, “This Force really couldn’t Love me. And so any — ever since then I have been very aware that the Superconscious Mind of the universe can communicate in a myriad of ways. Including bumper stickers — (X “I MEAN”) I’ve rec(ently) — I’ve seen bumper stickers at times that are just a little bit too opportune, so to speak. But, anyway, I did really feel this love and appreciation and gratefulness (X) toward this haunting Entity (X) in my life, Who I realized had always been in my life because amongst the little things I’d experienced was (“LIKE”) late at night I remember having this feeling like somebody grabbing my leg. And I had always thought it was some kind of muscle contraction or something. (“BUT IT” X) When it happened to me after I’d come back, I thought, “Oh, well that’s (“MI”) — that’s Michael,” you know, so it’s like (X) I was beginning to put together all of these — these different events. Well so when I started realizing that people might be channeling thoughts from this Entity through their subconscious minds to me — my mother said, “Finish the book in a week.” Or something bizarre. So I said, “Oh no, maybe Michael wants me to finish the book in a week.”


Q: So I was going to (X) try to stay up all night and I sort of had this very bizarre period in my life where I sort of hit this higher plain of existence and I started telling people who they were the reincarnation of. And as I was doing this I was thinking — (“I”) you know how you — when you say something, (X “U”) you don’t even know where it came from, you’re just — you’re aware that you’re doing it but you don’t know really why you were doing it. (“TRY THIS”) Like I was telling my friend (X) Timothy who was a photographer that he was the reincarnation of Merlin. And my (X) — I told my friend Fiona that she was Morgana le Fay. (“AA”) I was never really that big on King Arthur either. (X) And I told my friend Marie that she was the Virgin — the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. So I finally went to an automatic writer to sort of ask this question. So I said, “Is Marie the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary?” And so (“THE”) the answer that she channeled at that time was (X) something about (her) being very (X) close to the energy and I have this (X) transcript at the very end of the first book — of the first section. (X) So I was talking to Marie one day about if I should have a pseudonym on my book or not because my birth name is Mark Gordon Russell. And the next day she was crossing Sunset Boulevard and she had never had anything (X) like this happen to her but she said she heard, “MARK RUSSELL BELL.” And she looked down and she saw a Pacific (X) Bell telephone book out of place on Sunset Boulevard. So she called me immediately and said, “It’s Mark Russell Bell.” And I ended up interviewing her because she had some other interesting things that had happened to her in her life. In fact, a lot of people who I’ve interacted with have interesting ties-in with the whole Hollywood (X) culture. For example, James Ulmer, my brother’s friend at the time, was involved with the Hollywood hot list where he would rank (X) the top stars throughout the world. He was on the staff of The Hollywood Reporter for several years and became their foreign editor. And meanwhile my bro(ther) — my twin brother — he still works in motion picture publicity and Hollywood publicity. One of his accounts is the Golden Globes. And I sort of (X) kid him like, “I’m really tired of pointing out that you’re the material one and I’m the spiritual (X) one. Maybe we can sort of make it that you have some spiritual things too.” I said, (“YEAH”) “Maybe you want to help me promote my book.” And I — (“SO” “MY”) my nickname became for this haunting Presence in my life became first sort of frivolous like ‘lovey-boo’ to make — to put it on a level that was very reassuring. And I just shortened it to ‘Boo.’ So I once — I told Michael. (“I”) And then I started seeing Betty Boop decals on cars after I began calling the Entity ‘Boo.’ So I said, “Well Michael if you see (a) Betty Boop sticker somewhere, that means that Mighael wants you to help us promote the book.” (X) So, of course, I did follow up with Michael about this a few weeks later. I said, “Well did you see any Betty Boops?” He said, “Well it’s interesting you say that because here in Palm Springs I went into (X) a store and I realized all they sell is Betty Boop merchandise.” So but he really isn’t helping me promote my book because (X) he’s worried that he’ll lose all of his clients because I — I did go through a period where I wanted to get true Hollywood gossip. Because having been a publicist in Hollywood, you’re aware that the tabloids now really are agendized information about celebrities presented by their publicists to throw people off the real problems in their lives. So if you read about a star who picked up a girl at a sleazy bar, you can bet that his gay lover is blackmailing him. (X) So I also had some other sort of strange events. (X) And, by the way, (“MY” “WOOD”) I was — had this period where I was interviewing (X) people about Hollywood gossip. And I have in fact (X) included these at the website. It is sort of an unfortunate period because I was telling people, (“AT FIRST”) “Well we’re not going to name names and they felt very comfortable in naming names at the time. My brother included. And these stories are a lot more scandalous than anything you could well imagine. So it’s interesting that I haven’t gotten into trouble. By the way ‘Trouble’ was another one of the (X) names of the haunting entities in the house in Oklahoma. (X) But I — when I (X) was really having — when it was sort of reaching a (X) peak, these bizarre things that were happening — I mean really bizarre things like I would go to my car — (X “MM”) me and Marie, we’d go to lunch and we’d go back to my car and a piece of the dashboard would be hanging off. So (“I”) having been involved in these bizarre events in Oklahoma, I called my friend Larry because I know–coincidentally he’d been my assistant (“AT” “PP”) at Paramount–and I knew that his father had (X) been in some kind of black ops that he (X) couldn’t talk about in Oklahoma and he died of this very strange physical ailment. So I said, “Could they be keeping track of people from Oklahoma, by any chance?” And also I’d made a few remarks about President Clinton over the phone so I was — (“YOU KNOW”) I was thinking maybe that might have been motivation. But any(way), I sort of was wondering if I was being — being observed by anyone. Because with this kind of information that’s so profound you — you think that people would be very interested in this kind of information. Especially if you have proof (X) because I did get quite a lot of photographs and things so my brother started — there was one night when I was telling (“NO”) — when I was telling people about (X) who they were the reincarnation of. And I was talking over the phone and I felt very warm and happy. And all of a sudden it was like I felt something leaving my body and I felt very cold and my condo suddenly looked very dark and I thought, “Oohh, the Entity just left my body.” And I was — I was very devastated because I thought, “Well this whole time — I mean this time was I somehow being possessed by this — this — this ‘Michael’? Even though there was really (X) no negative — there were only (“NO”) seemingly positive ramifications but I was very scared. I — because, you know, (“I”) I mean what if the Entity came back and I killed someone? (“I’M” “YO[U]”) My mind was just playing havoc because I’d seen so many horror movies over the years. I kept thinking in terms of horror movie cliches. So my brother obviously was quite concerned with me. (“CAUSE HE SAID”) I said, “Michael, I want to die. (“I” “YOU KNOW THIS” X) The possession is over.” (“YOU KNOW IT]”) I also (“HAD”) — I also was wondering why this was happening to me. (“I MEAN”) Burning bushes, the nail bouncing off my head — (“AN[D]) all these religious symbols. The Paramount — I realized (“THAT THE”) the mountain logo at Paramount was another religious symbol. (“SYMBOL BECAUSE”) Moses had gone to the mountain. (X) So I said, “Why — why is all this religious symbolism in my (X) life? And, by the way, there’s a publisher is Australia who just sent me a book documenting the fact that Jesus had a twin brother named Judas Thomas which I’m in the middle of (reading) right now. So that’s quite — (“IT’S A”) it’s apparently a bestseller in Australia. (X) So I thought, “Well maybe I’m the reincarnation of Jesus.” (X) Even though, you know, I — I didn’t really — I’d always thought he was more of a story book character. (“SS”) So I said, “Well I’m going to try to heal somebody.” Because there was this lame man who lived on Clinton Street who everyday would walk down the street. So I went and I — I sh(ook) — said, “I want to shake your hand because I see you every day and I think you’re very courageous.” Well he wasn’t cured. So I said, “Well that’s a relief.” (“BUT”) Still, things — very bizarre things were going on. So finally I was researching Jesus and I came upon this book by Zecharia Sitchin. (“A[ND]”) In the index, it said Jesus and it said a certain page. Well on this page basically was — and I have this part (“IN”) in the book. It basically was talking about the parallels in the life of this Egyptian or Sumerian character, known in both cultures, Bel-Marduk that had very interesting parallels to the life of Jesus. Because his basically was the first resurrection story. Apparently, he had been trapped in the mountain. And I thought, “Well that’s interesting because I had been trapped in the corporate world of Paramount Pictures.” So there are many, many parallels between this Bel-Marduk — not to mention my pseudonym being Mark Russell Bell. So Bel-Marduk. (X) So that was quite interesting to me. But, anyway, what I was mentioning before — I was almost feeling almost overwhelmed by all this ‘Bel-Marduk,’ people observing me — I did have a men in black experience too, by the way, which was odd enough. I was at a store once — (“NN” “SOME” “A LO”) some logs of firewood materialized near the — near the cash register when I was checking out. (X) So I was having all this (“[THI]S” “[TH]IS”) bizarre experiences. My TV was clicking on and off. Once there was a commercial: “Love is the only religion.” (“AND”) One day I read in my horoscope “gifts of love.” So I thought, “Oh well that’s interesting.” I was thinking how odd it was that I purchased this chest that I kept my press kits in — so I was thinking, “Well I’ll go to an antique store and see (“WHAT”) if I can find any ‘gifts of love.’ Well I found this Egyptian pendant or coin of someone from Egypt who looked exactly like me. (“IT]”) It was in the store just on (near) the corner of Sunset (“AN”) (and Alvarado) in that Echo Park area. And it looked like (or “IT LOOKED LIKE”) — it looked like I was looking into a mirror to this pharaoh-type character. So I thought, “Oh well that’s — that must be Bel-Marduk. (“AND”) I must say too that with this whole concept of the Superconscious Mind channeling thoughts and information and leading us to make discoveries, people (“LIKE”), for example, on the day before the O. J. Simpson verdict was announced, people who I barely knew or didn’t even know like (X) people at the supermarket would come up to me and say, (“THAT”) “I just don’t want there to be riots.” (“MM”) I went to get a haircut that day and she was another one of the people who were telling me the same thing. (“SO I” X) Well maybe this is the Superconscious Mind saying he’s going to be (found) innocent because They don’t want their to be riots. It was an interesting thing to think about. So, anyway, so all these bizarre events — another event was I once had the thought to go to research my family ancestry at the main library downtown. (X X X) So I went and researched and I found this book. And I have this included in my book about the House of Russell (X) and the first race of — of ancestry. And it’s an 1833 book. I have the cover page at the end of my book. (X “IT”) The exact title was Historical Memoirs of the First Race of Ancestry Whence The House of Russell Had It’s Origin. And this was a very bizarre piece of lost history. I talk about a few of the passages in the book. (X) And other experiences — just to show you that (“THIS”) what I’m (X) describing is the tip of the iceberg (“I’M”) — once when I was talking about my experiences, probably in the wrong frame of mind — (“I”) had this very sudden severe case of laryngitis like somebody was pulling on my vocal cords. So I was getting this constant reminder that I had this Presence interacting with me. Well there were a lot of things that happened and one of the things that happened was that I ended up going to — beginning therapy.


Q: And my brother’s therapist knew of someone who specialized in these cases named Judith Orloff. So I began therapy with Judith. Well when you work with a psychic psychiatrist it’s very difficult for them because even with their psychic ability if you believe something, (“THEY”) they don’t really know what’s going on. So with her — and I do have some of those transcripts in the book — two of my therapy transcripts. I never really could get past (“HER”) her doubting side of it. In fact, like there was once we experienced an earthquake during the session. And a few minutes later she said, “Okay. I want Michael to prove to me that he’s here.” So I sort of rolled my eyes and I said, “Well the earthquake.” And she said, “Oh well that happened before I asked.” And I said, “I know.” And part of the reason for this is because when I was in Oklahoma, there was an incident that Twyla had told me about where she heard a conversation and then later on witnessed the same conversation she’d overheard so it was — she said it was as if the house had recorded it and played it back before it happened. So I was very aware of this (“POW”) — this Entity’s power over time and space. In my case, what happened is when I came home and I was working on the book, I said, “I’ll take a break.” And I turned on “The Real World” on MTV for a few minutes and at that exact moment the roommate living in London said, “The telephone isn’t working.” (X) And then my TV blipped off. So I was getting a lot of constant (“LITTLE”) reminders. One day when I was driving home from a therapy session with Judith, I was listening to KROQ which has a very different (“PRO”) song profile than it does today. And the lady disk jockey I’ll quote verbatim. She said, “Uh-oh, I’m hearing those voices again. Beautiful boy, your mind has a beautiful taste.” So I thought, (X) “Oh my Go(d).” I mean I really was (X) quite astounded. (X X X) Another key event was when I purchased (X) two volumes of Edgar Cayce’s transcripts. I decided that I was going to research some more about Edgar Cayce and went to the Bodhi Tree here in West L.A. And it was the only time since then (“TH”) where I’ve seen actual supplements of the actual tran — chanelling sessions. So I picked up two books number “47” and it concerned Ra-Ta. Well nobody before had correlated Bel-Marduk with Ra-Ta. They correlated — Sitchin had correlated Bel-Marduk with Amun-Ra. But now here was another interesting (X) correlation with this Ra-Ta character. Now Edgar Cayce himself had thought that he was the reincarnation of Ra-Ta because at one point one of his channeling sessions said that his power was based upon the fact of a previous — previous entity known as Ra-Ta who had lived in Egypt and went on to predict when Ra-Ta would return to the world. (X) So that night (“WHEN I”) I had a power failure in my (X) apartment complex in Santa Monica. So I was reading about this Ra-Ta character via flashlight. And I must say that I’ve never read anything that so precisely seemed compellingly true (“IN TERMS OF”) — this really was — I really could identify more with (X) the life story of this Ra-Ta character than what I’d read about Bel-Marduk or the sketchy information about Amun-Ra. (X) In fact, some of Bel-Marduk’s interaction was with someone named Inanna. And I met a book publicist by the name of Tany Soussana and — when I was working at Rogers & Cowen, which was sort of a — one of my mistakes when I first started thinking I had to work in the corporate world for a living. And I — she went out and she formed her own company. So I said, “Well I’m going to help you, Tany, with your new company. (“I’LL”) I’ll do some press releases for you.” Some of the clients I thought were interesting like Gene Egidio. Others I thought were horrible like Beanie Babies (book authors). There was a charity involved (“IN” X) the cult of celebrity that raised a lot of money every year but you really don’t know where the money goes. So I basically realized, “Well I’m sort of whoring myself out and this isn’t a good relationship. And, oh my goodness, aren’t I sort of in bed with this woman again (“IN A WW”) in a weird sort of capitalistic way?” So (X) word of my Email to Gene when I was telling him not to sell out sort of (X) was the icing on the cake and we did part company. So (“BUT AA”) after — after receiving the — the Bell name in this bizarre way through Marie, (X) it really made me start (being) aware of the interesting bell synchronicity. (“I SER”) Because now whenever I hear the word bell I have a certain reaction just like when I hear the word ‘Michael’ because (“THERE WAS”) there were many Michaels in my life. At the time I was working at Paramount I could list about eight or nine people named Michael who were working in the department — just happened coincidentally at the same time. But just to give you an idea of some of the famous bells:

Rosabelle believe

Q: If anyone’s aware of the significance of that. Of course, the character —


Q: — in “Cats” (“IS”) is one — someone I think that we can relate to. And I’m not so concerned about the spelling like:

Edwin Hubble

Q: For example. (X)

The Hubble Space Telescope

Q: That’s spelled B — L — E but it still sounds like bel B — E — L. Of course —

Francis Bellamy

Q: — is another interesting Bell.

Dr. Joseph Bell

Q: — was the inspiration (X) for Sherlock Holmes. The character in “Beauty and the Beast” — at least in some versions was named:


Q: So I — I really find an interesting correlation (X) with this Bel character. Knowing my — so, of course, that led me to the discovery of Mr. Art Bell’s radio show. And I thought, “Oh my goodness. There’s someone named Art Bell whose got a radio show. This must be the person who’s supposed to book me and help me publicize my book.” So — actually at one point Ramona called me to book me on the show but it’s sort of an odd conversation. And I was taping it because my book is a documentary of the making of the book and actually the second book — this is actually in my follow-up book New Testament where I have this booking conversation. And by the end of the conversation she withdrew the invitation to be on “Dreamland” as it was titled (“WHICH I”) and I thought the whole thing (X) bizarre. I didn’t know — it was a bizarre conversation and that’s why it’s so interesting to read the transcript. Well later I found out that she was calling me the same week that apparently Art’s son had been sexually abused by his teacher. So — and I started calling the show. As a caller: “Mark in Los Angeles,” “Mark in Canoga Park.” I once even called up Ian — actually it was Rollye James, I think, who I called up and I said (“CALL”) Art is engaged in a cover-up of my book because I’d had considerable correspondence and telephone calls. (X) I’m probably the most paranormal person you’d ever want to meet and he’s never mentioned me. And this is also true of Whitley Strieber and Hilly Rose and (X “YOU KNOW”) Barbara (X) — so, anyway, I — I called up from time to time (“A” X) and sort of (“HELP”) helped people to realize that these people aren’t necessarily what — what they appear to be in terms of who gets on (“TO BE”) — gets to be on a very national, prominent show. I guess I should allow for some quest(ions) — some question and answers. (“BECAUSE IT”) There is so much mater(ial) — there really is no (“DUPLI”) duplication (“FOR” “WHAT”) for reading the book because I present the interviews in journals verbatim as they are happening with my spontaneous reactions, sometimes quite horrendous spontaneous reactions. I don’t mind showing my — sharing my foibles. I’ve made my mistakes in life. I once was a professional pornographer during my final year of college at USC. So I — I think by sharing some of my mistakes, it will help — help others. Especially in dealing with Spirit. I must say my last — one of my last interesting encounters with (“I”) messa(ge) — bumper sticker messages was when I began thinking, “Well this Consciousness (“IS”) is so vast throughout the universe. I really was starting to believe, “But I don’t really think It Loves me — or They Love me. (X “I”) I think this (X) maybe this Consciousness might even be using me. (“AS AN”) Maybe I’m a metaphor story for others. So I sort of closed my heart chakra and was going to be very hard-nosed about this all. So I went to — I stopped by I think it was a market and the bumper sticker, which I’ve never seen since then thank goodness, was “Beyond Bitch.” So I think that’s just sort of a nice Valentine’s Day story and we —

A: What is it?

Q: What?

A: The bumper sticker . . .

Q: “Beyond Bitch.”

A: “Beyond Bitch”?

Q: Oh I — yeah. I mean I don’t God would choose somebody who is very soft-skinned to present a book like mine. So it is all published free on the Internet. I didn’t want it to be spirituality for sale. There is a paperback edition for people who don’t have Internet access but the follow-up book New Testament is only published online at this point and has all of my transcripts of (“AA”) discussions on “Coast to Coast A.M.” and other — I’ve done 20 — 20 radio interviews to-date, some on national syndicated shows, others local shows, most of them with a paranormal theme. I also had a period when I was doing the morning zoo shows, which was (“SORT O[F]” “AA”) sort of fun to read where really people are more interested in who’s gay in Hollywood instead of the paranormal or Spirit, spiritual things. (X) Those are quite interesting transcripts that you can read in the ‘Radio Interview (Transcripts)” section of the New Testament side of — of the website. (X) So basically I — I have no qualms of presenting my book as sort of like a contemporary new consciousness bible as opposed to, let’s say, the Holy Bible or the Mahabarata or the Koran or all the various bibles in different cultures. It’s sort of a Pop culture — puts a Pop culture spin on it, where there are these bizarre parallels to movies I’ve worked on. I mean the movie “Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael” alone–a very little-known film–is interesting enough but I’d also worked on such movies as “Ghost,” “Star Trek” movies, “We’re No Angels,” “Dead Again,” “The Butcher’s Wife,” “Fire In The Sky.” In fact, (“I HAVE AN”) I do have a lot of — some of the interviews that I had during Paramount, I’m worried that they’re going to fade out because it’s been quite a while but I — I still have my Travis Walton interview and I’m sort of leaning in the direction of wanting to have wave files at my website in the near future. So I, anyway, I guess it’s time to leave so if you have any questions, feel free to visit me at my booth and I’ll be glad to take as much time as — as you like. I don’t know — I think there might be another speaker scheduled but did you have a question?

A: You mentioned something about men in black . . . (X) or is that because you thought you were being watched?

Q: Oh I definitely had a men in black experience. I was — I was on my way to visit my brother’s house during the period when I was rather sure that I was being watched.

A: Um-huh.

Q: And I noticed this sports car with two men in it following me. But I was — so I said, “Well I’m going to lose these people.” And so I sped up. Well the car sped up too. And there was a black man driving the car if I remember correctly with (X) dark sunglasses and (“LIKE A” X) short hair. Then a white guy with a suit and short hair and I think he had dark glasses on too. And I — “My God,” I said, “these are — this is — these are ‘men in black.’ So I turned onto my brother’s street — well actually it was — it was a sharp turn. It’s — it was in the hills above (X) — in the Silver Lake area.


Rabbi Jesus’ name changes

In the British Chronicles, King Tenvantius was recorded as the father of a man called Cunobeline, the terminology in this application meaning ‘absorbed into the family by marriage’. This was a well-established adoptive naming practice of the times (Alford’s Regio Fides) and from information available, it seemed that when Rabbi Jesus married Mary Magdelene, he was given the name, Cunobeline. The structure of the title, Cunobeline, represented spiritual renewal over carnal death (Cuno—carnal, death, mortify; Bel—Baal—sun, new-life, re-birth) and may have been applied to Rabbi Jesus during some form of Celtic initiation.31 Later historians recorded Cunobeline in various languages as Cynfelyn, Cynvelin, Cuno-belin or Cunobelinus, but to avoid confusion we shall call hime Rabbi Jesus Cunobeline during this period of his life.

31 Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert Mackey, McClure Publishing, 1917.