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R: To purchase cassette copies of “Coast to Coast A.M.” with Art Bell, call (gives number). This is a special edition of “Coast to Coast A.M.” with Hilly Rose on the Premiere Radio Networks. Now, filling in for Art Bell, here’s Hilly Rose.

H: Well I wish we had another ten hours. We probably could have call after call after call after call. People who have had these experiences. And we said much earlier in the evening so it bears repeating that in a CNN/Time poll, most people, 91%, told the pollsters that they had never had contact with aliens or known anyone who had. So that means that, gosh, only 9% of the people of America—(small laugh) according to this—have had some kind of experience or know someone who has. The Newsweek magazine says 48% of the people are sure the government is involved in a cover-up. Probably higher than that. So we’ll complete our conversations and take as many calls as we can in the next half hour as we move along — talking about the repercussions of being abducted. The human repercussions. Here are some messages from Art Bell.

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H: Psychotherapist Constance Clear is my guest and, Constance, I’ve — hey, a fax here. It’s a lengthy fax. I’ll just read you the first couple of lines. “I’ve listened to some of the presentation tonight and I think that the good psychotherapist deserves a note of support. I don’t know what her credentials are and I don’t care. She sounds intelligent, well-informed and compassionate.” (unattributed sound)

C: Thanks.

H: How about that? A little fan mail here for you.

C: Yeah, it’s great.

H: Now we’re coming down to the end. We’ll take a few more calls but I don’t want to get lost here. Is there anything about all of this that you have not said, have not brought forth? Is there anything you want to talk about in terms of these experiences and the rage, the fear that people have?

C: Yes — and especially overcoming the fear. That last caller, Joe, talking about calling out for help and apparently being released from the encounter. Dara had an experience. All her life she had kept her eyes tightly closed during her encounters and had just lived with massive anxiety. And she became upset on behalf of Andrew who we spoke of earlier, who had such terrifying experiences. And one night they came for her and she was so distraught — when they got on board the ship, she just started waving her arms and saying, “Why are you doing this? And there’s this man in our group — so upset.” And the two grays that were standing there, by her, just kind of floated out of the room. And in came a man who was trying to explain to her what was going on. She was so upset that they finally had to replace her. They couldn’t work with her that night. And so I think there are occasions when a person is just so distraught . . . ‘leave this one alone.’ She was told by the scene, as I mentioned earlier, “As you get over your fear of us, you will get over your other fears.” And so, the next time they came for her, she was sitting in her livingroom in a rocking chair. And she got that horrible sense of anticipatory dread that so many describe. And she forced herself — literally forced herself to open her eyes. And there were two grays in her livingroom and they looked very surprised. And she smiled. And then they started to take her out through the roof of her house and she became nauseated, closed her eyes again. Well this time when she got on board the ship, sitting on a stainless steel table, she said, “You know, now I know why I’ve always hated those tables at the vet’s office. There was a man sitting on the table across from her with a look of stark terror on his face and she found herself trying to communicate with him telephathically, “It’s okay. They always put you back.” When she caught herself, she asked the being behind her, “Did I just do what I think I did?” And he answered to her, “Yes. You’ve just forgotten how.” So she thinks now she’s being trained to be a calmer to calm down other abductees during their encounters. I just find that story kind of encouraging that we humans are capable of facing such trauma and fear and still we’re overcoming it.

H: Have they always — I asked this question much earlier. I’m going to ask it in a somewhat different way. Are they always grays? What happened to the lights? What happened to other images?

C: Yes, there are the chalky white beings that both Kay and Lydia have had encounters with. Andrew in the book has had encounters with different varieties of grays; with beings he calls ‘the shadow people’ I’ve never seen described or depicted anywhere else. They fade from black to white. (unattributed sound) Fade out and then appear as white beings and then fade out and appear as black beings. (unattributed sound) He drew a picture of them for the book. You’ve had (or “YOU’VE HAD”) numerous different beings. Sometimes I wonder if some of them are shapeshifters and can appear in various ways to us. And then Maggie in the book who had her experiences in Puerto Rico and would awaken with her covers pulled down around her feet immobilized with this black blob of what looked like hair beside her bed. So by all means (“THEY’RE”) they’re not all just your classic gray. I think in Europe (unattributed sound) Nordic beings are reported a lot more commonly and the reptilians were; in the United States it’s more often the grays. (“NO”) Different species or — (unattributed sound”)

H: Different (or “DIFFERENT”) — They inhabit different parts of the world, perhaps.

C: Probably different parts, yeah. (or “YEAH”)

H: Or they should (or “OR THEY SHOULD”) split up the territories, as it were. Alright this is Hilly Rose. Where are you calling from please?

N: I’m calling from Salt Lake City, Utah.

H: Yes sir. Your first name?

N: It’s Christian.

H: Christian, go ahead.

N: Okay. I’m sorry — I’ve got — honey, will you turn down the stereo? Sorry about that. I have not had anything happen to me that would indicate an abduction such as feeling myself floating or seeing myself up in the air. I have had some other indications. I used to have recurring facial scars for a period of about two months. I mapped them out so that I could see over a period of time that they were in fact coming back in the same places. I used to always wake up to palindromes on my clock. I would wake up, look at that and see that it was a palindrome being either 2:42, 3:33 or 4:44 every night for — well several nights for about two years in a row. (I) actually called to ask your guest a question. The single most interesting thing that I had experienced — I had seen everything in shades of purple from the time I was about six to twenty-four and everything had a difference in its signature or everything had a different look to it and they would remain constant. Different objects — they (or “THEY”) — when I would look back at them at different times, they would always have the same purple aura or whatnot. And (unattributed sound) I believed that that was related possibly to being abducted. I had had the same experiences some of the other guests had talked about: the paralysis, waking up and not being able to move. The one thing that I had found for myself that helped me to break out of that was — I couldn’t control any of my muscles. I could just open my eyes. But I could control my breathing and I would just start breathing in and out harder and harder until that kind of gave me enough momentum where I could start moving and break out of that — you had said that you had the feeling that (unattributed sound) something was on your chest and I never actually felt an entity on myself. (“BUT” “I”) I definitely felt the paralysis and the inability to move or call for help and that would happen to me any time day or night. It didn’t matter if I was in a well-lit room surrounded by my family or if I was alone at night. The most incredible thing that ever happened to me was one night as I woke up I saw two of these things at the end of my bed and it was very dark in the room. It was late at night. One was about six feet tall. The other was four to four and a half feet tall. And (“THEN TH” “IS”) I felt like the fear of actually having a confrontation was outweighed by the fear of not actually knowing what they were. I’d (“FEL[T]”) — I’d woken up several times with paralysis before and so I tried as hard as I could to force myself up so that I could see them. And as I was trying to sit up I felt that is I was gaining my consciousness — (unattributed sound) (“I”)

H: (That’)s alright, Christian, you take your time. (“NERVOUS”) Let me ask you a question. Can you describe these beings?

N: I could not see them very well at all. It was more that I could feel them. I could feel where they were in the room (unattributed sound) and I could see — their heads themselves are what I was concentrating on and one was larger than the other. As I looked into the taller one’s face, I could very (unattributed sound) lightly make out some features and it — I hate saying this because it sounds so stereotypical but it looked like a very large gray and (unattributed sound) as I was doing everything I could to wake up and to finally, y(ou) know (or “Y[OU] KNOW”), open my eyes and see these things so that I could say to myself they’re (unattributed sound) here. I know that things are happening to me and I needed to know. And, as I was sitting up, I felt all my muscles just go tight and the room started compressing and expanding. And I felt — even though I was still in my bed — I felt like very slight G-forces like I was being moved through space back and forth towards and away from these beings. And (“AND I”) I looked over at my clock and it was just going towards and away (from) my face at great speed and it looked like it was moving about — between like a foot near my face to six feet away and the whole room was pulsing like this. And —

C: How terrifying.

N: It — you know, I felt like this was some type of thing (unattributed sound) that they were implementing to either try to (“NO”) keep my body from being able to move to get up to them. Or (or “OR”) — or that it was something that they were using to get themselves out of the room. I didn’t see it happen but I have the impression that they left through the window. I know that sounds dumb because — I mean if they’re going through things, they could go through a wall, ceiling or whatever. But, see (or “BUT” “SEE”), they left apparently out the window after this incredible compressing and expanding in my room. After they were gone, I had — it was weird because the — I feel that, you know, I was awake and that there was no longer any type of presence. I felt more clear of mind so that (unattributed sound) I knew that there was nothing being done to me at that point — nothing imposing upon me and I could think very clearly and — (unattributed sound) (“THEY”) I feel like that they were using either the — I hate using these terms — (“LIKE”) some type of — (“WARP”) for space/time to (“TREE”) create a hole or something to leave the room and also that it was affecting me — (“THAT”) because of that force going forward and backward that I couldn’t move. And I was wondering if anyone else had, one, either the experience of seeing everything in (unattributed sound) (“IN”) different shades of purple and kind of with auras around them for a period of time; of if anyone had described waking up with that paralysis and having that kind of compression and expansion going on with — in relationship to (“IN”) any abduction.

H: Constance, can you respond to that?

N: I’m sorry?

H: I’m asking Constance to respond to that.

C: First, I just want to commend you, Christian, for sharing . . . obviously a very terrifying experience. The lavender shade — the purple shades are frequently described. (unattributed sound) Sometimes people describe being taken to what appear to be other planets that have that lavender sky or skyline.

N: I’ve —

C: Or (or “OR” or “ORE”) —

N: — never had anything that I saw, myself, that would indicate that I was taken somewhere else.

C: Or the hue you see.

N: I’m sorry?

C: It’s more the hue you see arou(nd) —


N: No, this was my entire life from six to about twenty-four — no, excuse me, six to about twenty-two or twenty-three years old. It was like a (or “A”) — looking through purple glasses. (“NO”) Everything had a very light shade of purple to it but (or “BUT”) also things had this purple aura around them and different objects would have different levels of the intensity of this aura. (unattributed sound) I had — (“IT E[V]”) it was covering everything. It was literally like looking through a slightly purple filter.

C: And then it stopped after that?

N: It immediately — I remember the night. I was out at a dance club. I used to go dancing all the time and (or “AND”) immediately — it was almost like a change in my mental state (“AN UN”) and for a moment I didn’t know what had happened. It only took a few seconds to leave and it was gone.

H: Christian, I’m out of time here.

N: Okay. (Or “OKAY”)

H: I really appreciate your sharing that with us and all I can say—and I’m sure Constance would too—is you’re not alone. Other people have shared the same kinds of things and (unattributed sound) it shouldn’t frighten you to know that it’s more common than uncommon. Okay?

(“OKAY” “IT”)

N: Just one more quick thing.

H: Quick.

N: Where can I find information specifically, Constance, about maybe some of these people talking about the purple shades or whatnot?

H: Let me — we’re going to do a whole bunch of numbers so —

N: Okay.

H: — take that answer of the air, if you would.

N: Alright.

H: And, again, thank you, Christian, for being a very brave person and —

C: Yes . . .

H: — reliving this very frightening experience.

N: Thanks.

H: Good night.

N: Goon night.

H: Well that’s it. We only have a minute here. (“IM”) You know, I’m impressed. These things are happening in Nevada.


C: I guess most areas have a MUFON group or some kind of organized UFO study group (“I WOULD”) I would suggest you call there and see if there’s a support group meeting. Or contact Dr. Mack at PEER and see if there’s a therapist in your area working with abductees.

H: Okay, that PEER address is 1493 Cambridge Street, Cambridge Massachusetts 02139 or phone number (617) 497-2667. We only have a moment to plug your book so do it.

C: Okay. (gives phone number) Or www.reachingforreality.com

H: Or (or “OR”) —

C: Feel free to write to any of these contributors. If you read the stories and resonate with something they say, please write to us. Contact us. (unattributed sound) (“WE”) We want to connect with you.

H: Constance, thank you so very much for being with us tonight.

C: Oh it’s my pleasure.

H: And we will — Art Bell will be back with you tomorrow. I’ll be back on Sunday for “Dreamland” and again on Monday — big show we’re doing about Billy Meier and it relates to the kind of things we’re talking about tonight. So this is Hilly Rose wishing you a kind and gentle night.


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T: In Carlsbad, north 5 is now closed at Tamarack. The entire freeway is closed because of some police activity — will be redirected around this incident. And the right lane of north 5 before the 15 in Southgate is blocked with a serious injury accident and CHP is closing the main division onramp to north 5 there as well. The National League champion San Diego Padres take on the Colorado Rockies this Saturday at 7:05. All fans in attendance receive a thirtieth anniversary beach bag presented by Icon Office Solutions of San Diego and Canon. For tickets call (gives number). With San Diego’s most frequent traffic, I’m Mary Taylor, News Radio 600 KOGO.

E: KOGO news time 10:01. Sheriff’s officials could make an arrest in the fatal hit-and-run crash in Vista that killed two people. KOGO’s Bill Ferrar reports the sheriff’s department has plenty of leads.

F: They have the vehicle. Now sheriffs are trying to find out who was behind the wheel when the white Ford van jumped a curb and struck and killed thirty-seven-year-old Carmela Ramirez and her two-year-old son. Two men were seen running from the scene.

B: We’re looking at a possible suspect and we’re just trying to contact enough witnesses and people who were in the area at the time.

F: Sheriff Lt. Melvin Roberts says they are sifting through the leads and the search is encouraging. Meanwhile, Carmela Ramirez’s four-year-old son Eder Cervantes remains in Children’s Hospital, his last known condition serious but stable. He is on a respirator because hospital officials say he’s having trouble breathing due to swelling in his face. Bill Ferrar, News Radio 600 KOGO.

E: Advocates for the disabled are expressing outrage over a set of Supreme Court decisions affecting handicapped Americans. The justices excluded more than 100,000,000 people from protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act, saying the law generally does not cover persons with correctable conditions. Would you spend $1,000 for a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers? How about 1,000 bucks for a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers with a Republican presidential —

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Journal (June 23, 1999)

So I listened to the first hour of Hilly’s show on Monday night and what was most memorable was an incident involving a caller who called before the half hour break and Hilly said he accidentally disconnected. Hilly asked the caller to try again yet mentioned how difficult it is to get through now that the calls are being unscreened again. There are four different lines and the calls are disconnected if they aren’t answered in a short period of time. Of course, Spirit is control and this was proven when the same caller was heard at the end of the hour and gave a short Christ-oriented speech. Hilly ended the call and said the caller was reading. This evening I recorded the last hour of Monday’s show as the local station plays it before the new show. I plan to include it among the 1999 transcripts. At Matt Drudge’s website there were links to articles concerning his weekly radio show being syndicated nationally. I sent copies of 1998 Email I sent Drudge to two of these journalists. Tom Looney of www.radiodigest.com replied and I sent him more information. I noticed in his L.A. column yesterday was an item about a so-called “curse” on guests appearing on Art Bell’s show mentioning Hoagland and Art’s webmaster Keith Rowland having heart problems.