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M: Now News Radio 600 KOGO proudly presents “Coast to Coast A.M.” with Art Bell.

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R: To talk with Hilly Rose on “Coast to Coast A.M.” from west of the Rockies, dial (gives number); east of the Rockies, (gives number). Now, filling in for Art Bell, Hilly Rose.

H: I was just looking through the July issue of the Art Bell Newsletter. I have an advance copy here and there’s a different photo of Mike the headless chicken which you might want to see. It has not been on the Net. And an article by Art Bell on why he left the air. There’s an article by Kurt Billings on mass mind control. You remember we had Kurt on a couple weeks ago. And the question here “Is Art Bell A Time Traveler?” And you may have an answer on this but it’s a really beautiful magazine, full color, and I recommend it to you. The telephone number to subscribe is (gives number). That’s (gives number). And, of course, my Email number is (gives Email address). We will continue our conversation with Constance Clear, take more phone calls from folks who are experiencers right after this.

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M: And now back to the best of Art Bell.

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W: We’re talking with Constance Clear about her book Reaching For Reality which is seven incredible true stories of alien abduction and you could write another whole book, Constance, with the people who’ve been calling us tonight. The — I have a fax here I want you to comment on. This is from Russ in Seattle. He says, “The legacy of all Western religions affecting humans on this planet is a fostering of convictions that demons and devils exist as a result of Satan; that they work on us through some mystical subconscious state of mind. The abductees remember their experiences predominantly in terms of these fearful religious concepts even if they are not particularly religious people.” Well, as a psychotherapist, what comment would you have on that?

C: I’ve wondered — no (or “NO”), through the years, we’ve had different ways of explaining these things. They were fairies, they’re gnomes, they’re (“M”) succubus — whatever, angels, devils. And it just makes you wonder if all along we’ve been visited by extraterrestrials and we just had different ways of perceiving them, different names for them.

H: Yes. That’s possible. Certainly. If you look into all the theories of the various people who say the Earth began — the civilization here began 6,000 years ago, 27,000 years ago. It’s rather amazing and, of course, there are people like Sitchin who say that we are the result of the mating of extraterrestrials with humans on Earth.

C: Yeah, (or “YEAH”) I’ve thought a lot about his theories. I think what happened — he says we were created to mine gold. (unattributed sound) They had a atmosphere on the planet Nibiru.

H: Right. (or “RIGHT”)

C: I figure they must’ve gone off and left us and we thought, “Well, they want this gold so bad, this must really be something.” So what do we do? We start worshiping gold. It’s our downfall, right?

H: Yeah, sure is. Alright, one other thing before we go back to calls and that is on this business of ‘could this be happening to you?’ Can you once again go over the five signs that one should be aware of that tell them that they have been abducted. (unattributed sound) (“IT”)

C: This comes from The Roper Report that was done in 1992 and the questions they asked were “Have you ever awakened paralyzed, sensing a presence in your room? Have you ever had the feeling that you were flying through the air? Have you experienced an hour or more of missing time? Have you seen lights or balls of light in a room without being able to determine their origin?” Or “Have you found scars on your body that no one can explain?” And if you answer at least four of these questions “yes” then there’s reason to believe you may have had an abduction experience. (unattributed sound)

H: Now I know why you were so concerned about the light that I had with my experience.

C: Yeah, the light in the room is a little strange.

H: Well it wasn’t in my room — that was it. It was that the door opened and this bright light was, like, in the hallway.

C: In a hallway?

H: Yeah. And I couldn’t (“COULDN’T”) — and that’s normally what happens when the cat pushes open the door. (unattributed sound) There’s a lig(ht) — (or “THERE’S A LIG[HT]”) (unattributed sound) (“COURSE”) In the middle of the night, there isn’t a light on. So what happened? (unattributed sound)

C: Was it a white light or a — (“YEAH” “COL”)

H: No, it was a white light.

C: White light?

H: Yeah. (“YEAH” “O”) It was —

C: Very frightening.

H: Yeah, that was something else that surprised me because — (“THA[T]”) no (or “NO”), the incandescent bulbs that we use there are (or “ARE”) sort of yellowish in tone and, no, it was a bright white light. I don’t have answers for that but we’ve got a lot of folks (that) still want to talk to you so let’s move along here. (“I”) This is Hilly Rose. Where are you calling from, please?

D: Hello, Hilly. This is Dan from Dayton, Nevada.

H: Yes, sir. A lot of folks in Nevada apparently have had experiences.

D: (small laugh) Well this has been following me my entire life. Multiple incidents.

H: Tell me about it.

D: Well one of the first conscious recollections I had was when I was about five years old. My father was home. He was in the Coast Guard and he was doing the paper work at the desk in the livingroom and it was my chore to try and tie my shoes that night. And so I was sitting there tying my shoes and, all of a sudden, a bright blue white light appeared through the wall. It just — blue (“IS”) — grew in intensity and, all of a sudden, I notice a figure moving through the wall. And if you’ve seen the Jonathan Reed photos, that is closest to the creature that I saw. And (or “AND”) I immediately, when I saw this, I turned around, run to my father and (or “AND”) to my surprise he was just frozen. Just (or “JUST”) as if he was just stuck and I yelled out, “Devil man, devil man.” And then the next thing I remember was being brought back into the room. I don’t remember anything after (unattributed sound) I yelled at it first. My fa(ther) —

H: When you say — you say you were brought back in the room — (“NI”)

D: They did — (“I”) I don’t remember —

H: How you got there?

D: — anything on board a craft at all but (or “BUT”) I was brought back to the livingroom where this creature had picked me up from. (unattributed sound) And when I was brought back into the room, my father was still in the exact same position he was in prior to leaving. He was sitting at a desk and it was like his arm was frozen in space — just perfectly still. And I ran up to him and I was yelling, (unattributed sound) “You let the devil man get me. You let the devil man get me.” And all of a sudden he just looked at me and said, “There are no devil men” — and as if nothing had ever happened. And it just (“STU[CK]”) stuck with me my entire life. And I’ve had other incidents since then. I’ve got a scoop mark in my leg. (unattributed sound) I’ve had conscious sightings of craft at least five times. Different ones. Two while living on the West Coast of California. Just a . . . (hard to hear) fluorescent white craft, absolutely no noise — come right off the ocean (unattributed sound) within a few hundred yards of me. And (unattributed sound) they just — I just witnessed those. (unattributed sound) Approximately a year later when I was seventeen, I was at a high school dance function. My brother took his girlfriend home and I waited for him at the high school, laying out on the high school — the high jump mats. And I had fallen asleep for I’d prob(ably) (or “PROB”) — few minutes. And all of a sudden I woke up and there’s this very large craft — just it (or “JUST” “IT”) (unattributed sound) — it had the appearance of just being a total sphere with white and yellow flame-like structure to it. And it was just sitting above me. And I was just frightened to death. There was just parking lot lights on and I was just frozen with fear. And all of a sudden it just started to roll through the sky. And it took like five minutes to move off over the horizon, which was a mountain about two miles away. And it just slowly rolled through the sky. It was just (unattributed sound) totally strange. The last conscious incident I had — I had had surgery on my back. I was in the hospital for four or five days and the night before I was to be released, I was off all medication waiting (or “WAITING”) — just waiting there to get released and I had this awful fear. Every time this ever happened, this is just like a resonance permeates my body and it’s like, “I know. They’re here.” And I was in a medical center at Daly City at this time and it was perfectly foggy out. Just total(ly) surrounded with fog. And I had the feeling that “They’re here. There’s nothing I can do about it.” And the next thing I know I am being floated out of the room. Right through the wall. And the second that I — after the wall, it’s just like (unattributed sound) — going right through the wall and knowing that you’re doing that — and then into the fog bank. I don’t remember anything from that point until (or “UNTIL” “I”) back in my room. And then I had a large bump on the back of my head. It actually had serum and blood (“UH”) on that. And the following day after I was released, I came home and I was telling my wife about it. That evening, I had (unattributed sound) sleep paralysis — (“WHAT”) that’s what I heard it’s called, anyway. I was laying there consciously awake. And all of a sudden these figures appear in the room and they’re — at this point, it’s a dark — off into the — the room was pitch black so I couldn’t see them except for their shadows. And I couldn’t move. They were bending over my wife. And I was trying to scream. I just — just total fear, shaken. And I tried to move my fingers, tried to scream out. I couldn’t — nothing could come out. Finally after — (unattributed sound) (“SEE”) seemed like minutes, I finally was able to move and — I was able to move and everything just disappeared instantly.

H: Dan, what you’re not telling us is how you feel about all this. Does it bother you? (unattributed sound)

D: Oh at times I’m totally distraught with it. At other times, I’m just — emotions go all over the place. I — ever since any of this happened I’ve been on this life-long search for answers — (“I’VE”) picked up and read everything that I can and still am reading everything I can. I’ve been (“WHO’S HAD”) baptized and I’m — (“JAY”) now I’m going through this spiritual search, trying to commune with angels and look for answers anywhere I can.

H: Well let’s see if Constance can be of some help to you.

D: Okay.

H: Constance?

C: You’ve got a lifetime of frightening, fascinating experiences.

D: It absolutely just amazes me. I’ve — I — I’ve (or “I’VE”) — I’m — I’m not really afraid of it but it just upsets me so much that I have no control over it. And I would so much like to be able to — be (or “BE”) able to communicate with them to find out more of what’s going on, why — why is it going on. But (or “BUT”) — in (or “IN”) — (“THAT”) that part is just not there. (“A” “NO”) So that’s the frustrating thing to me is that it (or “THAT IT”) I have no control. It (or “IT”) — they’re — absolutely —

H: Well that’s what you said earlier, Constance, about all the people that you have dealt with.

C: Yes. (Or “YES”)

H: That that’s the worst of it right there.

C: Yes. And — and (or “AND AND”) the desire to be conscious and aware of what’s happening to us. I think we could deal with it so much better even if it’s very traumatic. (unattributed sound) If we at least know what’s happened to us, we can process it. (unattributed sound) Dan, I don’t know if you’ve had anybody you can talk to about your experiences.

D: I’ve been relative(ly) — it’s only been in the last year that I’ve even told my mother, my sister and close friends. (unattributed sound) No (or “NO”) I’ve finally come to the point where I don’t care what anybody says. At first, I just — got (or “GOT” or unattributed sound) humility and everybody laughed at me and ridiculed. And telling me that (unattributed sound) “full of baloney.” My sister — she — they’re very, very religious and (“WANT”) me to go — parade over and hands on. I (or “I”), you know, I don’t feel that it’s a — (“NO I”) feel safe spiritually. I feel (unattributed sound) intact and okay with God. (unattributed sound) It’s just something that’s there. It’s an anxiety thing. It just — it never lets go. There’s hardly a day goes by that I’m not searching or reading and going to the websites. (unattributed sound) Just — I’d love some answers and — (“IF THEY”)

H: Well and are there answers?

D: They never come.

H: Are there answers on your website, Constance? (unattributed sound)

C: No. I tell you what — the more I study this, the less I know. I think it’s just living with not knowing. When Theresa told her daughter, “Yes, this is happening and here’s the log for you to read —” She told her, “There are some things we just don’t have answers to.” She explained to her daughter the scientific method and how we have to keep trying to find the answers. (unattributed sound) It’s very hard for us to live without them.

D: I’ve (or “I’VE”) — you know, I’ve become vocal about this and I’ve started writing — Peter Gerston’s got a website and I’m going to make an affidavit out for him. I am (“I AM”) so frustrated. I’ve written Whitley Strieber. I’ve written congressmen and now, you know, it’s to the point where, no, I am absolutely fed up with our government absolutely having no attitude or — “No, this isn’t happening. We don’t have any comment.” (unattributed sound) That’s what’s frustrating to me is here is an invasion of my rights as a citizen of this United States. And they’re treating it like (“WH[Y]”) it’s a non-event.

C: Like it doesn’t exist.

D: Just like the contrail issue. (“Y[OU] KNOW”) It’s happening. I see it every few days and no matter how much I yell and complain and scream about it, you just get ridiculed and pushed off to the side as if (unattributed sound) (“IF”) it isn’t happen(ing). But it is happening.

H: Okay, Dan —

D: (You) have to have an experience to know.

H: Yeah. (Or “YEAH”) Have to move along, Dan. Thank you for sharing it.

D: Okay. Thank you both.

C: Good luck to you.

H: This is Hilly Rose. Where are you calling from, please?

J: Yes, (“COMET”) calling from New York.

H: Alright. What’s your first name?

J: Joe.

H: Alright, Joe, go right ahead.

J: Yes, you know, I’m very interested in what she’s talked about. And I — (or “[A]N[D] I”) been (or “BEEN”) investigating this myself. Mainly because I was once — when I was a child I had these dreams and I was abducted. (“NI” “DI[D]”) Pretty classical — just like most of the people that we’re talking about — fact (or “FACT”), there are lots of other stories. I wanted to get back to mostly what people sometimes talk about is how to get away or break lose of being frozen. Because I had that experience two weeks ago. In fact, it was because of this show — I think a few weeks before that one of your guests was talking about several ways of protecting yourself. And —

H: That’s probably Whitley Strieber.

J: No, it was a lady who —

H: Well it doesn’t matter.

J: Yeah.

H: What did she say was the way to do it?

J: Well one of the ways is that — well what — (unattributed sound) talk about two weeks ago how I got out of it. I found that I couldn’t even think about calling for help. I couldn’t think of what to do. Somehow they were blocking my thoughts. I also found that I was, like, frozen in place. (unattributed sound) Very classical like what people talk about. I also started to call upon my guides. Some people call upon Christ, some people call upon Archangel Michael — things like that. And I couldn’t think of anyone to call upon until I finally started to yell mentally, “Help.” And finally I thought of a few people to call upon and I felt myself breaking free and then finally I was free. The first thing I did was look to see if they were physical; if they were in the room. (“I”) They hadn’t been in the room physically but it was a prelude to something. I(‘ve) also known that a few people that I know are having experiences and they’ve come across similar ways of protecting —

H: Well I’m sort of asking here for a specific. How did you do it?

J: Well I — basically I called upon help.

H: Just killed — yelled help and that did it?

J: Well no. I called upon some of the guides that protect me. (unattributed sound) Yeah.

H: Got you.

J: Because I work in this field.

H: Alright, sir. I appreciate the — sharing the experience and we’ll move along. We’ll continue — wrap up our conversation with Constance Clear right after this brief bottom of the hour break. In for Art Bell who will be back with you tomorrow, I am Hilly Rose on “Coast to Coast A.M.”

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