Q: Mark Russell Bell
L: Ellen Russell

Q: One of my favorite websites, regardless of how my book has been treated or not treated, is the www.sightings.com website. It’s a radio show tie-in and they have many different sections, all with articles that appear in other sources that find its way here. There’s one section on “Health-Medicine” just to give you an example. There are subheadings for stories about AIDS and a section all devoted to Mad Cow. But I’ll go ahead and read some of the stories that are featured here and that you might not necessarily have heard about.

Ulcer And Cancer Bacteria In Tapwater?

Warning Issued About Mercury In Tuna

Breast Milk Of Women Who Eat Lake Ontario Fish Contains High Levels of PCBs

Less TV Could Mean Fewer Pounds For Kids

Q: Those were the last four headlines and I’ll go ahead and share a few other ones. Of course, not all of these do I place great faith in. In fact, some of the articles are ridiculous and absurd. And you always have to consider what the motivations are for the scientists or reporters — obviously, who’s paying their bills has a lot to deal with what results they get and share. So I’ll go ahead and read you some of the headlines.

Hormones Injected/Fed To Cattle Linked To Human Cancer — Ban Called For

Insecticide Spraying Reduces Blindness and Diarrhea in Third World

Q: What about — see, that one I would put into that category (“ABOUT”) ‘I need to check more into this.’ It’s amazing how apparently “scientists” or “doctors” can find (“BAD”) just about any rationalization that they want based on what evidence they choose to look at. I mean come on — “Insecticide Spraying Reduces Blindness and Diarrhea In Third World”? What is this? New spin trying to support the use of insecticides? I mean you have to be careful.

Media Violence Can Increase Violent Responses To Provocation

Meningitis Fear Over Genetically-Modified Foods

Three Million To Die Of TB This Year

US Herbal Remedy Sales Total $3.8 Billion in 1998

California — ‘273% Increase in Autism — We Don’t Know Why’

Canola Oil — Is It Safe? Evidence Points To BIG Trouble

Simple, Honest Friendship Makes Marriage A Success

Death Toll Now At 117 From Unknown Malaysia Pig Virus

US Fattest Society In World History? Overeating Is King

It’s Official — Cell Phones DO Scramble Your Brains

Scientists Cast Doubt On Caffeine Addiction

Q: See — that’s an article where my red flag goes up.

Violence Affects Adolescents Differently

Q: Some of the articles — (“YOU”) just want to say, “Duh.” (“AND”) A lot of them are just common sense too.

Using A Mobile Phone Can Make You Smarter?

Q: There’s another one that I would red flag.

Strange Skin Disease Hit Rare Scots Dolphins

Girls Too Ashamed Of Bodies To Play Sports — Shower Curtains Help?

Pesticides In Your Fruits And Vegetables — Alarming Levels

US Scientists Find Superbugs In Chicken Feed

Food Contamination Warning — Possible Listeria In Meat Products

Saying ‘I Love You’ Can Save A Life

Listeria Tainted Meat Death Toll Rises To 16 — Experts Perplexed

New Study Casts Doubts On Genetically Modified Food

Casual Exercise Is Just As Effective As Heavy Workouts

Q: So there goes my red flag again. I mean that’s ridiculous. I mean what bill of goods are they trying to sell?

Testicular Cancer Rates Soar — ‘Something Strange Is Going On’

New Dangerous Viruses And Bacteria Showing Up In Warming Oceans

Synthetic Hormone In Milk Raises New Concerns

Aspartame — The Bitter Sweetner — How To Protect Yourself

Study Finds No Evidence High Fiber Prevents Colon Cancer

Q: Well there goes my red flag again. I mean some of this is ridiculous.

Shocker — Doctors And Nurse Ignore Basic Hospital Hygiene

Neurologist Finds That Magnets Do Help In Pain Relief

Flouridation — What’s In It For Us? Only Half Is Expelled By The Body

Cigarettes Contain: Acetone, Mercury, Hydrogen Cyanide, Lead, And Arsenic

Mutant Strain of Deadly Fire Ants On The March Across America

READ The Deadly Truth About Aspartame (‘Nutrasweet’ — ‘Equal’ — ‘Spoonful’, etc.)

Cancer Strongly Linked To Lifestyle And Diet

Depressed Mothers Often Blame Their Problem Children

Common Cytomegalovirus May Be Key Factor In Heart Attacks

Cell Phones Linked Directly To Cancer — Again

Scientists Now Seriously Studying Magnet Therapy

US Doctors Group Recommends Another New Vaccine For Infants!

Unpasteurized Orange Juice Can Carry Salmonella

Q: There goes my red flag. I heard one report — (“ON THE”) people involved in the pasteurization process and, of course, they want a lot more business. I mean its absurd. You take all the nutrients out of juice when you boil it. Just by using very minimal procedures in terms of caution can you cut down on these risk factors. I mean it’s just absurd. Anyway, I talk about that on other tapes that I haven’t transcribed yet.

Meat And Milk Firmly Linked To Prostate Cancer Deaths

Party Drug Ecstasy Said To Cause Measurable Brain Damage

Vaccines Are Not Mandatory — Exemption Form Included Here

Why Are US Children Being Forced To Take Hep B Vaccine?

Group Aims To Take Soft Drinks Out Of Schools

Fast Food Is A Recipe For Cancer — Especially With Children

Chicken And Fish No Less Likely To Cause Colon Cancer Than Red Meat

Aspartame Now Being Added To Regular AND Diet Drinks Everywhere

Why Cranberries Help Prevent Urinary Infections

Report Shows Hormone To Make Cows Produce More Milk Should Be Banned

25% Of All Vegetables Eaten By Americans Are . . . French Fries

Fat Being Put Back In Food As Consumers Demand Taste

TB Killing Lions ‘Like Flies’ — Entire Population At Risk

Medical Journal Calls For Better Testing Of Herbal Treatments

Q: I bet. They want all the money that they can possibly make in the established medical industry. That’s why there’s been so little advancement in this millennium.

Hideous Tobacco Company Efforts To Addict People To Cigarettes Revealed

The Zombie In Us All — Struggle Between The Conscious & The Unconscious

TV News Is Scaring And Damaging American Children

Experiment Fuels Genetically Modified Food Concerns

Building Kids’ Esteem May Backfire Into Narcissism & Violence

Dr. Spock’s Last Book — No Dairy Products After Age 2 — “Meat Harmful”

Lobster Industry Om Edge Of Collapse — Overfishing & Sewage Blamed

Eggs Make Nearly 900,0000 Americans Sick Each Year

RGBH Produced Milk — Cancer From Your Dairy Products

TV Violence Soaring — 60% Of Programs Are Violent

Reporters Fired For Telling The Truth About RGBH Milk Hormone

Big Money Push For Food Irradiation Gathers Momentum

Magnets Used Successfully To Regenerate Cartilage

USDA Hiding Meat-Poultry Plants’ Salmonella Results

271 Million Pounds Of Toxic Waste Used As Farm Fertilizer!

New Dilemma — Pharmaceuticals Are Now Turning Up In Drinking Water

Mandatory Anthrax Vaccines Underway In The Persian Gulf

Sad Truth About U.S. Military Anthrax Vaccine

FDA Orders Pentagon To Follow FDA Vaccine Rules

Pentagon Wants To Give Unproven Vaccines To Public

British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings

How To Win An Argument With A Meat Eater

Nuclear Irradiation Of Meat Approved

Hospital And Doctor-Caused Infection Rampant

Ladybugs Dying To Warn Us

Deadly Pesticide Circle Of Poison

Q: So these articles have all been most recent to oldest and, unfortunately, if more attention had been given to some of these stories, we wouldn’t see some of the other headlines that are appearing today. In fact, just today there was an article entitled “Vaccine-Refusing Marine Convicted.” And this was an Associated Press article. It says “By Linda Deutsch AP Special Correspondent.” I printed this from the “Yahoo! News” Daily News page dailynews.yahoo.com. I’ll read it. It says:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The first of five Marines to be court-martialed for refusing to take the anthrax vaccine was convicted by a military judge of disobeying a lawful order.

Lance Cpl. Jared Schwartz, 20, of Henderson, Ky., was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in the brig and given a bad conduct discharge. He plans to appeal.

“This case is bigger than just myself,” Schwartz said in a statement he read in court at the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. “I stand here today representing every member of the service who wishes to challenge the anthrax vaccine program.”

A number of service personnel have refused the vaccine due to questions about side effects including sterility.

Defense attorney Mark S. Zaid wanted to call medical witnesses to question the vaccine’s safety and necessity. But he was rebuffed by the military judge, Lt. Col. Ken Martin, and ultimately called no witnesses.

From the start, the Marine Corps saw the case as a matter of military discipline.

“Today’s ruling reinforces the fact that the order was lawful, the vaccine is safe and there is a real threat out there,” said Lt. Vincent Bosquez, public affairs officer for the base.

The Pentagon says more than 220,000 members of the military have been immunized and about 200 have refused, including four more Marines who face military trials at Twentynine Palms. The next case starts Monday.

Forty-two of those who had the drug reported adverse effects, and seven had to hospitalized or take a sick day. All recovered from complaints including soreness, rashes, headaches and fevers.

© Copyright 1999 The Associated Press

Q: So my own opinion is that the public affairs officer — I mean what is this? This is a public relations person. What kind of credibility could he possibly have and how could he possibly know the vaccine is safe? Apparently that’s something that nobody knows. So I went to the American Gulf War Veterans Association website to see what they would say. Of course, they have different sections and one of the sections is entitled “Vaccines” and — oh. I just noticed that the webmaster’s named Gary Robinson. I think that this Bobs phenomena is really quite intriguing. I was just finishing the “Monster” book about screenwriters and there was a Robin Russell. It’s just amazing how widespread is the Bobs phenomena. And it’s something that’s obvious. I mean what does ‘Bob’ do in the company where you work? So there are many different articles posted here about the anthrax vaccine. And what I’ll do is I’ll look at the page entitled “Anthrax Vaccine Objections and Issues” (paper by Redmond Handy). I’ll read part of it and, of course, the website is located at www.gulfwarvets.com — they have a “Hall of Shame” and a “Hall of Fame” and lots of other information. Of course, this is an issue that has impacted me personally because my family — my aunt up in Pennsylvania — her son is a Gulf War vet who has had symptoms and (“AND THEN JUST”) in the last year she had to have a brain tumor removed. Of course, in many cases, this does seem to be a communicable disease. Family members are coming down with the illness. So I’ll read some of the “Objections and Issues” involving the anthrax vaccine. It begins:

The Defense Department’s Plan (In Process) To Vaccinate All 2.5 Million

Service Members Against The Threat Of An Anthrax Attack

HEALTH AND SAFETY (Program requires 6 shots in 18 months and annual boosters)

Systemic (Major) Side-Effect Problems with the Vaccine (Requiring Shots be Discontinued)

Documented reactions to the anthrax vaccine from the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System include nearly 50 different types of major side effects!

Vast DOD under-reporting of major side effect problems is a virtual certainty.

—Former FDA Director David Kessler says only 10% of reactions ever get reported.

—70’s Swine flu vaccine analysis showed military reports only 1/7th of that 10% rate.

Army’s studies show up to a 1.77% systemic rate (44,500 service members could be affected).

—~9X the manufacturer’s claim and ~9000X higher than some current DOD claims!

Documented cases of DOD continuing shots after major reactions—violates vaccine instructions. !

Documented cases of DOD administering shots from expired lots with serious health impacts.

Relevant Gulf War Illness Information

Senate Staff Report 103-97 – vaccine still not eliminated as a cause of Gulf War Syndrome. !

DOD refuses GAO demand to confirm a toxic, non-approved substance in the vaccine.

FDA Approval Process, Inspections Reports, Warning Letters and Lack of SECDEF Review

GAO testimony on April 29, 1999 revealed FDA improperly approved current vaccine.

Approved in 1970—2 years before FDA began requiring vaccine efficacy demonstrations.

—This vaccine would not be approved using today’s FDA standards!

FDA Warning Letters sent to the manufacturer in 1995 & 1997 (threatened to revoke license). !

FDA wrote scathing 98 report on this vaccine—84 quality control & procedure violations!

Initially, 22 of 30 lots failed retest; vast majority of vaccine still in quarantine! !

The plant is now shut down for renovation, but DOD is still using the current vaccine supply!

Congressional hearing confirmed a condition to conduct a complete review was not fulfilled.

—Program reviewer had no anthrax expertise, so he made marketing suggestions.

Q: And there’s a section entitled “Disturbing Similarities of Anthrax Vaccine to Government Swine Flu Vaccine Mistakes in 70’s.” There’s a “Vaccine Effectiveness” section where it says “Vaccines are Useless Against Bioterrorist Threats” as one sub-heading and another sub-heading being “Anthrax Vaccine Already Proven Ineffective By The DOD’s Own Tests.” This includes “Journal of the American Medical Association says data is lacking for inhalation efficacy claim. Senate Staff Report 103-97 says efficacy against inhaled anthrax is ‘unknown.'” And I’ll read “International Effects And Allies Experience”:!

Vaccine policy erodes 1972 Biological Weapons Convention; encourages biological arms race

De-emphasizes massive retaliation response threat which worked in Desert Storm !

French: Didn’t vaccinate in the Gulf War; their military members don’t have Gulf Syndrome

British: Admit mistakes in Gulf; offered a voluntary vaccine; 73% declined; program stopped !

Israelis: Don’t have a mandatory vaccine policy either; relying on antibiotics

Canadians: Had mandatory vaccine policy: recently stopped because of supplies/controversy

Q: Another section is “Limitation On Freedom Of Religion.”

Policy allows religious objection based on recognized church doctrine against ALL vaccines

No religion, except self-destructive cults, would approve injecting questionable substances !

National survival is not dependent on avoiding religious objections to this vaccine!

Q: In the section entitled “Implications For The Future,” it points out that “Anthrax vaccine alone more than doubles the shots a member may receive in a career.”


Many disturbing issues; many unanswered questions !

With improper FDA approval and lack of a SECDEF-promised DOD program review, the anthrax vaccine program appears too experimental and thus in violation of Nuremberg Code

This forced vaccine cannot be considered a legitimate lawful order for military members!

The program should stop before our service members and our national defense suffers further.

To help stop this harmful waste of taxpayer money most immediately, contact: The House Armed Services Committee 2120 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-4151 www.house.gov/hasc/

Q: And then there’s a large section on “Sources researched for this paper.” So it just reminds me — last night, I just happened to be passing the television. My mom was watching the nightly news and this story was mentioned. It was just one line or two and the newscaster—I can’t remember which one—just seemed sort of — what’s the word? He just seemed sort of incredulous about it all as if ‘why would they ever want to do that? — go against authority?’ Of course, that’s just my estimation and I really wasn’t watching that closely. But that’s really what television does. It reduces everything to one line and (how news is interpreted) it’s all based upon what the newscaster’s day has been like — if he liked what he had for lunch.

( . . . )

Q: Today when I was having lunch, Ellen was watching Jenny Jones, a show she even admits to not being able to stand — (“BUT”) “nothing else is on.” And I couldn’t believe it. I just glanced (“AT”) at the TV screen and Mancow, one of the people who interviewed me on the radio, was a guest. And basically what was going on was these young women were coming out in limited apparel and then the audience and Mancow and his group were giving their estimation. (“I THINK”) All the estimations I heard were all negative and I just thought this really is misogynistic. Anyway — I will say that there was an old woman who made a comment and Mancow did give her a ten. He held up ten fingers and gave her a ten. I mean I was just watching with my mouth open. I just couldn’t believe it. Anyway, let’s go see what Ellen’s watching now. Ellen, I just finished my investigative journalist portion of my website and what are you watching on TV?

L: “Judge Judy.”

Q: “Judge Judy” — do you like “Judge Judy”?

L: (no response)

Q: Ellen, please. I want to share a little bit of my life with my website visitors. She’s shaking her head that she does not like “Judge Judy.” What’s her last name, by the way? Do you remember?

L: (no response)

Q: She reminds me of myself some times.

( . . . )

Q: So it’s almost six o’clock on Friday and I’ve been going to other metaphysical websites and sending via Email the press release. I did receive one response back from my celebrity mailing yesterday so the — let’s see, it’s from “Travis Office” (Email sent to ‘randy’). It just says “REMOVE” is the subject line. There are no other comments.

( . . . )

Q: Today I spent a little while reading Nicola Tesla’s autobiography on the Internet at www.virtualtheater.com — his autobiography makes it very clear where his ideas came from, in terms of channeling. He relates many anecdotes about various events in his life. Twice he was saved from drowning by visual images and he even describes the process in his autobiography. So it’s very clear (“THAT”) he was what we consider ‘psychic’ and his family. His brother he said also had the same gift.

Of course, he mentions synchronicity having a lot to do with his psychic ability. I’ll read you a little bit so you can compare it to other channelers because everyone channels: writers, artists — everything is channeled in some way. The ideas. So this is from Nicola Tesla’s autobiography.

There was another and still more important reason for my late awakening. In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images, often accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects and interfered with my thoughts and action. They were pictures of things and scenes which I had really seen, never of those imagined. When a word was spoken to me the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not. This caused me great discomfort and anxiety. None of the students of psychology or physiology whom I have consulted, could ever explain satisfactorily these phenomenon. They seem to have been unique although I was probably predisposed as I know that my brother experienced a similar trouble. The theory I have formulated is that the images were the result of a reflex action from the brain on the retina under great excitation. They certainly were not hallucinations such as are produced in diseased and anguished minds, for in other respects I was normal and composed. To give an idea of my distress, suppose that I had witnessed a funeral or some such nerve-wracking spectacle. Then, inevitably, in the stillness of night, a vivid picture of the scene would thrust itself before my eyes and persist despite all my efforts to banish it. If my explanation is correct, it should be possible to project on a screen the image of any object one conceives and make it visible. Such an advance would revolutionize all human relations. I am convinced that this wonder can and will be accomplished in time to come. I may add that I have devoted much thought to the solution of the problem.

I have managed to reflect such a picture, which I have seen in my mind, to the mind of another person, in another room. To free myself of these tormenting appearances, I tried to concentrate my mind on something else I had seen, and in this way I would often obtain temporary relief; but in order to get it I had to conjure continuously new images. It was not long before I found that I had exhausted all of those at my command; my ‘reel’ had run out as it were, because I had seen little of the world — only objects in my home and the immediate surroundings. As I performed these mental operations for the second or third time, in order to chase the appearances from my vision, the remedy gradually lost all its force. Then I instinctively commenced to make excursions beyond the limits of the small world of which I had knowledge, and I saw new scenes. These were at first very blurred and indistinct, and would flit away when I tried to concentrate my attention upon them. They gained in strength and distinctness and finally assumed the concreteness of real things. I soon discovered that my best comfort was attained if I simply went on in my vision further and further, getting new impressions all the time, and so I began to travel; of course, in my mind. Every night, (and sometimes during the day), when alone, I would start on my journeys — see new places, cities and countries; live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life, and not a bit less intense in their manifestations.

This I did constantly until I was about seventeen, when my thoughts turned seriously to invention. Then I observed to my delight that I could visualize with the greatest facility. I needed no models, drawings or experiments. I could picture them all as real in my mind. Thus I have been led unconsciously to evolve what I consider a new method of materializing inventive concepts and ideas, which is radically opposite to the purely experimental and is in my opinion ever so much more expeditious and efficient.

The moment one constructs a device to carry into practice a crude idea, he finds himself unavoidably engrossed with the details of the apparatus. As he goes on improving and reconstructing, his force of concentration diminishes and he loses sight of the great underlying principle. Results may be obtained, but always at the sacrifice of quality. My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever; the results are the same. In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years there has not been a single exception. Why should it be otherwise? Engineering, electrical and mechanical, is positive in results. There is scarcely a subject that cannot be examined beforehand, from the available theoretical and practical data. The carrying out into practice of a crude idea as is being generally done, is, I hold, nothing but a waste of energy, money, and time.

My early affliction had however, another compensation. The incessant mental exertion developed my powers of observation and enabled me to discover a truth of great importance. I had noted that the appearance of images was always preceded by actual vision of scenes under peculiar and generally very exceptional conditions, and I was impelled on each occasion to locate the original impulse. After a while this effort grew to be almost automatic and I gained great facility in connecting cause and effect. Soon I became aware, to my surprise, that every thought I conceived was suggested by an external impression. Not only this but all my actions were prompted in a similar way. In the course of time it became perfectly evident to me that I was merely an automation endowed with power OF MOVEMENT RESPONDING TO THE STIMULI OF THE SENSE ORGANS AND THINKING AND ACTING ACCORDINGLY. The practical result of this was the art of teleautomatics which has been so far carried out only in an imperfect manner. Its latent possibilities will, however be eventually shown. I have been years planning self-controlled automata and believe that mechanisms can be produced which will act as if possessed of reason, to a limited degree, and will create a revolution in many commercial and industrial departments. I was about twelve years of age when I first succeeded in banishing an image from my vision by willful effort, but I never had any control over the flashes of light to which I have referred. They were, perhaps, my strangest and [most] inexplicable experience. They usually occurred when I found myself in a dangerous or distressing situations or when I was greatly exhilarated. In some instances I have seen all the air around me filled with tongues of living flame. Their intensity, instead of diminishing, increased with time and seemingly attained a maximum when I was about twenty-five years old.

Q: Anyway — so, of course, for many years I was a screenwriter and writer. And I would rewrite my works. And there is a definite spiritual process involved. You’re always going to Spirit—what some people call the Akashic Record—and there’s an interchange here. Therefore, when one sees Hollywood today and how screenwriters are asked to fulfill the desires of corporate executives and achieve a feel-good movie without any consideration of artistry, it makes one consider spiritual tests and the quality of the spiritual exchange. I don’t want to say too much on this but I think it’s something that’s best thought about after reading anecdotes, which my book and website presents. As Larry Garrison said in my interview with him — who, of course, I hired to be my assistant at Paramount, not thinking at the time that we might’ve been related in a previous life as I’ve chatted with him about. He also knew Tany and he would — when he worked at Rogers & Cowan he was working next door to Tany. And after he left, I was working next door — oh never mind. That’s another story. Buy, anyway, of course, in his interview he did say fundamentally he believes “everything affects everything. Every single occurrence that happens in the world affects something else and in a way, kind of like the ‘Star Wars’ thing, there really is a force — an energy that people feed off of it and then in turn contribute to, negative and positive.”

( . . . )

Q: So it turns out that my brother and Steve can’t go to Cozumel for various legal reasons so, instead, they’re going to Vegas and San Diego next week. I just can’t believe it. My brother goes to Vegas so many times. He is a compulsive gambler and I’ve had this discussion with Steve. This will be the second time since my temp assignment with the gambling company that I turned down. I only was there an hour and then I left. This will be the second time Michael’s gone to Vegas since I told him. In fact, I’ll read that portion from my journal because this is an investigative journalist tape, after all.

Journal (December 21, 1998 Excerpt)

After an hour where my supervisor was formatting spread sheets for me to get started, I told him I didn’t feel comfortable working in a gambling operation and felt sick to my stomach. During the time I was there, I did read notes made by Northern California and Southern California dealers about the players at their tables. They are trained to observe many details to help them in their ‘work,’ giving the people at their tables unflattering nicknames and making disgusting comments about them. I learned that the dealers are paid $10 an hour during their training period. Then, after training, they are paid $20 an hour for the first eight hours of a shift with an overtime rate received for hours nine through twelve; and they are paid double overtime for shifts beyond twelve hours. The dealers get paid different rates based on the “techniques” they use. This sounded to me like confirmation that the dealers are cheating. I always thought they did. What I didn’t realize was the way they have been conditioned to have contempt for the casino patrons who play at their tables. This company doesn’t do any accounting for Vegas casinos but I’m sure the various “techniques” are typical of the entire industry. It always seemed to me that players in Blackjack should have an advantage as they don’t have to draw another card with sixteen or less showing; so why does the house customarily do better than the players? If the card games are crooked, there must be “techniques” used in the casinos’ favor in roulette and craps as well. Sure, sometimes you can win yet for how long? There’s a reason there are so many big hotels in the Nevada desert and new grander ones keep being added. I think that in a Socialist society, the gambling dilemma wouldn’t have reached the current proportions throughout America. It’s especially offensive to see the way my Native American culture has been corrupted.

Q: So when you think about all those people losing their money in Vegas and perhaps being cheated (in the ‘Silver State’), doesn’t that make you angry? I mean have you been to Vegas and lost money? What if you were cheated? Can you think of all the people who are looking the other way and letting this go on week in and week out — of course, themselves profiting in some way off of it. Las Vegas is the worst place on the Earth. Of this there can be no doubt. I remember that time one of my hairdressers had a friend who went there for a fight and heard gunshots and was sure people had died but there was nothing in the news. Well, that’s hardly surprising. Anyway, when somebody comes up to you with a gun and demands your money, you give it to them. But when something secretive is going on, you don’t realize that you’re being robbed. You just keep handing over your money. And I’ve had this conversation with Michael and he still went to Las Vegas after having this conversation. And now he’s going again. I mean he is a compulsive gambler. I’ve seen that glazed look in his eyes at the slot machines. Ohhh, I don’t even know what to say. Except I went with him many times before my religious experience and each time it was harder and harder to win. I mean I’m a good player. I’m a smart player. I know — I mean I could even count — (“I MEAN”) you know, you can sort of keep track — oh never mind.

( . . . )

Q: I was just looking through my journals for other investigative-themed pieces and I note that on July 21, 1998 I also listed some headline articles from www.sightings.com;

I’m not quite sure what section they’ve been filed in but I’ll go ahead and all those to the list.

New Cell Phone Brain Scare — Memory Loss & Confusion Found In Rats

Former AF Intel Officer Reconfirms Use Of Nerve Gas In Vietnam War

Fired CNN Producer Defends Sarin Gas Story — Cover-Up Charged

Human ‘Mad Cow’ Toll Higher Than Admitted

Strange — 3 German Scientists Who Put Man On Moon Die In Alabama

New AIDS ‘Vaccine’ Candidate May Cause AIDS

Ritalin Abuse In Schools Beginning To Be Documented

Millions Of (“I”) Americans Get Unneeded Heart Procedures

The Fluoridation Fiasco — Poison In Your Water

So-Called ‘Alternative’ Medicine Now Used By 40% Of Americans

Q: I think when I went to print them out it didn’t get all of them (possible ones to select from). Anyway — looking at my journal, I also had a terrible experience when I was having CreditShield premiums charged to my account, which was a huge mistake. What a fiasco that was. I had forgotten that I had wanted insurance during a week moment when I was getting poorer and poorer and didn’t know how I was going to make all my monthly payments. So as I wrote in my journal — they provided me with a slip of paper that I had wrote in my account number and address.

Journal (August 11, 1998 Excerpt)

Seeing it, I remember sending it in without realizing the considerable expense it would eventually entail without really providing any service other than postponing debt payments for a month. Back then, 60 cents per $100 was no big deal. I forgot about it and haven’t really been studying the charges on my statement because of more important matters taking my time. So I paid a lot of money for a service I never used (for protection up to $5,000 at the time of my enrollment). When my dept surpassed that amount, they kept on increasing the charges. And I think I received calls from bank representatives since then asking me to enroll so I’m quite bewildered. I just can’t see how these charges are legal. Jean Paul, the Citibank representative I spoke to tonight confirmed that CreditShield is in no way affiliated with Citibank. Obviously, the two are affiliated. He said that it was a separate company. So here I am — trying to save every cent possible and then finding that I’ve been stupid enough to give my credit card company hundreds of dollars for nothing. In a socialist society, people wouldn’t be trying to take advantage of others in any way possible (some just to survive; others to prosper). Again, it always comes back to the rich and powerful only being concerned with themselves.

Q: At the time of this journal entry, I went on:

So here I am — wondering what is left in the world to stimulate me. The arts should be called the commerce and all the newsworthy subjects usually relegated to the category of “science” that I find interesting are being covered-up.

Q: I’m just looking down my various journal entries. There’s a lot of whistle-blowing going on but people choose to ignore it. I’m looking at Chris Ruddy’s September 27, 1998 letter. People know that people like Vincent Foster or Ron Brown were probably murdered but as long as they have that Hawaiian vacation that they’re looking forward to or their stocks going up — well it’s hard for me try to figure out other people. I have enough difficulty figuring out myself but it’s amazing how much information and evidence there is on the Internet.

( . . . )

Q: I also have some comments on Mark McGwire’s use of androstenedione and Sammy Sosa’s use of creatine.

( . . . )

Q: I remember reading in a Fall 1998 Rand Review the quote: ” . . The information revolution transforms the nature of conflict, according to a 1997 RAND book, In Athena’s Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age, which predicts the passing of the era of massed field armies and the beginning of an age in which information and knowledge are the key elements of power. . . .”

( . . . )

Q: There’s also plenty of evidence about the Oklahoma City bombing. I include articles in my journal and there was an AP news article on October 8, 1998 entitled “Oklahoma City Bombing Grand Jury Says it’s Been ‘Intimidated.'” I don’t understand how these articles can appear and be ignored.

( . . . )

Q: In one journal entry, I mention my “Uncle Bob taking the PrimeQuest nutritional formulas that helped the Russian athletes to win Olympic medals. He may have bowled a few 300 games as a senior citizen but you won’t convince me this strength enhancer wasn’t a factor contributing to his heart problems.” I was talking to one of my neighbors named Al and:

Journal (October 21, 1998 Excerpt)

Al agreed that the obsession of wealth and greed is destroying not only sports but every fabric of our society. Mothers no longer tell their daughters to marry doctors and lawyers; they take them to sporting events. He concluded that sports is a field that allows many different forms of power struggles. The situation involving Pete Rose is compelling because of the lengths Pete went to suppress dialogue concerning wagering on baseball in lieu of focusing on his gambling in relation to other sports. Again we see the dilemma of an individual who seems to be more preoccupied with the surface illusion of who he is rather than trying to truly be a good person in his relationship with God. Al said Rose was probably motivated by his desire to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is comparable—from the viewpoint of someone who isn’t a sports fan—to wanting your statue at a shopping mall. Al said the Dowd Report about Pete Rose is an especially eye-opening and devastating indictment of professional sports. Al also expressed how disturbing he found Mark McGwire’s selection to appear in televised public education announcements concerning drug abuse. To those who say that “you still have to hit the ball” and choose to ignore the implications of using strength enhancers, Al points out that these allow athletes to practice longer than they would otherwise and in this way gives an unfair advantage.

Q: I once had a very spot-on conversation with a journalist, my friend Cliff Rothman. He explained it to me best when he said that journalists feel why rock the boat as long as they and the economy seems to be doing well.

( . . . )

Q: So I’ve been looking through my journals and there’s a lot of good material here. As soon as people are interested in this after they’ve been reading the book, maybe I’ll add it to the website but right now I’m still struggling just to be noticed. At least, that’s the way it seems. Sometimes I think that everything’s obvious — I mean my proof is evident. Who knows what people are dealing with? But — like I see on December 1, 1998 there was a memorable question related to channeled material because, of course, us human artists don’t really see all the depth in a channeled work.

So my Thanksgiving time question was:

So how did the Grinch steal Christmas? Answer: He gave back the presents.

Q: So I think I’ll finish this excerpt sampling from my journals with a portion from my November 1, 1998 All Saint’s Day journal entry. It’s amazing how other people can lead me to huge cover-ups. I’ll begin reading from my journal:

Journal (November 1, 1998)

Today Obadiah lectured on “Essence of the Bagavad Gita” and his simplification of the truths resulted in some surprising revelations. I’ve been reading the “Adam and Eve” chapter from The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden, which I interpret on a metaphorical level. One may already be aware how historical events are altered by the premise or message a particular scribe wants to deliver yet, perhaps, details found in these “lost books” aren’t included in contemporary bibles because of the noticeable aspects that would detract from the overall believability and intended themes. Concerning the lecture today, Krishna’s advice to Arjuna concerning violence reminded me of Satan pretending to be God and telling Adam and Eve falsehoods. Telling someone that it’s okay to kill others because their souls are immortal seems like Satanic doublespeak, as does goading a man to do things without considering the results or “fruit.” At one point, Obadiah said that messages in the Bagavad Gita include goodness being unconscious and virtue being unconscious — a “holy indifference” — or, it seems to me, not to consider the ramifications of one’s actions. Forrest Gump would tell Krishna, “Stupid is as stupid does.” In this case, opposite interpretations of the battlefield metaphors may be both true — war being the best solution to solving a disagreement would be false in context of a Divine message. Another message Obadiah discussed was “Love without wisdom has no meaning.”

Q: And then I write a little bit about this.

He has a gift for reducing spiritual truths to the simplest form and today this technique revealed to me the parallel between the biblical Satan and the Krishna of the battlefield. Plainly, this one metaphor doesn’t lead me to interpret all of Krishna’s messages as being satanic. When he became defensive, I reminded Obadiah, “love without wisdom has no meaning.” I added, “You should listen to your own lecture.”

Q: So, of course, I talk about my lessons as a temporary worker.

( . . . )

Q: The celebrity mailing is one of many Email campaigns I’ve waged. I’ve sent them out to Edgar Cayce followers. I had a NASA campaign on December 7, 1998, thanks to a spirit message I received via reverse speech. I’ve sent Email to David John Oates. Of course, I never get anything individually back. Sometimes I’m a name on a list for a news release or — you know. But I did find the reverse speech analysis of “Clinton’s Attack On Iraq” to be interesting. Of course, I think I interpret reverse speech a little bit differently than David because I think that they’re messages from Spirit and some of them pertain more to Spirit than they do for the individual speaking. It’s not always a reflection on the individual at that time. I mean this is all very highly open to interpretation, of course. I think even David knows that there are forward messages by Spirit. I’ll report some of the ones that he found here regarding Clinton’s announcement on December 17, 1998. I’ll read from the article by Oates at www.reversespeech.com/rev_clint_iraq12-1998.shtml

Now, we have the following reversals. These are the clearest that can be quoted from the speech Bill Clinton gave announcing the attack on Iraq. The general trend is that of self interests and one that will not succeed in the long run. The first sound byte says, “Our pile of sh*t / Helps us. He helps little fox.” This suggests self interests in the attack, as well as a self contributed mess.

The second one says, “Fine assistants help evil show.” This reinforces the previous conclusion rallying help from his assistants for this “show.”

The next byte is significant. “Afraid to damn the fox / There’s grief with their sh*t / Hear the name of Messiah.” The attack will not be totally effective. What is the word Messiah doing here with the forward speech talking about the 21st century?

A rather bizarre byte next. “Lose the soul with NASA / And I need Bell. Hear dreamer.” Yet another reversed reference on Clinton about NASA. Along with his sexual reversals over the last year this is most common other reference found on Clinton.

Next, “I’ll lay down some mess.” A disturbing prediction for the Iraqi conflict.

Next, “Go build the ships.” What ships?

Next, “Sand the road / Admired the sickle.”

Next, “I’m not wanted / They’re publishing the worse smut.” His mind flashing to the impeachment proceedings.

Finally, “Remember, you are the lord and the wolf.” Self motivation, keeping his mind on purpose.

Q: Well that’s all very well and nice. (“BUT”) If you interpret these as messages from Spirit, I think they have a much wider significance — one that we can all benefit by.

( . . . )

Q: A very memorable article I clipped in my journal was entitled “Billions for the Bankers, Debt for the People . . . The Real Story of the Money-Control Over America” by Sheldon Emry (From An Essay). From NORFED National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code


( . . . )

Q: I also clipped on the same day, December 30, 1998, from the “Sightings” radio show website:

Matt Drudge to break “biggest story ever”

Ufoseek News

New York, Dec.30 1998

This is from a statement Matt Drudge made yesterday on his ABC radio show. He will break the “biggest story ever broken” in 2 weeks. Drudge says it will shake up the whole world. He’s on record as saying “It has nothing to do with politics.” He used phrases like “After the dust settles we will assess the impact,” and “shake up the whole world.”

Drudge is of course known for breaking the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. He usually has sufficient evidence in the way of documentation and has credible sources. It gives one reason to pause and wonder. What could “shake up the whole world?” A meteor threat? The announcement that evidence of ‘intelligent life’ has been discovered in our solar system? An end to the UFO coverup with some sort of official government disclosure? A “fly-over” of Alien craft? Well, this does not sound like a prediction but moreso a “fasten your seatbelt” type of announcement. We will have to wait and see, won’t we!

Q: Well I wonder what that could’ve been? Whatever it is or was, something must’ve happened that kept him from releasing the story.

Journal (June 20, 1999 a.m.)

I finished transcribing the first two 1999 investigative journalist tapes this afternoon. I do feel like my heart and brain chakras are fully open again after my recent experiences. I went to a few thrift stores looking for some new suitable gym T-shirts and saw a cap that said “FOOL.” I know that I’d been keeping my heart chakra closed to God because I was upset about the book’s lack of progress and, perhaps, judging myself as responsible. Listening to my tapes and reading the transcripts also helps me. On Friday night I listened to the first hour of Hilly’s show. Right before the first half hour break, a caller upset Hilly by comparing the predicament of a military person accepting or refusing a vaccine to a soldier sparing a life or killing someone in war. You could tell that something about the remark upset Hilly because he immediately terminated the call although there was still a few seconds of time left and he uncomfortably made a brief explanation. I didn’t hear him mention the news about Loch Ness during this hour yet my Email does seem to have not been ignored. After the commercial, “One” by U2 was the very unusual bumper music and Hilly responded by explaining that it was an engineer who had selected the song. I’m fascinated by Art and Hilly because I interpret their actions as indicating that they view God as an unforgiving God and I can only guess at what things they might have done during the course of their life. I hope my book provides some impressions of the personality of God, making evolution possible to relate to God not from a place of fear but of love. Of course, when one can do this, he or she have evolved to a place where there can be forgiveness; appropriately, their actions will manifest these feelings. Words within a name are a mystery and, certainly, one doesn’t need to analyze their name to consider how they stand in their union with God. You can even have more than one name, as my book illustrates. On Friday night after turning off the radio, a neighbor began singing, “It’s something unpredictable . . .”

I like my Saturday schedule yet I think I’ll limit my WeHo bookstore visits to the Bodhi Tree in the future. There are some interesting articles in some of the free gay periodicals At A Different Light and I will especially miss William’s terrible articles in APLA’S SexVibe yet altogether these are demeaning under the current editorial guidelines where the most important thing is advertising. If one doesn’t already have enough sexual innuendo in life, these magazines aren’t going to help and one should realize he or she isn’t being as outgoing as they should be.

Journal (June 20, 1999 p.m.)

Tonight I listened to “Dreamland” and think that Hilly’s predicament is much more complex than I realized. One tends to simplify things due to wishful thinking. Anyway, here is the Email I sent Hilly with the subject as “Dear Hilly,”:

Once, I heard you complain about people in the military mindlessly following orders about vaccines; yet have you stopped to consider the worthiness of your guests and make a stand? Tonight on “Dreamland” you helped promote a ‘religious’ book said to be of Divine origin despite having little personal knowledge of the book in terms of its scope, what it instructs and how/where it originated. How many people searching for truth will now go to this book after listening to your show? At one point, you made some comparison to Edgar Cayce. From what I know about Cayce, he lived modestly and attempted to help others throughout his life.

Journal (June 21, 1999)

Today, driving my mother to dialysis, there was a detour due to a bomb threat and week-end graffiti attack at a local school. Soon we were behind a gray Ford truck with the license 2X79666. At the market, I parked across from a car with a Robertson license plate holder. When I went to pick her up, there was a license plate holder with ‘Bob’ on it, followed by a license that began with LO and ended VE (LSTE was in the middle). I give up trying to make sense of the when and why of these messages. My best guess is that my Email to Hilly didn’t clarify that I am not recommending the suppression of any discussion of religious works; merely trying to remind that one should consider how momentous these decisions can be. So I sent Hilly a P.S. stating:

In follow up to my previous Email, I want to make it clear that I am not recommending suppression of any discussion of any particular book or work; I am reminding that one should consider how momentous decisions can be as to what books are discussed and what books are ignored.

It did seem that your guest avoided answering the question concerning the entities credited with channeling the book. This was the information I found on an Internet site — “PART I: THE CENTRAL AND SUPERUNIVERSES Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington”; “PART II: THE LOCAL UNIVERSE Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington”; “PART III: THE HISTORY OF URANTIA These papers were sponsored by a Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington’: “PART IV: THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF JESUS This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve Urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a Melchizedek revelatory director. The basis of this narrative was supplied by a secondary midwayer who was onetime assigned to the superhuman watchcare of the Apostle Andrew.”

One guest I would suggest for your show is Bruce Bagemihl, author of BIOLOGICAL EXUBERANCE (St. Martin’s Press) reviewed on page 70 of the April 26, 1999 issue of TIME magazine.

I tried to avoid any comments about Urantia because I haven’t read it. It seems esoteric to me. I did recognize that Christ Michael is a focus of the work. What becomes more and more obvious is that revelation and truth are individual impressions, human or beyond.

Ellen said that a TV news show reported Stephen King fans are attributing his accident to ‘Cujo’ and ‘Christine.’