Q: Mark Russell Bell
L: Ellen Russell
V: Valerie Vasys-Montague, Daily Variety Talent Account Manager (voice mail and answering machine messages)
B: Bell® Phones DigiMate answering machine voice

Q: (speaking into tape recorder) A few notes about my definition of insanity as used in my Tarot card deck. As I don’t believe in insanity, my interpretation of this word has to deal with social interpretation or misinterpretation of individual actions. People choose to see something as insane rather than looking at the cause and effect in terms of the decision-making process of an individual. So insanity has to deal with conception and misconception. I also looked at that montage I’d been working on that fell down. I thought maybe Mighael wanted me to share with you some of that. I do make collages from time to time, usually from Internet pages, sites and things I’ve downloaded. I started on this one and haven’t really finished it. I have web pages that I printed — one from www.artbell.com way back when. Let’s see if there’s a date on it. Oh yeah — March 19. It must be last year, 1998. Yes 1998. And, let’s see, at that time I was visitor 11866621. I also have a quote from Art from the newsgroup dedicated to him of ‘fans.’ They’re really more like enemies but anyway. He apparently said on 12-22-98 “God meant for men and women to fall in love and marry and have children. Or not.” And that’s the end of the quote. U — it used to have these Art Bell quotes of the night. Now I just said “U.” That wasn’t a spirit message. I don’t know why I did but — sometimes I think sometimes when we say things that don’t really follow what we were thinking that it is a Spirit message in a way even if we can say it, which makes transcribing very difficult. Anyway, so (or “SO”) it’s a very difficult area, needless to say. I also printed out a reverse speech page from the www.reversespeech.com website before the whole situation with David John Oates became just too much for me and I stopped going to that website — it all became focused on Art Bell too for whatever reasons. At this point, I downloaded it on 9/23/97. At that time, I was visitor 156663. And I’ll read you. It says:

Welcome to the World of Reverse Speech

Reverse Speech is a discovery, made by Australian Researcher David John Oates, of a new form of communication that has the ability to uncover a deeper truth and meaning behind what we are actually speaking. As we speak consciously, the brain is generating messages arising from the unconscious. These messages occur every 10 to 15 seconds and can be heard by simply playing a recording of normal speech in reverse.

Q: I also have one of the Wire downloaded webpages. It says:

Welcome to the Wire Archive!

The Real Time Archive for the U2 Fan Mailing List

Q: Again, it’s funny for me to visit here because they’re just so obsessed with material—(“N”) materialism and selling their CDs; (“SIN”) idolatry and not wanting to discuss real issues—that it’s just sort of funny to see what people do — that whole star trip, hero worship for no good reason. It’s just interesting to me. At this point, I was visiting on — let’s see if it has a date — I think it was 12/22/98 and I was visitor 159666 on this occasion. I just thought it would be funny to have the web page. It (“REALLY”) doesn’t really say anything. And then I have a few articles downloaded from www.forteantimes.com website. There was an article entitled “Hell’s Belles” so I put a paragraph from that article that had a picture of a spirit representation. It says:

In 1992, a coronation took place in Kent. Well, a coronation of sorts. For it was in the early winter of that year that Blue Bell Hill’s legendary ghost girl ­ in the words of Michael Goss, the ‘uncrowned queen of British road ghosts’ &shy, chose, finally, to sweep aside the curtains of folklore and rumour and stride onto the stage of reality. In the space of just four weeks, in October and November 1992, three separate motorists reported knocking down a figure that ran into the path of their vehicle late at night on Blue Bell Hill.

Q: Let’s see what else I have here. Let’s see what else I have here. Oh I have a picture of the singer from www.godisgay.com. I forget his name at the moment. In the move, I think some things became dislodged like the date for that Fortean Times article. I think that fell off. Oh I have something else from the same issue. There was an article about EVP or electronic voice phenomena entitled “All About EVP.” It says:

German journalist Jürgem Heinzerling introduces one of the most baffling modern paranormal phenomena, and one of the most overlooked. In 1963, Friedrich Jürgenson, a Swedish bird-watcher, purchased one of the early portable tape recorders to sample bird song in remote areas. In 1959 (sic), while monitoring one of his recordings, he noticed strangely garbled fragments of seemingly human speech had somehow made their way onto the tape, although he was absolutely sure that he had been completely alone when he made the recording. He was so mystified that he started experimenting, successfully recording a huge number of similarly extraneous voices during the next four years.

Q: Well if you’re aware that they’re there, you’ll hear them. And, let’s see, what else. I also clipped a picture of the actress — I can’t remember her name who was in that movie in which she played a character who channeled God and spoke to God — (“N N”) At the end was killed by God. I can’t remember what it was called. (“THAT’S”) I just haven’t been thinking of movies. (“AN”) Anyway, I clipped this from a magazine. She was dressed up like a witch. Of course, acting is a form of channeling. I think actors know that. They’re always talking about it — going into a certain space. A meditative space. So, anyway — in fact, this is covered in my journals. I haven’t added those to my website because I found people were reading all the journals before reading the rest of it. I don’t know what it is — people think it’s easier to read journals, I guess, so (“KEP”) I haven’t been adding the journals until a later time because I want people to read the earlier material first. But, anyway, I cover this about the actress in my journal. Sometimes when I read interesting things, I’ll cover it in my journal. I also have my own webpage in the montage. At the time when I was visitor number 666, I decided on the occasion I’d print out the page.

( . . . )

Q: By the way, the website for the US newsgroup is www.wildheart.org/archives/wire/ I posted letters on July 18, July 21, July 30 and August 1, 1998. And they seem to have gone largely ignored. People really don’t want any religion. I guess I’ll provide the website links here.





( . . . )

Q: There’s really no reason for people to buy newspapers anymore. They can just go on the Internet to get information. Right now I’m at the AP update link for ndsgi1.newsday.com/ap/national.htm you can get by going to the Drudge website. And they have a National headlines (section) — nothing interesting that I can tell. (“AN THEN”) You can also click on Top News, Sports, Lotteries, International, Washington, Business, Wall Street, Entertainment, Health/Science, Regional. Let’s look under Entertainment. There are as many Entertainment headlines as there are National news or International news.

5:03 pm Michael Jackon Buys ‘Wind’ Oscar

1:58 pm Director Mazursky Misses Old Power

1:57 Cher Feels at Home in New Casino

1:56 Grant Finds Star Status ‘Traumatic’

Those are the four most recent headline stories and I see down on the list there is “Religion Briefs.” They put “Religion Briefs,” “Religion in the News” and “Religion Today” under Entertainment.

( . . . )

Q: In the International section, there are lots of headlines about Russia and NATO. I don’t really comment on most of these articles because I have no confidence in the press to report what’s really going on anywhere. Everyone’s putting a spin on everything. I mean I just know the circumstances are pretty horrendous. The most recent headline is:

8:55 Pavarotti’s Voice Shakes Beirut (“AA”)

Q: Anyway, going down the list — oh.

5:20 Dalai Lama Visits Israel

Q: I don’t know. I don’t find anything really interesting here.

3:13 Pope Preaches on Prenatal Screening

1:15 Russian Jet Crashes at Air Show

2:19 Clinton: We’ll Work With Russia

Q: I still think that politicians should have to write their own speeches. I mean the speech writers aren’t the President, after all.

( . . . )

Q: In the Health/Science section, the most recent headline is:

12:45 Health-Care Coverage Grows for Pets

Q: I don’t trust any of these stories either for the most part in terms of heath care in general. But I address that in the journal portion that I do have on the website currently. I couldn’t believe it in that book I was reading, Monster. He had a few fainting attacks and they told him what they kept telling people I overheard at the hospital while my mother was admitted. They blamed it on faulty heart valves. That’s what they always blame it on.

( . . . )

Q: That’s why that spirit message about alternative therapies was so helpful. After my research, one really should check out the various alternatives available other than surgery first: vibrational healing, herbs, imagery, healers. There are many documented healers. God gave each human individual gifts to share with other humans so why wouldn’t there be healers with special powers?

( . . . )

Q: At CNN’s website, there’s a June 11th Reuters article posted entitled “Scotland’s Nessie sighted — on the Internet.” It says:

LONDON (Reuters) — Nessie, the shy and retiring Loch Ness monster and national mascot of Scotland, has been spotted by a couple watching via the Internet from Texas.

Q: Maybe there’s still some hope for me to get some publicity. The article goes on:

Nora and Mike Jones said they spied the elusive beast on live pictures transmitted via the Web from a fixed camera on the shore of the narrow highland lake.

Q: And then it goes on so I went to www.lochness.scotland.net/sightings/ — the “Loch Ness Live” Web cam site and there’s some information posted here. It says:

Time and tide wait for no man. Or monster, it would seem.

As the new Millennium dawns, it’s somehow apt that technology has finally caught up with one of Scotland, and the world’s, oldest and most mysterious legends. And we were responsible!

As far as we are aware, the first ever spotting of Nessie on the Internet occurred here on June 5, 1999.

A Texan couple in far away Galveston were watching our Loch Ness webcam to see if they could catch a glimpse of the elusive monster. To their utter delight and surprise this actually happened when they caught sight of a fast-moving object making its way through the deserted water.

But Nora and Mike Jones didn’t simply spot Nessie for a fleeting moment; they claim to have seen the legendary beast twice in as many days.

“We saw a head and neck appear in front of the castle and it was travelling fairly fast, with a v-shaped wake behind it. We watched till she swam off screen,” Nora said about the first sighting on June 5.

“Then on June 7 we followed a wave from the hedges near the coastguard station all the way out to the end of the cove . . . a large white hump surfaced like a whale . . . I saw it just like I saw the neck and head on the 5th.”

“I saw what I saw with my own two eyes and it is real,” Nora confirmed.

After the stunned American couple made their historic spotting they excitedly contacted Scotland On Line staff to confirm that they believed the image they had captured live on camera was in fact the genuine article.

Experts on the Nessie phenomena believe that this sighting ties in with past incidents. Most previous sightings have occurred during the longer days of June. It is believed Nessie may be disoriented by the later daylight hours and emerge while it is still possible to see her.

There’s definitely something out there. But what? Let us know what you know by contacting (gives Email address)

Q: Well I plan to send some Email because there’s definitely something going on. Mike and Nora Jones — there names ring a bell. Those two names just go together. (“SO”) They decided to watch the screen at just the right time. Whatever gave them that idea? Anyway, the CNN Reuters article adds:

More than 3,000 people claim to have witnessed something bizarre emerging from the murky depths of the 23-mile (40-km) long lake.

The first sighting is said to have happened in the year 565, when St. Columba reported a strange beast in the waters.

Q: And then they always have their copyright notice “Copyright 1999 © Reuters. All rights reserved. This material nay not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.” As if anyone owns the news.

( . . . )

Q: Ellen, how exciting! Nessie’s been sighted on the Internet! I downloaded the article from CNN on the “Loch Ness Live” website. (“LOOK”) Here’s a picture. Isn’t that exciting?

L: Um-huh. (groans)

Q: Aren’t you going to look at it?

L: Not right now. Too dark for me to see.

( . . . )

Q: She said it’s too dark for her to see. Isn’t that sad? Tomorrow morning, she can look at it. It’s no fun getting old. Unless you take care of yourself. I’m sure going to the gym would be wonderful for her.

( . . . )

Q: When you go to dialysis, why don’t you ask one of your attendants about going to the gym and see what they say.

( . . . )

Q: So, of course, I’m sending Email to the editor at scotland.net just telling him, “Mike and Nora (Jones) are names that make a larger statement about the Internet sighting of Nessie.” And then I say see my website address for more information. And I include some background information from my publishing information that’s available at my website, which does feature Mighael and Ra in it. I realize in my press releases I don’t give enough attention to Mighael.

( . . . )

Q: I just changed it to “Mike and Nora (Jones) are names that have a larger significance . . .” rather than what I had before.”

( . . . )

Q: I first learned about the CNN coverage by a newsgroup posting so I went ahead and sent a copy of my Email to the organization, CTS Network Services. The Email address also has the word ‘mark’ in it.

( . . . )

Q: So do you think that there is a Nessie now that you read those articles?

L: Well after looking at the picture of the fools that saw it.

Q: Ellen, please, you were so nice last night. You said — (“YOU”) like you really did think there was a chance.

L: Well yes but not off of these people.

Q: Ellen but —

L: Mark, please.

Q: Did you read the article?

L: Yes, I read the article. Mark —

Q: They wouldn’t lie, would they?

L: (sarcastic) Of course not. I’m surprised they didn’t have her in a bikini.

Q: Oh stop.

L: Mark, please.

Q: The first ever spotting of Nessie on the Internet.

L: Mark, please.

Q: On June fifth. But the names being Nora and Mike suggest that it is true because how would they have known that? The names?

L: Well how did they get the picture of them is what I want to know. How’d they get the picture of little —

Q: Probably a reporter took it.

L: Oh sure. You don’t have a picture taken like that by a reporter. Looks like some night they were snuggling and somebody just popped a picture (“WHEN THEY WERE”) —

Q: Well maybe that’s what they gave . . .

L: — when they were at a drunken party.

Q: Ellen, stop.

L: If I know two drunk —

Q: But look it — here’s the picture of it from the Internet. You can actually see the enlarged image.

L: Mark, (sarcastic) yes.

Q: And it looks like other ones over the years.

L: Probably his little finger ddded up dere. Mark.

Q: Ellen, please.

L: Get out. Please. They were drunk . . .

Q: Ellen, what are you watching? “Saved By The Bell?!” Oh, Ellen. The producer has ‘ra’ in his name too. Tramer. (“INTERNET”)



East Field (1), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 12th June.

Updated Wednesday 23rd June 1999

Image Lucy Pringle Copyright 1999

Video Capture by M.J.Fussell

Images by Peter Sorensen copyright 1999

Click on thumbnails to enlarge


Pole shots by Stuart Dike Copyright 1999

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

The first formation closer to the hill is a staggering 1024ft in length, with a mixture of different styles from season’s passed. It is basically a combination of the very first pictograms from the early nineties with different components from the designs that stirred the world, back in those heady days. This formation is close to Knapp Hill, and has amazing amount of different sections, including the famous Boxes, which were seen on the very early formations, plus Key designs, and an unusual Celtic Cross design placed in the central section of the overall pattern.

Report by Stuart Dike.


The following sectioning is based on the records of ‘I.C.C.A. – The International Crop Circle Archive’

Copyright by Andreas Müller 1999

Part A with its boxes ( a ) and the increasing main axis ( b ) could resemble the formation that has appeared at Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire on May 23, 1990 known as the first real ‘pictogram’. Its two horns ( c ) are of course similar to the ‘scrolls’ first seen – to my knowledge – as part of a formation that was discovered

on July 25, 1990, at Beckhampton, Wilts. This formation incorporated three parts, one of it was a triangle with boxes and two grapeshots. But these two horns are more similar to the so-called ‘antenna’ of the famous ‘insectograms’ – especially to those in the formation found on August 7, 1990 at Westbury, Wilts. This formation was the prototype for the insectoid-styled formations of the following 1991 season.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part B stands again for 1990. First of all, the ‘halo-semi-rings’ ( d ) that were invented in a set of three on June 16, 1990, in the formation at Telegraph Hill in Hampshire and first shown in a set of two in the famous formation discovered on August 3, 1990 at Cheesefoot Head. There is an obvious hint to the ‘Hands of God’ ( e ) attached to the dumbbell with a ringed circle and the boxes on each side ( f ) shown in the famous ‘pictograms’ of Alton Barnes found on July 12, 1990, and its twin at Stanton St. Bernard found the same day both in Wiltshire.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part C is clearly made of two designs. The outer design of a ring with the four satellite circles was first seen on July 7, 1985, in a field at Longstock in Hampshire but here with a very thin ring that was just partly flattened and with a central circle. This central circle is also visible in the actual formation creating the famous ‘Celtic Cross’ ( g ). Such a clear defined ‘Celtic Cross’ arrived first in early September 1988 at Goodworth Clatford, Hants. The central circle was surrounded by a complete and a sectioned ring ( h ). This special feature was part of a formation found in 1992, on June 26, at Sompting in West Sussex.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part D is again a dumbbell-part. The upper circle is surrounded by an open ring that end at each end in a circle just beside the connection-path ( i ). This feature was first shown in a more open way on August 19, 1991 at Froxfield but much more similar on July 2, 1993 at Nuneaton in Warwickshire. The other circle shows the ‘ladder’ feature ( j ) known from the ’91 insectograms and first shown in the formation at Upham in Hampshire found in early June 1991.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part E incorporates a mixture of three formations. First we see again a double halo surrounding a dumbbell circle ( k ) that is connected to a very special ring. This ring is surrounded by a half ring that is connected to it by angled straight paths. Exactly the same feature was first shown in the formation that was found at Sompting in West Sussex on July 25, 1990. The inner ring is crossed by the connection paths ( axis ) that is sided by two boxes ( l ) – a clear reminiscence to the long, pictogram-like formation at Cheesefoot head in Hampshire, found on August 3, 1990. Attached to this dumbbell-part is the feature known from 1992 as the Sumerian ‘Din-Gir’ or ‘Indalo’ symbol ( m ). This was found in a formation at East Meon in Hampshire on July 21, 1992.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part F is the biggest part of the whole formation. It starts again with a review of the famous 1990 Alton Barnes and Stanton St.Bernard long-formation of July 12 shown by the ringed dumbbell-circle and the ‘key’ or ‘F-features’ ( n ). The dumbbell’s path leads to a bi-sected circles – a mixture of ring and circle ( o ). This feature seems to be familiar because it incorporates the flattened circle and the semi-ring but it is not. So far there is no formation before that showed this special mixture in that way. The dumbbell’s path leads next to a open semi-ring around a circle. This semi ring ( p ) could be a reference to the ‘Open Hands’ or ‘Hands of Peace’ first seen in the formation at Cherhill,Wilts. on August 7, 1993 but it could be also any other open ring. One end of it terminates in a y-styled antenna ( q ) known from the 1990/91 insectograms. On the opposite side we see four or three increasing circles arranged in the famous ‘Thought Bubbles’ or ‘Comet-Tail’ feature ( r ) that was first shown in the famous formation at West Kennett Long Barrow in Wiltshire found on May 22, 1994 and than repeated numerous times, known in our days as fractalised circles of the fractal of 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Part G is the last part. This feature of a circle with standing centre and attached ‘F’ and turned ‘L’, was first shown as a part of the long pictogram-styled formation that was discovered on August 8, 1997, near Coate in Wiltshire and was repeated in a very similar version to the actual formation as one of three surrounding features of the ‘Shifted Pentagrams’ discovered on July 4, 1998, at Dadford near Silverstone in Buckinghamshire. So the actual formation appeared discovered on July 12, 1999 in the famous East Field incorporates at least 18 formations of the past seasons.

I hope I will be able to update this article with an explaining graphic.

By the way, some may ask why I always talk about ‘ pictogram-like formation or why I write ‘pictogram’ in that way. Well we always use the term ‘pictogram’ to describe formations like the famous Alton Barnes formations of 1990 known from the LedZepplin cover. But the term ‘pictogram’ describes a symbol with an obvious meaning. I would love if those formations would be ‘pictograms’.

Andreas Müller

‘I.C.C.A. – The International Crop Circle Archive’

Q: Now what are — what are you saying now?

L: The phoenix has flown over . . .

Q: What (ar)e (you) talking about?

L: It’s the end of the world . . .

Q: What (are)e (or “WHAT[AR]E”) —

L: . . . put on the Internet.

Q: What?

L: If they’ll believe that, they’ll believe me.

Q: That you saw a phoenix?

L: Yeah.

Q: Well there was a phoenix in my Variety ad — my book logo. My company logo.

( . . . )

Q: (speaking into tape recorder) So I’m transcribing the second Daily Variety tape and there was a spirit message “LOOK.” I looked out in front of the building and saw a car with a ticket parked in the red. And then I went into the livingroom and Ellen was watching “Night Man” and there was an Egyptian theme about some female mummy coming back to life.

( . . . )

Q: What is her name?

L: Neftalah.

Q: Queen Neftalah?

L: She wants her slave to come.

Q: Ellen, please. That’s sick.

L: She wants her slave, Mark.

Q: So did they have anything on Nessie on the news? (“ON”) How many news shows do you watch?

L: Well I watched about two and a half hours this morning and there was nothing about Nessie.

Q: What did they have stories on.

L: Honey, everything. Kosomo (phonetic), films —

Q: Films? Isn’t that —

L: Murders.

Q: What was the first one? Cozumo (phonetic)? (“WHERE”) Where — is that where Michael’s going on vacation? What was the first —

L: No.

Q: Oh. Kosovo.

L: That’s what I said. You just get your mind —

Q: Did they mention Michael Jackson?

L: No, just that he bought the statue.

Q: And how much money?

L: A million something.

Q: But see — isn’t that funny that would make — notice that they don’t take the Nessie news that was put out by AP.

L: Mark, nobody believes —

Q: But they take the Michael Jackson news.

L: (sarcastic) The Nessie news. You looked at those boobs. I wouldn’t believe if they — thing is dead. (Or “THING IS DEAD” “THEY ARE”) Obviously drugged out.

Q: People — when they watch TV — it’s like where do these ideas for stories come from?

L: The mind of mankind and womankind.

Q: Of course, they cheapen it and tackify it. Isn’t that a good word? Tackify?

L: Wonderful.

Q: (re: TV on) What garbage. And you play your little solitaire.

L: And I never win.

Q: Remember that song? How does it go? (singing) “. . . solitaire.”

L: I never heard of it.

( . . . )

Q: What are they?

L: For this dial — (“NO”)

Q: www.lucky.com?

L: No. (“FOR”) Telephone.

Q: There are so many commercials.

L: No kidding.

Q: They always try to make them as stupid as possible so you’ll remember them more.

L: No. (“NO” “THEY”) They don’t really — they think they’re wonderful but yet they’ve got stupid . . . most of them are drugged up and doped up. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Q: Who?

L: Most of these people who’ve been writing . . . They’re all losers.

Q: So then why do you watch it?

L: I don’t know.

Q: You’ve nothing else. (“I LIKE”)

L: I like to feel superior.

Q: Do you feel superior?

L: Well naturally.

( . . . )

L: (speaking into tape recorder) So it’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about what to say tomorrow when I call Variety and I don’t really know. This whole thing has been so upsetting and I keep remembering things (“FRM”) from my past that make me feel hypocritical. I mean I really do get upset with myself. I sort of become judgmental — trying to share larger truths at the expense of individuals. So I know I’m a hypocrite because all the things that I badger other people about, I know that I have done myself before I became spiritually aware, which was a gift. So (or “SO”) — and I think of these things and I do know. That’s why I want everyone to know what a loving God, God is. (sighs) I mean come on. How else can you explain why I was the lucky publicist who got to accept the award for George Lucas at the Southern California Motion Picture Council, a quite inauspicious occasion. I always mispronounce words. Sometimes it’s because I just talk before I think like when I mispronounced “wicca” when I was speaking to Megan. Oh well. All I can say is —

( . . . )

Journal (June 13, 1999)

Since I’ve been preparing 1999 tapes/transcripts this week, I’ve been ignoring the journal. Tonight I was listening to Hilly Rose on “Dreamland” and heard Spirit messages. I ended up faxing him a Reuters news story entitled “Scotland’s Nessie sighted — on the Internet.” I didn’t hear him mention anything about it during a dull program about Velikovsky. Fritz from Phoenix was one of the callers.

I found this bio about Rose on the Internet.

Imagine Radio Stations – Talk


Hilly Rose, host of Imagine Radio’s I-Files, is a legendary talk show host whose programs have had a huge listenership in Los Angeles, San Francisco and across the country.

He began investigating paranormal experiences on his radio shows long before their current popularity. “I stumbled into it,” he says, “because I was looking for an unusual format for my nighttime talk show.”

As the parade of guests began to unfold, Hilly kept asking for proof. Remember the old saying “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it”? He did…in great abundance.

He was visited twice by Venutians who appeared and disappeared, as if by magic.

He developed a damp, cold spot in the studio he broadcast from which was only there when he was on the air. (This is a commonly accepted indication of ghosts or spirits.) He shut down a vital part of the nation’s emergency warning system at KFI in Los Angeles. The 50,000 watt station had been on the air 24 hours a day for 50 years without fail until Hilly played taped sounds from the spirit world. The electrical system failed and knocked the station off the air, despite an auxiliary generator.

Hilly Rose probes the psychic world. Hilly Rose asks the unsettling questions you want answered. Hilly Rose compiles the eerie I-Files.

Q: So it’s Monday morning and last night at some point I was lying in bed — (“I”) become awake and I heard a knock on my computer. So I thought, “Oh yes I know, Mighael, you want me to transcribe and get busy. I’m probably a little bit behind.” But then there was a second knock a little while later so I thought Mighael wanted me to find something on the Internet. So I looked around a while wondering what it could be and, of course, I went to the various “news week” and AP websites to see what I could find. Of course, there’s a lot of international reporting about Russia and Kosovo. And (“PEOPLE”) politicians have learned the lesson from the United States about it not mattering what you say in terms of correlating with what you do so they say whatever sounds good at the time and do whatever they want for whatever objective they really plan. So I went to my usual websites — the ones that I customarily visit. I didn’t really find a great deal. I did print out something I saw at the U2 Wire website because I’d wanted to include a fan’s comments just to give you an example of what’s going on here. And I checked the Drudge Report too and there was something (“THERE”) — there’s a link to something about Hillary Clinton. Of course, you know what a joke I think all that is. Something about “she offered a glimpse into her pain and asked five questions. Do I feel angry? Do I feel betrayed? Do I feel lonely? Do I feel exasperated and humiliated?”

( . . . )

Q: This is some long article by Bob Woodward entitled “The Pain of Scandal, Public Dramas Exacted a Heavy Private Toll On The First Lady.” And, of course, I think it’s all spin. I mean all the secrets that the President and his wife must know about UFOs and everything else. (“JUST”) It’s laughable when they claim to care about sports scores and what teams to root for. I mean that’s just all media manipulation. Anyway, I’m not even reading this article.

( . . . )

Q: It’s like my mother commented, ‘They know what they’re getting into.’ The headline at the Drudge Report is “Woodward on Hillary: She Cried Out to God, ‘Why me?'” Well, Hillary, maybe you should go see an astrologer. You have a denial overleaf.

( . . . )

Q: I also sent some Email to Dave Sharp to find out what’s going on with the Trepca Mines to see if there are any updates there. I’m sure that’s a story that much of the media hasn’t covered. Of course, there was that New York Times piece.


Q: So, anyway, here’s a U2 posting that I found when I checked this morning. It’s from someone named Yasmine. It’s entitled “Help!! I don’t know what’s happening to me!!” It says:

OK, here’s the deal. I haven’t listened to U2 in a while. 3 weeks approx. And, um, I haven’t really wanted to either. I haven’t been getting the “cravings”. I put on Achtung Baby today, and I almost didn’t like it or something. (But AB is my FAVORITE album. I go BONKERS when I hear it ). I didn’t freak when I heard Zoostation, so I put on EBTTRT and was like “ok, whatever, this is kind of OK”. But I knew something was wrong, so quickly put The Fly on. Just as I had predicted, I didn’t get that “feeling” that I always get. ( you know that familiar feeling, that nice fuzzy warm feeling, like you’re in love ), I didn’t get that immense pleasure. My mind and body didn’t go “now THIS is music”. I didn’t get the “mental orgasms”, as Nikki calls them. ( you get it, right?)

It was like I was sick of U2 or some junk. The very thought of that makes me want to cry. Life without U2 is shitty, and I want to be a fan forever. I wanted to freak when I heard Bono’s voice and I DIDN’T! I just felt so blah. I am so depressed. It’s annoying, because I wanted to get all excited. I wanted to be all in love with the music, but instead I felt like turning it off. I tried cranking up the volume. That didn’t work. WHAT IS GOING ON? I don’t even feel like watching any of their videos.

Maybe that’s the problemI haven’t seen any of their vids on TV lately.

Before I used to RUN to my room after school and frantically put on ANY of their CD’s (or tapes), I felt like I would gag if I didn’t listen to them everyday. I would ALWAYS have a U2 song in my head, but now I always have oh godI know what’s happening. It’s that damned Marilyn Manson and Korn, and other shits ( but I used to like other stuff and still be obsessed with U2 ) OH MAN!!! Help meeeeeeeee!

I am so depressed. What should I do? Am I going nuts? Am I starting to get bored with U2. ( just saying it makes me want to puke ). This is too weird. Oh, BTW I have a really weird story I have to tell you about this Marilyn Manson thing. But this is getting too long. Someone just help me, and those of you that are interested, I will tell you about the MM thing. But THIS is my main problem! Help me.

You don’t know how depressed I am. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Q: So, of course, I sent her my press release entitled (“IT”) “Spiritual Advice.”


June 24 (from me)

Subject: way out gurl!!!

grrrl who outed edge & bono!

pleaz no bitchin about the b-o-y cd/t-w-i-l-i-g-h-t nancy boyz stuff!!

no – i been waitin to hear about manson!!!

will u please tell the wirelings what happened!!!!

or if something u cant post – not u2-related, tell me!!!!!

stay kewl

June 25 (reply)

Subject: Re: way out gurl!!!

hey there

lol, i don’t want to tell wire what happened.

but i can tell you.

its nothing THAT freaky though,

just that i had bought one of his albums and it didnt work at my house

. . . i couldn’t listen to it///it didnt work on my walk man either . . .

so i sold it to my friend cuz it worked on her stuff.

then i bought it again and it had the same problem!!!!!!!!!

and tower records wouldnt take it back both times cuz nothing was

wrong with it there.

and um, I think he is really really HOT!

I love his voice . . . .


not that freaky . . .


Q: I see at the Drudge Report there’s also a headline entitled “Kurtz: Gov. George Bush & The Media Dragon”

( . . . )

Q: Oh I just saw a Verenk Dobnik article and she reveals that Michael Jackson paid $1.5 million for that silly golden statue. Do you know how much food that money would buy for the disenfranchised throughout the world?

( . . . )

V: Hi, you’ve reached Valerie Montague in the talent department of Variety. I’m either on the other line or away from my desk right now. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Megan Standish at (gives extension). Otherwise, leave a message and I’ll call you back. Thank you. (tone)

Q: Oh hi, Valerie. This is Mark Russell. I haven’t heard anything back yet and I do

want to send out a check today because it’s supposed to go to Nevada in a few days. (“SO I”) So what I thought I would do is just go ahead and send the check in without that $260 premium charge. So let me know if you hear anything. My number is (gives number). Thank you. Bye-bye.

( . . . )

B: You have one new message. Message one.

V: Hi, Mark, it’s Valerie Montague calling from Variety. Just wanted to let you know that the situation has been taken care of. It’ll take anywhere from one to three weeks for them to re-issue a new invoice. So if you want to go ahead and send a check with that $260, go right ahead. Otherwise, if you don’t get the new invoice soon, let me know. Hope all is well. Bye-bye.

B: Monday 10:59 a.m. End of message.

( . . . )

Q: So I guess that will be the end of this particular investigative report with Daily Variety. I mean I could be more thorough and complete but I think that this new work—these new tape sides, these unplanned tape sides—are coming to an end. They’re a bit much for me to deal with even. I mean you don’t know what it’s like looking at license plate holders and things; seeing — sometimes they’re — usually they’re good but once in a while they’re a killer. I think there was one “Psycho Bitch From Hell.” Anyway — (“WE ALL HAVE”) good days and bad days. I’m trying to make this a good one. Well at least I’ve finished up these three new tapes or at least I’m almost finished with these three new tapes. I’ve decided to also send some Email to someone by the name of ‘Newshawk” — oh, John Quinn. He’s written some articles about Columbine raising all kinds of very difficult questions. And these have been presented on the “Sightings” website so I’m writing to him via Email. This is what I’m saying.

Subject: Columbine Articles Follow-Up


Has society reached a stage where evil goes unchallenged and whistle-blowers are ignored when others don’t like the message being shared?

I’ve studied your Columbine articles at the “Sightings” radio show website yet to-date don’t know of any other news media outlets/websites looking into this information. Perhaps this is because you have incorporated speculations into your reports or that would be the excuse, anyway. Could you let me know what consideration or attention your work—and questions you raise—have received from media outlets and if there are any websites that deal with this event? I’d like to compare your results with my own work.

Q: So, anyway, we’ll see what he has to say, if anything.


Subject: Columbine

Hi Mark—

I doubt if very many of the generally gutless twits in mass media will touch this…yet. But I intend to do anything and everything humanly possible to raise the decibel level of outrage over the incredible, BLATANT cover-up going on regarding the Columbine shootings to a point where it can no longer be ignored. I have been on several radio talk shows; 2 more tomorrow.

See my latest article on Sightings as of today 6-14-99. I’ll be back on with Jeff Rense at 9 PM Pacific tomorrow, 6-15-99, discussing the astounding breakthrough in the search for the truth.

Teacher Patti Nielson’s statements published in the Denver Post on 6/11/99 have blown a tremendous hole in the official pack lies about the shootings and I’m working hard to widen the hole to the point where the miserable hulk of lies completely disintegrates. It’s starting to. (This despite strenuous efforts by the Post to bend her statements to conform as much as possible with the mainstream disinformation. They fundamentally do NOT so conform, however.)

In addition there is every reason to believe that this extremely significant information revealed in Patti Nielson’s statements compelled investigators to issue a statement just ONE DAY LATER to the effect that they are NOW DOUBTFUL Dylan Klebold in fact committed suicide at all, due to the location of the bullet wound in his head which ended his life! How very STRANGE it took them 2 months to figure that out and make it public, only a day after Nielson’s testimony was made public, which completely and irrefutably destroys their story on that issue and many others.

There IS at least one website dedicated to bringing the truth of what happened at Columbine to light. The URL is:


I would be very interested in anything you have uncovered in your own investigation into this monstrosity. I look forward very much to haring from you again. My work is an open book so to speak.

Fight the good fight.

You can use this email address for me—(gives Email address)

All Best Wishes,

John Quinn

Q: Meanwhile, on Saturday I picked up a few magazines when I went to the post office and the bank. Some Time magazines. One of them had a report on the Colorado school massacre. The cover was entitled “The Monsters Next Door.” This is the May 3, 1999 edition. Anyway, so this article was put together pretty quickly after the event happened. The only thing that really impressed me in the article was when one of the individuals was quoted as saying, “God told me to get out of there.” This was Craig Scott. The article was entitled “The Littleton Massacre” and was by Nancy Gibbs. Oh there’s someone who heard from God and wasn’t immediately considered schizophrenic.

( . . . )

Q: There was one issue, the April 26 issue, I noticed had “Star Wars” on the cover. There are several pictures of Darth Maul, sort of a clown because his face is painted. Very scary but I still think it’s too easy to have these conceptions of ugly evil and not mundane evil. I mean I — for the life of me, I don’t understand people who profess to be spiritually aware and know how to talk a good game yet are rich. I guess it’s just because of the corrupt social system. And until we all have this awareness and don’t do as others do, this will be perpetuated. That’s why I’m a socialist. In this article, (“THERE”) it’s the “Earth Day Special” so they have lots of very mediocre environmental articles, treating it almost like a fad or just something to do in your spare time. I mean it’s not really treated seriously. In fact, I don’t really comment on any of the political articles because it seems to be, most of the time, addressing very superficial or mundane political matters. But, of course, I do have a Socialist view — the way things should be. Oh here’s an article entitled “The Gay Side of Nature” by Jeffrey Kluger: “Even as moralists and activists continue to debate homosexuality, many species casually practice it.” So I guess God being gay isn’t such a big deal.

Giraffes do it, goats do it, birds and bonobos and dolphins do it. Human beings—a lot of them anyway—like to do it too, but of all the planet’s species, they’re the only ones who are oppressed when they try.

What humans share with so many other animals, it now appears, is freewheeling homosexuality. For centuries opponents of gay rights have seen same-gender sex as a uniquely human phenomenon, one of the many ways our famously corruptible species flouts the laws of nature. But nature’s morality, it seems, may be remarkably flexible, at least if the new book Biological Exuberance (St. Martin’s Press), by linguist and cognitive scientist Bruce Bagemihl, is to be believed. According to Bagemihl, the animal kingdom is a more sexually complex place than most people know—one where couplings routinely take place not just between male-female pairs but also between male-male and female-female ones. What’s more, same-sex partners don’t meet merely for brief encounters, but may form long-term bonds, sometimes mating for years or even for life.

Bagemihl’s ideas have caused a stir in the higher, human community, especially among scientists who find it simplistic to equate any animal behavior with human behavior. But Bagemihl stands behind the findings, arguing that if homosexuality comes naturally to other creatures, perhaps it’s time to quit getting into such a lather over the fact that it comes naturally for humans too. “Animal sexuality is more complex than we imagined,” says Bagemihl. “That diversity is part of human heritage.”

For a love that long dared not speak its name, animal homosexuality is astonishingly common. Scouring zoological journals and conducting extensive interviews with scientists, Bagemihl found same-sex pairings documented in more than 450 different species. In a world teeming with more than 1 million species, that may not seem like much. Animals, however, can be surprisingly prim about when and under whose prying eye they engage in sexual activity; as few as 2,000 species have thus been observed closely enough to reveal their full range of coupling behavior. Within such a small sampling, 450 represents more than 20%.

That 20% may spend its time lustily or quite tenderly. Among bonobos, a chimp-like ape, homosexual pairings account for as much as 50% of all sexual activity. Females especially engage in repeated acts of same-sex sex, spending far more than the 12 or so seconds the whole transaction can take when a randy male is involved. Male giraffes practice necking—literally—in a very big way, entwining their long bodies until both partners become sexually aroused. Heterosexual and homosexual dolphin pairs engage in face-to-face sexual encounters that look altogether human. Animals as diverse as elephants and rodents practice same-sex mounting, and macaques raise that affection ante further, often kissing while assuming a coital position. Same-gender sexual activity, says Bagemihl, “encompasses a wide range of forms.”

What struck Bagemihl most is those forms that go beyond mere sexual gratification . Humboldt penguins may have homosexual unions that last six years; male greylag geese may stay paired for 15 years — a lifetime commitment when you’ve got the lifespan of a goose. Bears and some other mammals may bring their young into homosexual unions, raising them with their same-sex partner just as they would with a member of the opposite sex.

But witnessing same-sex activity and understanding it are two different things, and some experts believe observers like Bagemihl are misreading the evidence. In species that lack sophisticated language—which is to say all species but ours—sex serves many nonsexual purposes, including establishing alliances and appeasing enemies, all things animals must do with members of both sexes. “Sexuality helps animals maneuver around each other before making real contact,” says Martin Daly, an evolutionary psychologist at McMaster University in Ontario. “Putting all that into a homosexual category seems simplistic.”

Even if some animals do engage in homosexual activity purely for pleasure, their behavior still serves as in incomplete model—and an incomplete explanation—for human behavior. “In our society homosexuality means a principal or exclusive orientation,” says psychology professor Frans de Waal of the Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta. “Among animals it’s just nonreproductive sexual behavior.”

Whether any of this turns out to be good for the gay and lesbian community is unclear. While the new findings seem to support the idea that homosexuality is merely a natural form of sexual expression, Bagemihl believes such political questions may be beside the point. “We shouldn’t have to look to the animal world to see what’s normal or ethical,” he says. Indeed, when it comes to answering those questions, Mother Nature seems to be keeping an open mind.

Q: It’s a very — it’s only one page. (“BUT”) Sometimes that’s the best way to tackle the big issues because people can provide their own subtext. I’m not even looking at this large “Star Wars” — “A Galactic Guide” issue. They have all the characters shown. Queen Amidala — another clown. I wonder why George Lucas chose a queen to be one of the heroines of his movie? I can’t think of anyone who would be a less likely hero heroine because when you’re a queen — (“WELL”) where can you go? I mean you have to renounce your queenliness and share the wealth; and that’s the only way you can become a heroine as far as I can tell. My goodness, these reverent photos of George Lucas. I’d never been quite so happy after my experience, which made me happy enough, until I stopped going to the movies and considering television as entertainment. And then I also picked up a Time that says “How to Search for Your Roots” on the cover — “Genealogy is America’s latest obsession. And thanks to the computer, it’s as easy as one, two . . . tree!” It shows a big family tree on the cover so, of course, I had to pick up this one. In fact, that reminds me I did contact the Andersons to update my family tree after getting all that information in Pennsylvania on the McElhattan clan. Oh no — there’s a big ad in here. New amusement parks — that’s all we need. It begins: “In the summer of 1999, the Theory of Evolution will be rewritten. The laws of nature will be broken. The definition of matter will be forever altered. The restrictions of gravity will be lifted. And time will no longer move in one direction. There is only one question. Are you ready?” And, of course, I won’t even go into the ridiculousness that follows. And then there’s an article “Taking Stock in Smut” — “Displaying naked greed, Internet porn sellers are heading for Wall Street.” This is a “Business” article. “The Y2K Bug Goes to Court.” “Tumor Drug for the Heart?” Ohh — drugs. As I heard in one of those PRS lectures — not that I go to the PRS any more unfortunately — no drugs or medicine heal you, the body: they just kill bacteria, viruses, etc. that do and not a lot is known about anything. Then there’s this — an article entitled “Preach It, Caveman!” — “Like a lot of cartoonists, Johnny Hart, the creator of B.C., is Christian. But God forbid he put his beliefs in his strip.” Anyway, obviously everything is channeled, from comic strips to movies. Everything. And I think my book makes it quite clear so, hopefully, people will begin discovering it. I see here they’ve reproduced one of his comic strips here one page 51 of the April 19, 1999 edition and they quote him. It says: “Hart: Entertaining isn’t always funny. We entertain thoughts.” Well that’s sort of a loseable quote. Anyway, this will bring an end to my tape sides and my unplanned tape sides. And this very much is a whistle-blower set of tapes. And I just hope the people who don’t like won’t try to shut up the messenger. I mean, after all, when the first Jesus tried to deliver his message, they didn’t really — well I guess they did shut him up in their own way. So I hope in our age people won’t try to shut me up in their own way. (“I MEAN”) That’s a choice each individual has to make but wouldn’t that be a tragedy? I mean there’s so much evidence. If I’m ever — if I get any lawsuits, I would instruct the jury to begin by reading my entire book. Of course, people are going to sue me. That’s all everyone does to everyone in our society is sue people. Why do we really need — does everything have to be settled in court with a price tag. Well that’s one thing I don’t have is money or any much of money because I really don’t want to do unethical things. In fact, I’m dreading temping again because —