Q: Mark Russell Bell
A: Art Bell (portion of radio broadcast)
W: Whitley Strieber (portion of radio broadcast)
D: Darren Young (portion of radio broadcast)
C: unidentified commercial spokesperson
H: Marla Hendricks (portion of radio broadcast)
J: Jamie Eger (portion of radio broadcast)

A: During missing time as in —

W: During missing time and, incredibly, at the very end of the video, one of the three women — one of the four women who were there utters something in what sounds like an unknown language. It’s hard to hear and we’re still trying to pull out all of the extraneous noises without losing — with words that are not understandable it’s very hard because if you, like, remove the static and so forth you remove pieces of the words also and that makes it even more difficult to understand. But right now it does not appear to be spoken in a known language and you’ll hear that when we play the audio from this.

A: And let me add for my listeners that a still photograph which does not do justice obviously to a moving video shot of an object in the sky — the video tape Whitley is talking about — we’ve got a still photograph on the website. Go take a look at (gives web address). You’ll see that cloud and you’ll see the object there. Can you describe to them what’s — for those who don’t have the Internet, Whitley.


W: Yes. The cloud is very unusual. It is a — it has a number of different lights like almost (“DIF”) different colors of the rainbow but they are integral to the cloud almost as if it was — it had some chemical composition or something shining from inside that was causing the light to refract in various ways. It’s a very unusual cloud. I’ve never seen one like it. (I’ve) not yet shown it to a meteorologist but I don’t — I’m quite sure that it’s going to be an anomalous cloud.

A: The cloud formation aside, though, there is an object, isn’t there?

W: That’s right. An object — actually there are (“MORE”) more objects than you can see in the strapie picture on the website. Some objects move into the cloud from below and then out of the cloud from above. And in the strapie, we’ve got one of those objects that moves out of the cloud from above is captured in the strapie moving very rapidly. Little triangular shaped object.

A: So you’ve got that video tape?

W: Yes, absolutely — got it right here.

A: Alright. Would you like to bring Darren on now?

W: Yeah. Let’s bring Darren on now.

A: Alright. This is from, I presume — well let’s not presume. Let’s ask. Darren, where are you located?

D: I’m in Denver right now, Art.

A: You’re in Denver. But originally Glenrock?

D: Yeah. I get up there every Christmas and — well actually whenever I can to see my family —

A: Where is Glenrock?

D: It’s near central Wyoming. It’s about twenty miles out of Casper if you’re familiar with that.

A: Alright. Whitley, go ahead. Whitley? Hello, Whitley. Where’d he go?

Q: That was the ending of the tape side so let me just turn it over real quick. (“WASN[‘T]”) I thought that was very convenient.

A: Oh you’re right there. Okay, you disappeared on us for a second, Whitley.

W: That — I’ve got another phone waiting in case the doctor calls and I . . .

A: Oh I see. Alright. At any rate, we’ve got Darren and I asked him where Glenrock was and he told us. Now go ahead and ask Darren anything you want.

W: Okay, Darren, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what happened to you growing up in Glenrock.

D: My own personal earliest strange experience with any of this — it does extend back further into the family. My grandmother and my mother had both seen UFOs around that area. But we were coming back in ’72 from Montana and in between Sheridan and Casper we ran into a thunderstorm and was — had to pull down to probably about thirty miles an hour along the road. Tremendous thunder storm. And I was playing at the window in the passenger side.

W: You were how old at this point?

D: I was about five. And I don’t recall who started the game but I started receiving these knocks on the window.

W: Coming from the outside?

D: Yeah. Just — and specifically on the window. It didn’t come from the door. It didn’t come from, you know, the front window or anywhere else.

W: Did anyone else in the car notice it?

D: Not on the roof — not at the moment. Mom and me were the only ones in the car and she was concentrating pretty hard on driving.

A: So you were moving?

D: Oh yeah. We were going thirty miles an hour. You know, it was a deluge — you know, literally.

A: I’ve been in them. I know. And you’re telling me that somebody was knocking at your window doing thirty miles an hour?

D: That’s what I’ve had to contend with for a while. I thought about it and I just don’t think it was possible but I’m knocking back and forth on this window with this — you know, it would mimic my every knock. And I finally decided well I — you know it was this — something really neat and I’ve got to show Mom this. So I got her attention and I said, “Watch.” And I knocked on the window a couple times and it (“IT”) — at this point did not mimic what I did. It knocked back in three sets of three. Exactly the way Whitley had described it knocking on his house in ’85.

W: And this was — this must’ve been back in the ’70s.

D: Yeah.

W: How did your mother react at that point?

D: Well she screamed and floored the gas — floored the accelerator and then we took off —

A: Yep, that’d be my reaction too.

W: Mine too.

D: — which scared me. I was having fun at that point and I jumped down on the floorboard and started to cry. And, you know, we really raced out of there. And, you know, thinking back — well most certainly it couldn’t have been a hitchhiker on the road running — no, because this went on for probably a good seven to eight minutes before I decided to get my mom’s attention. Well, you know, a seven minute run in a deluge at thirty miles an hour I don’t think is a possibility for a human.

A: Well to a five-year-old, knocks on the window are lots of fun even at thirty miles an hour.

D: Oh yeah.

A: To an adult, it’s (small laugh) absolutely terrifying.

W: Could you see out the window at all?

D: With the flashes of lightning, yeah. And that was the thing that really, you know, got my attention at that point being that young was I didn’t see anybody out there. So I thought it was some sort of, you know, magic I guess.

W: You know, when this happened to me in upstate New York, it was so powerful. And I sat in the chair thinking, “Should I go out? Can I go out?” (“AN”) To be very honest, as I reported in Transformation, I was just too scared.

A: I wouldn’t have gone out there. (“A[ND] AN[D] I”)

W: I can’t even now remember—if I’ve ever had any hypnosis about this—whether or not I did go out. (“I”) I really just don’t know. Someti(mes) — I’ve had a couple of dreams about it that suggest I may have. I was not conscious of it. In my conscious mind, I was sitting right there in that chair. I was too scared to move because this is — it’s an overwhelming thing and it makes it — the fact that there’s this cover-up going and it’s so secret and so hidden makes it (“JUST”) extremely difficult to handle when you’re (“WW”) alone with it. I can certainly understand their panic and their fear in that car.

A: I can too. And I would have done as your mother did, Darren. I’d have put the, you know — I’d have floored it and I’d be out of there, rainstorm or not. And I take it that when she did that, that it stopped.

D: Yeah. It did but it kind of continued on later that night.

A: Later that night?

D: It was strange. We’d gotten home — beaten the storm home literally and got into bed and we had this little terrier who, once we got tucked in and ready to go to sleep, suddenly that dog started to just — it crawled under the front of the bed and just let out a steady low growl until I went to sleep. I don’t recall Mom saying that, you know — I think she went to sleep too. I don’t know how with the dog doing that. I mean for some reason it didn’t bother me except for at first and then I just got used to it but the dog just would not stop growling all night long according to her.

A: Now when you were home, this was in Glenrock?

D: Yeah. We’d reached Glenrock and just we heard different sounds in the house that night.

W: Like thumpings or . . .

D: Well actually it was the old — I don’t know if any of you guys ever had the hippie beads that used to hang in the doorway.

W: Oh sure.

A: Sure.

D: Those swayed back and forth all night long and, you know, all the windows were shut. We had a central furnace at that time that (“NO”) did not give off waves of air. You know, so thinking back, there was just no draft in the house to make those beads move, which —

W: Like it’s haunted almost.

D: Yeah, it — well actually, you know, that’s a whole different story but that house was haunted. (“AT LEAST”)

W: The whole town is haunted. I was in — we stayed at the Higgins Hotel there when we — I’m doing —

A: What brought you to — Whitley, why did you go to Glenrock?

W: I went to Glenrock because I’m doing an article for Life magazine about the people of close encounter(s) — not an article so much about UFOs. This is about the human element in this. And I went with the photographer, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, to Glenrock and then Ventura and we’re going to a few other places in this country as well where there have been exceptionally large numbers of sightings and experiences. And I’m just mentioning this in passing that we stayed in this hotel called the Higgins Hotel in Glenrock, a lovely little place. Only I noticed that the third floor was locked up. Yeah, I think Darren — do you know about this? About this hotel?

D: You probably know more about it than I do at . . .

W: Well I did. Well I do because —

D: I know it’s haunted.

W: Well I questioned the owners of it and they said, “Oh yeah. We keep it locked up because it’s haunted and it scares people up there.” (“N”)

D: (small laugh)

W: (small laugh) This is perfect. I mean only in Glenrock would the hotel be so haunted they just have to close off an entire floor.

A: Yeah. That’s really odd.

W: Very odd.

A: You lived, Darren, all your young life in Glenrock?

D: Oh yeah. Up til like I was twenty-four. I just turned thirty-one last Saturday.

A: And this was fairly — these kinds of things were fairly commonplace in Glenrock?

D: Yeah. You know, growing up with it, it doesn’t seem that unusual. But (“YOU”) get out of Glenrock and try to tell people about these things and it’s like you’ve (“NO”) just walked off the surface of Mars.

W: Because it’s an ‘everybody in Glenrock’ sort of thing — for example, Darren and his family and friends were kind enough to gather for us when we were there. And among the people was a wonderful elderly couple who had had the experience back in 1975 of driving down the highway at night with this huge lighted object above them shining a searchlight down, which they were swerving to avoid; and then finding that a car from the sheriff’s department drove past them chasing the object. And they watched it chasing the object off down the highway.

A: Oh my.

W: And, again, that was reported in the local newspaper. I’ve got the story right here.

A: Alright, Darren, I want to thank you for being with us tonight. We’re about to go to another couple of Glenrock residents after the bottom of the hour but I thank you, Darren.

D: Sure. You betcha.

A: Take care, my friend. That’s Darren Young who grew up in Glenrock. When we come back, two more Glenrock people.

( . . . )

A: The C. Crane Company has . . .

( . . . )

C: . . . (Buy l)ow, sell high and diversify. Simply put, these are the three most important rules to successful investing. . . .

( . . . )

A: Whitley Strieber is our guest. There he is. There’s his voice. He’s in San Antonio, Texas and now we’re going to bring on two people. We’re going to bring on Marla Hendricks and Jamie Eger. I believe that’s correct. Is that correct, Whitley?

W: Yes.

A: And they’re located both in where? Are they in Glenrock?

W: They’re in Glenrock, yeah.

A: Glenrock, alright. Here they are. Let’s see if we’ve got them. Marla, are you there?

H: Hello? Yes.

A: Hi. And Jamie?

J: I’m here.

A: Alright. Whitley, it’s all yours.

W: Okay. Let’s start with talking with you, Jamie.

J: (O)kay. (Or “K”)

W: Since we’ve been talking so much about the nine knocks and you are one of the actual direct witnesses I believe. (“USE”) You heard them yourself.

J: Yes, I did.

W: Why don’t you describe that experience for us?

J: Well the experience started out quite a few years before that. We lived, oh (or “O”) on a ranch about sixty miles north and it was the same place that you talked about the elderly couple seeing the UFO. And we used to see a lot of lights in the sky quite often. And (“GO”) then when I moved to town and this happened, I thought it was totally happening to me. I didn’t have any idea that it was the whole town until I opened the paper up the next Thursday. We get the paper once a week and I was just shocked to see that it happened to (“NO”) several, several people in town.

W: (A)n(d) what did happen that night?

J: I was sleeping. It was about, oh, 2:45 in the morning and I heard three very loud, dull knocks at the door. I have a big wooden front door and it was a big knock knock knock — very slow, very loud. And I sat up in bed and I looked around and everything seemed to be kind of an orange color, kind of an amber color — like (or “LIKE”) lights or something from outside. And I got up and I was heading down the stairs. And I was halfway down the stairs I head another set of three knocks. (“THE SAME EXA”) The same exact thing. Really loud and dull thuds. And I looked at my legs — just seemed to be luminescent in that color. And I pinched myself — you know how you pinch yourself to see if you’re awake? I did that. And I kept saying, “I’m awake. I’m awake. I’m awake. I am really awake.” And I went down to the foot of the stairs and I looked at the door. And I just had no feeling whatsoever to go out the door. I ke(pt) thinking, “They’re out there.” You know? It’s there. They’re there. Something is going on out there but I really didn’t have an inkling at all to go out through the door.

W: I know the feeling.

J: And it was so strange. And I have a big collie dog who stood in front of the door between me and the door. And her hair was standing on end and her eyes were big. And she didn’t move a muscle — didn’t bark. She didn’t growl. She did not move a muscle. I turned around and I went back upstairs. I went into my son’s bedroom and I looked at my son. And I went to bed. I had a ver(y) — a good feeling. It was just, you know, a warm feeling. I just felt very relaxed and very calm. I went to bed and as I laid in bed I heard another set of the three set of three knocks—knock knock knock—on the door. And I laid in bed with this smile on my face and I said, “Imagine that. They’re out there knocking on my door and I’m in bed — going to bed with a smile on my face.” It was the dangdest feeling.

A: Hhh.

J: And the next thing I knew, the telephone rang. It was eight o’clock in the morning and it was our next door neighbor saying, “Did you hear the burglars?” And when she said that, I thought, “Ah-ha, she heard them too. I wasn’t asleep. I was awake.” And I thought, “I had a happening. Wow, I really had a happening.” And so I got up, you know, and a lot of times when you think you see something or you think you’ve dreamt something — this was actually real. I heard it. I wasn’t asleep. I felt myself, you know (or “YOU KNOW”). And she heard it too. So I got up and I was sitting down and I was having coffee. And a friend of mine who actually happens to be the woman, who with her husband was chased by the UFO, came in. They were friends of ours and they came to town and she was having coffee with me. And I said, “You won’t believe what happened.” I said, “This happened.” I said, “It actually happened. I had this happening.” And so then it was later and we weren’t even talking about that any more and my son came down the stairs. My son was about ten years old at the time. And this was nine years ago and people didn’t talk about — you know, you didn’t have UFO T-shirts and you didn’t have shows on TV — nobody talked about anything like this at all. It just wasn’t spoken or anything. And he came down the stairs and he looked at me. And he was just very, very angry with me. And he said, “I don’t know why you like them.” And I said, “Like who?” And he said, “Those people.” He said, “I don’t know why you like them. They steal you away from your beds at night. They take you away from your parents and they stick things up you. And they’re not nice.” And he just turned around and slammed out the door and was very angry with me. And at that point in my investigation where I got really frightened and angry and confused and (it) wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.

W: It’s not the only case where one — the children have been at ease with it or the parents have been at ease with it and the other is very much the opposite. We have more than one case like that, Jamie, so don’t feel a load in this. I can — I could easily connect you with another mother who’s had a very similar experience with — in this case with their little girl.

J: It was very disturbing.

A: Jamie, was this a norm in Glenrock?

J: Well not at the time. I didn’t know — well at that time I had just moved to Glenrock. We had lived out at the ranch. My husband was a rural schoolteacher and we lived out at the ranch. And we had just moved to town. . . .

W: . . . you had a lot happen at that ranch, as I recall too.

J: We did. The people that owned the ranch. They had a lot of sheep missing. So many sheep but they didn’t find any carcasses or anything so it wouldn’t be predators. They thought that someone was shipping them up in trucks and hauling them out. And so they sat on the hillside many, many nights, you know, with guns trying to find rustlers. And they watched many of these lights and, in fact, one night they tried (or “TRAD”) — had shut the sheep in a barn and turned around and — it was the mother and the daughter — and there was a spacecraft so big she said it must’ve been standing at about seventy-five yards behind them. And it was so big that it filled the whole sky up behind them.

A: Oh my.

J: And when they turned and looked, it was just zip gone. They said it was light and everything. And it was — then it was just gone.

W: Wow.

J: And (“O”) I don’t know what was rustling the sheep. (small laugh) (“BUT”) So then we moved to town and, like I said, I thought that this was my happening and that this had happened to us and then when I read in the paper, you know, it happened (“NN[A]”) to almost everyone in the whole town. And a lot of people noticed the fog. They said that there was an orange-colored fog all over town. And a couple of the bartenders said that when they were going home they saw this strange fog and it just gave them a real eerie feeling.

A: An orange-colored —

J: Kind of an amber/orange color fog. A strange color fog.

A: That’s quite remarkable.

J: And I don’t — interesting.

W: Well it’s actually — it is remarkable but it is also something that in experiences like this there’s often a fog or — that kind of will settle over an area or over a specific individual. For example, I was just — just after we went to Glenrock, the next stop was Ventura, California and I listened to a close encounter witness describing how she had been driving in Ventura in a car with her two children— her two sons—and had been overtaken by this strange glowing fog that kind of came up from behind them and actually surrounded the car, whereupon they had an hour of missing time.

A: Let me interject here. If you read the chronicles of what has occurred in the Bermuda Triangle, in nearly every instance of compasses beginning to swirl, time disappearing, people appearing to go into other dimensions — that sort of thing — always those stories are connected with a strange kind of fog that descends first.

W: That’s right. That’s very true.

J: That’s interesting.

A: Yeah — no, that is very true. We also have Marla Hendricks on the line and I guess she’s in Glenrock as well. Is that correct, Marla?

H: Yes I am.

A: So what happened to you?

H: Well this happened back in October of 1995.

A: Do you — by the way, Marla, do you know Jamie? Are your friends?

H: Yes.

A: You know each other.

H: That — she was with me that day. Her and her mother and myself and my mother.

A: Alright, so we’ve got a lot of eyewitness testimony.

H: Right.

A: Alright, so tell us what happened.

H: The four of us. We’d been up in Cody, Wyoming to our daughter’s volleyball tournament and we were ready getting ready to leave town. And this was in the middle of the afternoon — a little after two o’clock and I called home to let my husband know that we were leaving. And we stopped at the gas station and gassed up and bought some pop and headed down the highway. And — I mean it was just a beautiful day, you know — blue sky, sunshine. And I — we were probably about twenty miles out of Cody and Jamie leaned over (“AND”) and looked up in the sky. And she said, “Oh look at that beautiful rainbow cloud.” And I was like, “Rainbow cloud?” You know, Wilma and I kind of looked at each other. Because we just always hunted and fished and, no, watched the sky a lot and saw the clouds and hadn’t seen a rainbow cloud. So I couldn’t see it driving so I pulled over to the side of the road and it was just beautiful. And so I knew that I had two pictures left on my camera and so I said, you know, “Do you think the picture turns out if I, you know, took it?” And so I opened my door and started to get out and walk to the back of the van. And Jamie said, “You know, I’ve always thought that a rainbow cloud meant that a UFO is hiding behind it.” And I kind of just snickered, thinking, “Yeah right, Jamie.” And I lifted my back window up of the van to shade my camera lens from the sun and she said, “Wait, wait, just a minute.” She said, “It’ll start to dissipate and we’ll get to see the UFO in the middle.” And so I waited a minute. It wasn’t even a minute — second. And, sure enough, (the) big fluffy cloud started dissipating and right in the center of it appeared this disc-shaped UFO. And we were just — awe and amazement and I took one picture, put my camera down, brought it back up—I have a 35mm—took another picture and we were just all amazed, you know, that it did what she said that it would do.

A: Jamie, how did you know that was going to happen?

J: I had no idea. I had no idea.

A: This is (“I”) something that just came to you?

J: Well I have — I’ve seen a couple of rainbow clouds before and I’m, like I said, I have kind of seen the lights and stuff. And I was always was a little personal — you know, ha ha with myself — (“THAT”) “Well I think it’s because there’s a UFO behind there and the energy it’s giving off (is) making the cloud look like that.” (“YOU KNOW”) And —

W: But no, Jamie, at the end of the tape there is the — there are those words in another — we can’t — we — we’re — we — we’ve got every word on the tape pretty much — (“AND THEY’RE”) pretty innocuous on the video that you made — that was made while you all were in missing time. Except the last few words, we can’t seem to capture what language they would be in and those words appear to be being spoken by you. And the reason I bring this up is that there is a lot of evidence in the close encounter experience that people know more about this on some level (“THAN”) than we’re really admitting to ourselves or that we can admit to ourselves. Many cases where individuals will be seen engaged in activities in close encounter experiences that suggest they’re very familiar with what’s happening but they have absolutely no memory of it afterward. Conceivably, this is an example.

A: Whitley, I’d like to ask them both about the missing time. How do you two know that there was missing time?

J: Well Marla can finish that story and then I’ll tell you about just what I did this last week.

A: Sure, okay. Marla?

H: Okay. (“UH”) To continue on with this story, so we were all just, you know, “Oh my gosh.” We were all so excited about this beautiful rainbow cloud and then we were done with it. And my mom and I got back in the car and I started down the highway. And then I got really sleepy and so I pulled over. And my mom drove on to Thermopolis which is about eighty-five miles between Cody and Thermopolis. And —

J: Depends on how fast you drive.

H: Yeah. (laugh) Well you know — about seventy or so. And so when we got there, Jamie called her husband in Glenrock and was surprised when they were talking to find out that it was 4:45. It’d taken two and a half hours (to) drive eighty-four miles and between the four of us — I mean we all, no — maybe ten minutes we stopped and looked at this cloud, took the, you know, snapshots and then the gas time because we have the record of my phone bill calling my husband at 2:05 and then the record of her phone bill and, like I say, eighty-four miles and it took two and a half hours.

A: At seventy miles an hour with that one ten-minute stop.

H: Right.

A: Impossible. So there’s, roughly calculated, how much missing time?

J: About an hour and fifteen minutes.

A: An hour and fifteen minutes?

H: An hour.

J: But the interesting thing was — is that just —

H: Yeah, that’s not the kicker. Give the kicker.

J: This — just this other — the other day — last weekend, her daughters graduated but mine was in the state volleyball tournament again in Cody. And so we went up there and after the game — the girls ended up losing the exact same game at the exact same time as they did two years before. After that game, I stopped and bought a medicine cabinet which they had to take off the wall. They couldn’t find the knob. We just wasted so much time. Then we had to go downtown and clean the paint off of a window that we painted all up for the girls. And then we went to the motel and got the girls all packed up. Then we went to TCBY and couldn’t decide what we wanted to have for ice — we must’ve wasted forty-five minutes in there. And then we got on the road. And we — and — and I usually drive slower than Marla drives — and I was driving and we got to Thermopolis and we had wasted much, much more time in Cody than we had (“THE”) two years before. So when I pulled into Thermopolis it was 3:15.

A: Here we go again.

J: So I know for a fact that (“NO”) we should’ve gotten there at least before three — no, at least by 3:00 or 3:15 at the latest the last time and it wasn’t until 4:45 we got there two (“LUCKY”) years before. So that really gave me a confirmation that there really was something. Now the first time around, it’s the strangest thing — you don’t think of it. For some reason, you get the feeling it’s not important. I went — when we went — when I called my husband in — from Thermopolis because (“NO”) — to tell him that we were on our way home and he said it was almost five o’clock. I went to the table that the ladies were sitting — eat (or “EAT”) — they were going, you know, order to eat. And I said, “Ladies, it’s almost five o’clock. Do we have some missing time here?” And they — nobody paid any attention to me. They said, “What shall we have for dinner da da da da” — I mean it was like —

A: (small laugh)

J: Okay, nobody’s interested. I’ll just drop it. But that’s the way it seemed. Always at first it seems not important and you drop it. Then later, even years later, something comes to you and you think, “That’s really important.”

A: Now do either one of you know what you did during this missing time?

H: No.

J: Sounded silly on the tape.

H: Yeah . . .

A: Now — now —

H: . . . started to say that’s what the kicker is. A month later — a month after that — I always video my children’s athletic activities — well basketball was coming up. And I hadn’t watched the volleyball tape from state and so I thought, “Well gosh, I’d better, you know, get to the end of that volleyball so that I can start the basketball. And I had put up my big screen TV and started playing it. And this rainbow cloud appears on my video tape.

A: Oh my. So in other words you video taped during the missing time?

H: Well I —

J: We had no idea she videotaped —

H: — no, there were four of us.

J: Nobody knew it.

H: And you would think as excited as we were — my husband said that, “You know, Marla, you were so excited about taking your film in the very next day when you got home to get these still pictures and if you had’ve known you had a video, wouldn’t have you been excited to see it?” And this is a month later. And it just — you know, I just put it in so I could start recording again and here this appears on my video.

J: And then as you’re watching the rainbow cloud, all of a sudden at the top of the screen (“DIP”) comes out an actual solid ball of something which is on — what you have on the Internet now.

H: Real silver.

J: And we didn’t even know that she taped it.

A: So in other words you all — four of you — is that correct?

J: Yeah.

H: Four of us. Right.

A: Actually did taping? Whitley, how long is the video tape?

W: It’s about ninety seconds.

A: About ninety seconds in total?

H: And you can hear each of us talking and saying, “Oh gosh, it’s just beautiful, you know, because of the colors and everything.” And not one of us remembers videotaping.

A: Alright. I want to finish this up. We’re at the top of the hour so everybody hold tight through the break and we will be back. And we’ve got Marla Hendricks, Jamie Eger — both Glenrock people as the saga of Glenrock continues. We’ll finish up in a moment. My guest throughout the night tonight is Whitley Strieber and you will hear his story and the story of implants. Roger Leir — Dr. Roger Leir, who’s been a pioneer implant surgeon, is going to be our guest shortly. I’m Art Bell. This is “Coast to Coast A.M.”

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