Q: Mark Russell Bell
A: Art Bell (portion of radio broadcast)
W: Whitley Strieber (portion of radio broadcast)
P: Peter Davenport (portion of radio broadcast)
C: unidentified caller to National UFO Reporting Center (excerpt played during radio broadcast)

Q: So when I got home I checked my notes and I can’t believe I forgot that I have Cherokee ancestry. Cherokee(?).

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Q: Anyway, here comes the interesting interview with Whitley Strieber and I’m leaving in some of the commercials because maybe there’ll be a day when people won’t have so many and we’ll forget what it’s like.

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A: Buckle in. We have got Whitley Strieber . . .

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A: . . . and so that everything is sort of — oh I don’t know — linear for Whitley, we’re going to interrupt him at the beginning of the program with Peter Davenport. (laughs) Shades of last Friday night/Saturday morning when, of course, an object streaked across the northwest skies in which direction — well we’ll talk about that . . .

( . . . )

A: . . . and we have many, many things to do with Whitley. Really it was a show we didn’t get to do last Friday night/Saturday morning because all that occurred. We’re going to be bringing people on from Glenrock, Wyoming. There is quite a story to be told there and Whitley will tell that. Then, we will have on with Whitley, Dr. Roger Leir, who is a pioneering implant surgeon. I said implant. Remember Whitley had a — has a implant in his ear. He recently had surgery performed to have it removed and the surgeon in question said the damn thing moved when he got near it with a scalpel. They got a little piece of it apparently but it moved. It actually moved according to the surgeon and we may even hear from that surgeon tonight as well. And Whitley has much more to tell us about so it’s a very full night.

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A: The following from Reuters News. Check this out, folks. Chile’s air force has appointed a committee to compile reports on—guess what?—UFOs and other unusual aerial occurrences, according to a government spokesman. A spokesman for Chile’s air force-run Civil Aviation Authority confirmed a report—I said confirmed—published by the daily La Tercera about the creation of a three member committee for the study of anomalous aerial phenomena. He said the committee would not take reports from ordinary people who claim they’ve seen flying saucers but rather from what the air force considers more reputable sources. “We have control tower operators and pilots who have seem these objects.” And so the bottom line folks is Reuters is saying that Chile, a little bitty country that probably does not have the national budget that sustains one of our major cities in this country, is going to do that which we will not do and study UFOs. Isn’t that interesting?

Q: By the way, I did remember to give to little John and his family what I downloaded from the Internet about John Lennon. I think he was even reading it during Obadiah’s lecture on love. I don’t think five-year-olds are as interested in love as they are in UFOs or, in this case, John Lennon. But I must say I was impressed by his mother. She told me that they no longer let him go to the snack table because he wasn’t appreciating it. I told her that was good parenting.

A: Let us recall last Friday night/Saturday morning when we began with Whitley Strieber. Whitley, are you there? Hello, Whitley?

W: Yes, I am.

A: Okay, good. I just — I wanted to keep everything linear. You know, kind of the way it was last week?

W: Yeah.

A: And so we began with your voice and we started to do your report. And then boom.

W: Boom. Well we’re going to begin with my voice again tonight but this time we’re going to go shortly to Peter Davenport —

A: Well —

W: — and we all know what’s going on.

A: Yes, that’s right. So Whitley, hang tight, give us just a little idea. We’re going to Glenrock, Wyoming at some point for a story.

W: We’re going to Glenrock, Wyoming later to listen to one of the — (“I — I”) I think it’s probably one of the places in the United States where there has been more sightings and close encounters than practically anywhere. And it’s, so far, totally unknown. It’s an amazing story and we will end the Glenrock story by listening to the audio from a piece of video tape that was made by some of the witnesses who will be on the air. They did not know that they were — during this video tape — it was literally made during ‘missing time.’ And right at the end of the tape there’s a fascinating moment when one of them seems to lapse into a totally unknown language. It’s a really interesting piece of tape.

A: Okay. So we’ll do that. We’ll talk to a doctor — a very famous doctor, Roger Leir.

W: That’s right. Dr. Roger Leir after that and possibly the surgeon who did my surgery if he can get — he’s — I believe he’s at the hospital now and if he can get some time off duty he will call in.

A: And then if we have any time left, we can talk about Mexico. And you just heard the story I read about Chile?

W: Yes, I did.

A: Isn’t it a little embarrassing that a little country like Chile is doing what we refuse to do?

W: Well I think they’re — they have no reason to be afraid of their own people anymore. Chile has become a democracy.

A: Yes and I have high hopes that’s ahead for us too. (laughs)

W: Yes. (or “YES”) One of these days

A: Alright, Whitley, so that everything is linear, I hereby interrupt you. Stand by and let us go as we did last Friday night/Saturday morning up to Seattle and the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. Here is Peter Davenport. Peter?

P: Good evening Art and hello Whitley.

A: Whitley, say hi. Okay, Whitley’s actually — Whitley say hi to Peter.

W: Yeah. Hi, Peter.

P: Good evening, Whitley. How are you?

W: It’s good to be on with you again.

P: Good to — yes, this is — it’s deja vu. I’m delighted —

W: Yeah well it was very exciting last Friday night and I think you’ve got some remarkable things to tell us again tonight.

P: Well it’s gotten even more interesting and I’m absolutely delighted to be back this soon because a lot of water has crossed the damn since our first report from up here on Friday night. A lot has happened and if we have a few extra seconds towards the end of the report I’d like to play about a fifteen-second cut.

A: Oh we do.

P: From a gentleman who saw those objects go directly over his head. He was camped high in the Olympic Mountains and these things went right over him. And he has a magnificent description of what he saw early in the sighting.

A: To update everybody who wasn’t here, it began a little bit after nine o’clock when hundreds, thousands of people began to call me and everybody else, Seattle TV stations and Vancouver. And everybody was seeing something and the stories vary but the phones wouldn’t quit. It went absolutely nuts. That’s the background a week ago — just about a week ago.

P: Yeah. And it was a dramatic sighting over northern Washington to boot. I understand that 911 facilities all across the state were just humming. It’s a wonder that the telephone system held up under it. But (or “BUT”) to give our listeners who may not already know, Art, just a brief synopsis of what happened — people in Seattle looking to the north or maybe a little bit west of north saw a long, long smear of intensely bright lights moving across the sky roughly from southwest to northeast is what everybody said. Everybody but the U.S. Air Force a few hours later. And the interesting thing about it—and I’ll talk more about that later in my report—is all of the lights — at least to most viewers appeared to be moving at a regular pace. In other words, the formation of lights was pretty much immutable, unchangeable as it moved across the sky. At least as most people reported it to us. Now since my report on Friday evening, we’ve gotten a gargantuan quantity of data, thanks to many people who called in and sent Emessages and reports over our website. And the pieces — the dust is finally beginning to settle and the pieces are falling in place. And I must say whereas early on I didn’t know what we were dealing with following the U.S. Air Force report—Friday night and again early Saturday morning I began to wonder whether maybe it was just nothing more than a routine (“NO”) dramatic reentry of space debris—I’m now as you properly reported earlier — I am now beginning to gravitate to the pole that this was not merely a reentry event. For example —

A: Alright. The — Peter, let me interrupt and just say the air force and NORAD both reported that this object fell into the Pacific Ocean.

P: That’s correct. That’s my understanding, Art.

A: Now — what you have documented and compiled flies right in the face of that.

P: Absolutely. Now moreover they reported that the debris was going from east to west.

A: Yes.

P: In point of fact, it was going precisely the opposite direction. Now just yesterday I talked to a senior officer in the public information office at NORAD — very nice guy. He was willing to help to the greatest degree he was able and he is now working on a few of the questions I put to him. Of course, the air force said the booster was an SL12 Russian booster. I think that’s otherwise known as a Proton booster. The officer told me yesterday that that booster had been launched out of Russia to the best of his knowledge on the 12th of November. (“YES”) We know that the air force is capable of concealing facts. This happened over Arizona or down at Luke Air Force Base specifically on the 13th or 14th of March this year.

A: Yes.

P: They did not square with the American people.

A: Is that the way the incident above Seattle and Vancouver and points east is now beginning to shape up? Is it beginning to look like another Phoenix?

P: It is my suspicion that it may turn out to be that but this is part of the reason we haven’t released a preliminary statement yet. Because we want the facts, Art. We — when we release our statement, we want to have corroboration in hand that hopefully is incontrovertible.

A: But Peter I’ve got to tell you, incontrovertible — they will still — they are still capable of making a remark like, “Well it was time colpression.” Or —

P: Yes.

A: — “Witness fog” or, you know, who knows what they might say about it? I don’t think it matters how definitive it is. If they don’t want us to tell us what it is, they will not do so.

P: That’s true. And this is one of the reasons I get sort of short-tempered with people who — ufologists who do no nothing but work with Freedom of Information Act requests. Because as you say — I think it’s correct — if the government doesn’t want us to know, the government isn’t going to let us know. And I was thinking back to your earlier comments about Chile and they’re new committee. Isn’t it at least lamentable—and I would go so far as to say somewhat frightening from my vantage point—to live in a country like ours where we proport to be free. Were we proport to have a representative government which is sensitive to our wishes—the mere citizens—and (“YET”) lowly — not lowly — Chile, a much smaller country —

A: Little Chile, yes.

P: — much less sophisticated defense establishment.

A: Also, you know, their press asks questions. I like that about Chile and other countries.

P: Yeah.

A: Anyway, soon maybe with luck we’ll be a democracy.

( . . . )

A: When it does come to information on extraterrestrials, if you’re like me you can’t get enough. I mean we all really want to know what the truth is, don’t we? Well one way — to take a look at some current evidence is to examine “Area 51: The Alien Interview.” Thousands of you already have ordered this 65-minute documentary which contains the most convincing color footage of government agents interviewing a space alien inside the infamous—good word—secret base at Area 51—near me—leaked to the public by a heavily disguised and very frightened man known as ‘Victor.’ And he was frightened. In fact, he fears for his life for having spirited this footage out of Area 51. A couple of shows, “Extra” and “Strange Universe,” showed little pieces of this. Now you can get the full 65-minute documentary and decide for yourself. To order call (gives number) right now. It will take about two weeks to reach you. They’re taking orders now. Very quickly, I might add. And the number again (gives number).

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A: One other item and then we’re back to Peter Davenport. Are you having arthritis pain? Would you like to stop it? Silly question, huh? Glucosamine —

( . . . )

P: Let me give just a thumbnail sketch of where those objects went Friday night to give our listeners some idea of what happened. They came across the shore of Western Washington in from the Pacific somewhere over the town of Cowiche or Moclips. In fact, if anybody out in Western Washington had them come across the shore right over their heads, we’d like to hear from those people because we are trying to reconstruct the actual ground track. The vision — the scene was so dramatic — we have a report that there was a law enforcement organization down in southwestern Washington that had all of their police out in a parking lot watching this object as it went streaming across the sky. But it moved to the northeast over Olympic National Park and in a minute or so I’ll play a report we got from a gentleman high up in those mountains. They moved then north of Lummi Island towards Vancouver, British Columbia and it’s there that we think they took their second turn because whereas they apparently had been going to the northeast as they approached Vancouver, they then went down the Canadian border between Canada and Washington because we have people all along the northern tier of Washington state: Leavenworth, Concrete, Tonasket, Mattawa, Nine Mile Falls — these are all towns that everybody in the state of Washington knows.

A: Peter?

P: Yeah.

A: You said turn, right?

P: Yeah.

A: Now space junk could conceivably turn. A hunk of space junk could conceivably turn —

P: Yes.

A: — depending on the aerodynamics of the wreckage.

P: Yes.

A: But all of the space junk wouldn’t have the same aerodynamics and wouldn’t turn together, would it?

P: I would not — and that leads me to another point that I think I alluded to on Friday but we have now stronger confirmation of this, Art. All of the pieces that went down the Canadian border headed east went reportedly — from all the reliable sources we have — seemingly reliable — they all moved at the same angular velocity. The formation remained constant. And, in point of fact, it seems that the number of lights in the formation seems to have increased. I’m quick to admit that that is fully consistent with a reentry event —

A: But breakup —

P: Yeah, the breakup — like a shotgun of debris hitting the atmosphere —

A: Sure.

P: — but some of the — in fact, some people have said all of the lights were paired with one another, side by each, and they were in a symmetrical, regular pattern moving across the sky. This is part of the reason we would like brief written statements from people who may have had a good look at this. They continued east. They crossed the Idaho border.

A: The Idaho border?

P: The Idaho border. And this is where it gets interesting because we got a call from a woman — Linda Moulton Howe, of course, interviewed her Sunday night on “Dreamland.” We got a call from a woman who was driving home. She knows the precise time, Art. It was between 9:15 and 9:20. She and her nine-year-old son were stopped on the highway staring at seven objects that were the shape of discs hovering motionless in a crystal clear night sky, four in a row on top, three in a row on bottom, she reports to us.

A: Hovering.

P: Hovering. And they were each one of those — she called them discs. I’m using her term now. Each one of them was about twenty times, she estimates, the diameter of Venus at its brightest. That’s a pretty prominent object in the night sky.

A: Yes it is.

P: And, interestingly, her report takes us then back about perhaps 150 miles back to the east of the county of Okanogan in northern Washington state. Because we got a very reliable call from a 911 facility out there that reported the same thing in that county. People were reporting seven, eight, nine or perhaps as many as ten red lights that were skulking all over that county.

A: My my my.

P: But that in a nutshell is what happened. One of the very interesting things about these things was the tail — the light that was streaming off the tail of these objects. It was very dramatic and we’re very interested to hear from people who may have seen those things go over their heads, exactly what they saw. But what I would like to do, Art, is conclude with about a fifteen-second cut of what a gentleman describes from Olympic National Park. He was camped up there Friday night and this is what he describes he saw.

A: Okay, Olympic National Park, Peter, is where?

P: That is out west of Seattle on that big peninsula that forms the western end of the state of Washington.

A: Right, okay.

P: This guy was camped up there. I think he was on his own and this is what he described to us just yesterday morning that went directly over his head when he was camped up there in the mountains. Here we go.

P: (recorded) What’d you see, please, there?

C: Yeah, I went into the mountains that Friday night and — doing some driving and I looked up and saw these, about five or six and they were in a group. There was one in the background that was zigzagging back and forth. And then there were sparks coming off the rear of these crafts or whatever they were. So I watched them for quite a while but they were heading north towards east.

P: Now there are two things about his report. He goes on for another fifteen minutes or so but I think our listeners will get an idea about what he saw there. He saw a wedge-shaped formation, I believe he said, of fairly large objects. He described them the size of basketballs although that’s ambiguous, of course. You don’t know how far away they were.

A: Sure.

P: Or how far away he had the basketballs in his mind. But he said that the light was streaming of the tail of these objects. Now everybody knows that when something — a ballistic body comes into a fluid — in this case, our atmosphere — it heats up. It is the nose of the object that will heat up and sparks stream off the nose of it.

A: Off the front, yes.

P: That was not the case in this instance. Everybody — everybody reports to us that light and sparks were streaming out the back end of these things. If somebody has a different story to tell us, we’d sure like to hear from them because we’d like to lay this one to rest, once and for all.

A: Well — so in other words you really didn’t get any useful, definitive information from NORAD, did you?

P: Not yet, we haven’t. I felt they were being cautious. I am not going to criticize them. They’re military people operating under orders. They’re looking forward to their next promotion, of course. They’ve perhaps been told precisely what they have to do and that’s what you do when you’re in the military. Anybody who’s been in knows that. So I’m condemning them. They haven’t done us any dirt at this point. It’s just that we would like good, clear, crisp, clean, accurate data. Unambiguous. We haven’t made any unusual requests. All we want to know is when that Russian missile went up, what its launch criteria were, where it was headed, what its payload was, and so on and so forth.

A: Do you think it likely that you’ll be able to get this information from the Russian government?

P: I think it’s highly likely at this stage. Highly likely. But it’s very dangerous in this business to try to predict things. We try to avoid that like we avoid the plague and we will report once we get the good, hard, fast data that people can hang their hats on. That’s the kind we like to deal in. It’s a fairly rare commodity in this field we call ufology but that’s what we have to do to get to the bottom of a story like this. And it is an interesting story.

A: It is and here’s another question for you that people want to know about. We began to get reports toward the end of this incredible show we did with you and Whitley last week that there was wreckage located or found. Some — even hundreds of pounds wreckage or something. What happened to it? What’s the story?

P: Yeah. Isn’t it interesting? If it is extent — if it’s available, I certainly haven’t heard about it. We got a report on Sunday afternoon that there was some 400 pounds of anomalous metal, let’s call it. I presume it would’ve been the wreckage —

A: Yeah?

P: — that was gathered from around Abbotsford, British Columbia. That’s just north of Washington state.

A: Gathered? Who gathered it?

P: Well that’s another question. Do we have space debris gatherers now? I don’t know who got it.

A: (small laugh)

P: But it was asserted to us that a TV station in Vancouver, BC was going to carry the footage Sunday afternoon. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t but that’s the type of footage, it seems to me, if it was really available, would spread pretty quickly. We would’ve seen it down in Seattle. I haven’t seen it yet but that’s —

A: Well I must tell you CNN the next day, the following day on Saturday finally in the afternoon, Peter, began to cover the story. And you know what they said? They said space junk provided an entertaining light show over the Northwest.

P: Yeah.

A: “Entertaining light show.”

P: Yeah. This happened to me back in March over the Arizona sightings too. I tried to give those people the data. I tried to wake them up and alert them. I’m afraid that the American press — and I use this term with some reservation but I’m going to do it anyway. They’ve turned into sort of milquetoast, toothless lap dogs.

A: (laughs)

P: They trundle themselves off to the official government announcements.

A: Yes.

P: They jot down what the government bureaucrat tells them —

A: Yes.

P: — and then they go put it in their reports. This is not the traditional American press.

A: It really isn’t. Or maybe it is now. And I want to be careful here because, of course, I’m on the air in Atlanta and CNN — and I love CNN. I really love CNN.

P: I’m not picking on any individual now. I’m alluding to all of them . . .

A: But this was a serious event. I mean we all took literally hundreds of calls. Thousands of people saw it. You said yourself there’s a police officer who might even be willing to go on the air.

P: Oh yes. He would be a good one, Art. He is one of our very best UFO investigators in the state of Washington. The guy is meticulous. He makes Hercule Poirot look careless in his approach to a crime and I’ll give you his name and address and phone number over your private line. And you can talk to him. He’s collecting apparently some really good data down in the southwest corner of Washington. And that’s where some of the interesting things really happened during this case. We even got another report from another very prestigious law enforcement officer. He doesn’t want to be identified yet so I’m going to leave him out of the picture but he had a very, very good look at this stuff and we’re hoping to get a good written report from him.

A: Alright, so the answer is the final word on this is way far from being in and the investigation continues. We’re not just dropping this. We’re not just going to let it go.

P: Yes. I’m glad. The jury is still out. I agree with that entirely. We — it may be shown to us in the near future that it was a — nothing but a space debris event. I’m inviting the U.S. Air Force, if it’s within their power, to provide us with the hard evidence. Not just the statement. Not just the assertion.

A: Sure.

P: The conclusive facts that will allow us to reconstruct what happened and satisfy ourselves that everything is copacetic with this information.

( . . . )

A: . . . Sangean ATS-909 is the best portable radio in the world. . .

( . . . )

A: Alright. Let me talk to you for a second about food and prepar —

( . . . )

A: . . . for his abduction experiences, for his writings on the subject. You should know the name Whitley Strieber. From San Antonio, here is Whitley. Whitley, welcome back to the program.

W: Glad to be here, Art.

A: Whitley, rattle off if you would the books that you have authored, beginning of course with Communion.

W: Communion, its sequel Transformation, then Majestic about the Roswell Incident, Breakthrough and The Secret School about my childhood. And out right now is The Communion Letters, a hundred letters taken from the thousands that’ve come into the Communion Foundation over the years. And I’ve just found out the comic book Beyond Communion is out in the comic book stores in the last week.

A: No kidding. (small laugh)

W: Which is great. It’s a (or “IT’S A”) really neat comic book from Caliber Comics. Coming out in May (“OR BORE”) is Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us that, among other things, is going to prove that the cover-up is real and is going to take this whole controversy to another level.

A: Oh I remember last week you used the word “ghetto-ized” — that ufology —

W: Right.

A: — has been ghetto-ized.

W: Ghetto-ozed.

A: And so you’re all about de-ghetto-izing it.

W: We’re coming out of the ghetto. They can’t keep us in it anymore. We’ve got too much on our side.

A: Alright —

W: (Too) much information and too much proof.

A: What the heck happened in Glenrock?

W: Okay, for me this story starts on August the 27th, 1986. I’m in my house in upstate New York, my little cabin, and there are nine powerful knocks on the side of the house in — sequenced in three groups of three. It frightened the dickens out of me. By this time, I’ve already had the Communion experience. I’m still — I am struggling with this and still not at all sure whether it’s even physically real or not. This is the most physical thing that has ever happened.

A: When you say knocks, do you mean like knocks on the door or do you mean bangs or what do you mean?

W: A loud bang incredibly precise as if a seventy-pound fist was hitting the logs on the side of the house with absolute precision. I think if I had had a tape recorder on, the time between those knocks probably would’ve been exactly the same to the millionth of a second. It was startlingly machinelike in its perfection.

A: Alright.

W: The animals — the two cats in the room reacted very strangely with a whole series of bizarre movements that (“I”) I didn’t even know that they were capable of. I wrote about this all in Transformation. Incredibly enough, exactly eighteen months to the day, later, February the 27th, 1988, the same thing happened in Glenrock, Wyoming. Let me read to you from The Glenrock Independent Thursday March the third, 1988. “Wee Hour Knocking Disturb Glenrock Snoosers Saturday” — “Strange unexplained noises interrupted the slumber of many Glenrock residents early Saturday morning. The three-part series of three dull thuds at 2:45 a.m. was reported by many residents who believed it was made by direct physical contact on the outside of their dwelling.” Now one of those residents, Jamie (who) actually heard these sounds, will be here — is here with us now. Darren Young, who is — grew up in Glenrock and can tell us a lot of this extraordinary town’s amazing stories — is with us. And we have someone else with us, Marla. And Marla is — has done, I think, one of the most unique things that anyone has ever done quite by accident. She and Jamie and some other women were traveling on a road near Glenrock at one point noticed a very unusual cloud. They took a video of that cloud without having any memory of taking the video.

A: Oh that’s weird. (“YEAH”)

W: Arrived where they were going and realized they had some missing time.