Q: Mark Russell Bell
W: William Neish, supervisor at Hotline
J: John Slovick, supervisor at Hotline
L: Lee Klosinsky, supervisor at Hotline
V: office visitor
S: Dr. Laura Schlessinger (portion of radio broadcast)
C: Caller (portion of radio broadcast)
U: National UFO Reporting Center recorded message voice

Q: (speaking into tape recorder) So I listened to Art’s show while doing my dishes and Whitley described the alien interrogation tape he had seen. And if it isn’t a fake, what a horrible indictment of mankind. As if God needed any other ammunition against them. And Art did make a reference to hoaxers: “Don’t I know it!” — that there are many of them out there. I’ll transcribe a little bit before going to bed.

( . . . )

Q: So my horoscope today said, “Universal appeal. Communicate with one in foreign land. You could be knocking on door of fame, fortune.” Good old Sydney Omarr. So I’ve been racking my brain all day about, “Oh my God. What am I to do?” And finally here it is 10:30 and I realized, ‘My friend Mike Dash over at Fortean Times!’ I checked the magazine and yes, they have a website; and yes, he takes Email. (“SO”) I’m going to send him a message. I’ve been in kind of a shitty, crappy mood today with lots of exorbitant fantasies and anger and tantrums. I just got through reading my horoscope in Vanity Fair and it wasn’t pretty, let me tell you. And I answered it by saying, “Yes. And if I were You I’d stay away from the word contrivance. After all, everything is pretty contrived, if You know what I mean.”

( . . . )

Q: So this is what I’m sending to (gives Email address):

Hi Mike! This is to follow up my letter of January 21st. It may come in handy for you to have my Email address: (gives). My new phone number is (gives).

I hope you or some lucky Fortean Times editor is enjoying my book. I have been doing radio interviews on its behalf here in the U.S. See my webpage at

While I work on a continuation of the book, I offer you good news and bad news. First, for a sneak preview of coming attractions, take a look at

I call the former disk ‘Marduk.’ It is located in the Orion nebula so it doesn’t take a genius to offer the possibility that this object is the basis for the Egyptian pyramid alignment (what was known as Marduk in Babylonia and Nibiru in Sumer). It looks like a flying saucer yet it is 17 times the diameter of our own Solar System. You might call this a scoop offered by a sometimes-reader of your magazine.

Now for the bad news. Have you heard about NASA’s planned October launch of the Cassini space probe with 73 pounds of deadly Plutonium aboard?

Q: So I just sent my letter. Just think when he checks his Email next — it’s eight hours later there so it’s (“HE’S”) 7:16 in the morning. He’s probably he’ just about to be getting up now. So he’ll have a friendly message waiting for him. I also said to Mighael after reading that horoscope in Vanity Fair, “It helps to relieve the tedium.” Yes, it does get tedious. I know how insane that must sound. It’s not so much my life that’s tedious, it’s just the thoughts and expectations and having them all the time that’s so tedious. So, of course, it’s my own tedium of my own making. I just can’t turn off my brain. And I became very upset while reading at the gym. I’m reading Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse at the moment. And it’s one of those books that’s best read only at the gym because you can’t really take too much of that innuendo and intensity for too long. Anyway, I just realized — I’m almost finished reading it — and I thought this would really be a perfect project for me to do as a screenplay because there’s a lot that I can see in-between the lines. (“I KNOW”) I would know exactly how to present this, adapting the screenplay. It would probably be an epic — one of those four-hour movies that should be a four-hour movie. I just became very — the song — (“YOU KNOW JUST”) I just know that I’m not meant to ever write screenplays or novels but to do transcription. So, of course, there was this jealousy song immediately that came over the radio and I said, “It’s not jealousy. It’s not that I’m being jealous. It’s not something that anyone else would do if someone else were to do the screenplay. It would be different, after all. So I’m not jealous of others but, of course, I’m sure He means jealous of some other life experience or some other projected life experience or conceptualized life experience. So what did I say? I said, “I’m not jealous, I’m —” I don’t remember.

( . . . )

Q: So I’m looking at the links for Fortean Times and one of them is PeraScope. The articles of this issue this week is volume 2, issue 23. “Ron and Nancy’s Age of Aquarius” — “For most of his presidency, Ronald Reagan’s schedule was orchestrated by the arcane divining of Nancy’s astrologer, Joan Quigley.” I’ve heard that before. I won’t read all the headlines but it says, “Round-Up of Recent UFO Activity From the Arizona Flap to the Mountains of West Virginia to the Mediterranean Coast” — “Get the scoop on recent UFO activity.” I’m not really interested in that. “Australia UFO Flap” — “UFOS have haunted the night skies over the Land Down Under in recent months, —” Whoops. Oh. “— prompting scores of sighting reports.” So let me go to the message board. It says, “PeraScope’s Message Boards” — “In an effort to help dissolve the one-way flow of information which dominates the mainstream media, PeraScope want you, our readers, to be involved in providing information and public debate on the topics covered on this site. In the message board hot-linked below, you can share your views on a variety of subjects with other PeraScope users. Be sure to drop us a line if you have a good idea for a new message board.

( . . . )

Q: Oh, definitely — well, actually any of these message boards apply to me but the first one is “Matrix” — “Conspiracies, Crimes and Cover-Ups.” There’s also “Nebula” — “UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials,” “Enigma” — “Paranormal Phenomena,” “Dossier” — “Documented Evidence,” “Fortean Slips” — “The Lighter Side of Strangeness” and “General Interest Message Board.” Well, each one applies to me. There’s a press cover-up — hmm. I think I’m going to go for the ‘Cover-Up.’ If I was a reporter, I think that’s the one I would go to. And I am trying to get some publicity for my book. So for the name: I put Mabus; subject: “Media Cover-Up of the Second Coming.” My message is:

U.S. television and newspaper media outlets are not reporting the recent publication of the book Testament transcribed by Mark Russell Bell under the auspices of the Angel Mighael. This is a case study of what is most often referred to as ‘the Second Coming’ and it is proving controversial for the American radio shows who have interviewed Bell live on the air. Details of the book are available at

Q: So there I’m posting the message now. If they think I’m using this to sell copies of the book they might take it off. (gasps) Wow! It says, “Message added: Media Cover-Up of the Second Coming” in huge letters on the screen. Mighael, I love it. “Add-on date: 4-11-97.” Yeah!

( . . . )

Q: So let me go to — ‘Conspiracy Web, the website for paranoids’? No. They have the Farsight Institute. Hmm. They also have ‘The Lore of the Loch,’ which sounds like a very dear sight. I would go there if I had time but I don’t. I’m a working antichrist.

( . . . )

Q: So this is Dr. Courtney Brown’s page. Hmm. Well, I don’t know. It says, “Institute Welcome” / “Dr. Courtney Brown” / “Cosmic Voyage” / “Contact Info” / “Anti-Discrimination Policy.” Let me go to the “News Bulletins” to find out the latest news. Oh, this is designed by Prudence Calabrese who’s no longer even with the company. I don’t want to bother reading the “Interdimensional Porthole” sessions. “Read about the gateways to the Grays.” I don’t think so. Oh my God, there’s a “Special Announcement” dated April 11th. Oh, I have to read this. It says, “On Friday 11th, April, 1997 at 9 a.m. EST we will be posting some important information and a request for the United States government.” That’s just nine hours from now. I might as well listen to Art’s program while I play with the Internet because I’m curious to see what his scheduled guest, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, is going to say. It seems like he puts everyone on his show. I mean time travel experts, cult leaders. They have a www philosophical discussion forum so I’m going to look at that. Oh my God, it says, “Due to the numerous profane and pornographic postings, we are closing the bulletin board until the registration system is implemented.” Oh my God. And it goes on and on and on. I’m going to leave this. This is a terrible, infamous site and I don’t think I need to be here any longer. I don’t believe in those stupid remote viewing people. They didn’t mention me, did they? Oh, I’ll go to ‘Lobster’ — “the journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research.” Recent articles include “The CIA and radiation experiments on humans,” “UFO’s and the governments of the USA and UK” and “Is Libya Still the Prime Suspect in the Murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher?”

( . . . )

Q: There are no kinds of bulletin boards or anything and it’s a little bit too wacko for me. You know, my tastes are very mainstream (“I”) so I’m just going to leave the Internet. I’m bored. Oh my God, my phone bill’s going to be so expensive this month because I’ve been on the Internet so much.

( . . . )

Q: Well, I just sent another fax to Mr. Art Bell. I tried to change my number on my fax machine but for some reason it didn’t work. Because I’m sure whenever he sees my name and number at the top of the page he throws it out without reading it. So I thought I had changed this from my manual instructions but it didn’t work out that way. All I did was send a page from The Hundredth Monkey because I didn’t like some of the information that was being shared. So I faxed over page 66 — oh, I added a 6 too so it’s page 666 on what I sent over. I just added an extra 6. This is what I sent — it says on page 66:

Nuclear bombs

are so hopelessly devastating

that at the November, 1980

Conference of the

Physicians for Social Responsibility,

Dr. H. Jack Geiger said,

It is my belief that any physician who

even takes part in so-called emergency

medical disaster planning—specifically

to meet the problem of nuclear attack—

Is committing a profoundly unethical

act. He is deluding himself or herself,

colleagues, and by implication the pub-

lic at large, into the false belief that

mechanisms of survival in any mean-

ingful social sense are possible.

Q: So I listened to the show (“FOR THE”) for an hour while I was doing my dishes. I was hoping that maybe he would mention my fax just to provide that viewpoint for his audience but I don’t think he will. I don’t know — I think it has to do with — I wonder if he gets the faxes directly or if he has someone editing them. It’s obviously a page from a book so I don’t know what the big deal is. I have a problem, though, with any kind of media personality who doesn’t read the books of the people he has on as guests. I mean shouldn’t you read their opinion before giving them a forum? Besides, if you don’t read it all, you never know what you might be missing out on.


Q: So I’m on my way to the Hotline. It’s Friday, April 11th and last night and this morning I was thinking about that painter I met — who I talked about maybe doing the cover of my next book New Testament. And, of course, I never saw him after that occasion again and now — this morning I did call up places where I could get color photos of the Hubble photos and I’m getting them. I’m going to send a check in. I’m getting one of them free and then two I’m paying for — I’m getting three copies of the one of the Marduk planet. One of the three that I’m getting is the eye of God looking at the astronomers with a giant flaming infinity symbol around His eye. It’s like in that movie “Sliver” when the eavesdropper discovers another ‘eye’ or telescope trained upon herself. So, anyway, this has got to be the cover of my next book. It’s just too ideal. So now I know why I didn’t need the painter. I mean I still wouldn’t mind having him do an author’s portrait of me but this is going to be the cover of my book. So maybe I’ll show it to John and William — give them a sneak preview, so to speak. I’m listening to the new U2 album. I should listen to this. This sounds like a good song.



( . . . )

she’s not waiting on a saviour to come . . .

AND THE sun sun here it comes

Q: Bono, can we talk? Do you ever listen to your lyrics? I really think you need to listen to your own lyrics.


( . . . )

what you thought was freedom was just greed

Q: How embarrassing.

. . . got the sun . . .

( . . . )

. . . dumb bells . . .


To me, the song goes back to the idea of David being the first blues singer, and the first man on record to shout at God in this angry fashion. There are a lot of people who feel that if there is a God, then roll Him out because they’ve got some questions to ask. It’s a very angry song.


Q: There’s a store here on Cahuenga where I park near APLA called The Joshua Tree. That isn’t my favorite U2 album. Nuh-uh. My favorite U2 album is — ?

( . . . )

Q: William, do you remember what that U2 album is that had “New Year’s Day”? It had like a red album cover?

W: “War”?

Q: No, it was after that.

W: I don’t remember.

Q: Oh, okay.

W: “The Joshua Tree”?

Q: Well, that was after — okay. Hi, John.

J: Hey, Mark. How are you doing?

Q: I just listened to the new U2. (“DO YOU”) Remember what album that was that had — I think it was “A Sort of Homecoming” and “New Year’s Day”? “Under a Blood Red Sky”? (“WAIT”) What was it? I wonder what album it was.

J: Isn’t that “The Joshua Tree” or . . .

Q: It was before “The Joshua Tree” — (“NO” “WAS MY UN”) my favorite one.

J: “Sunday Bloody Sunday”?

Q: I think that was on it.

J: Was that something . . .

Q: It had a red cover — oh, I have it at home. I’ll check when I get home. I love Eno ones the best. The new one’s good too. (“I WANT”) Well, this is the first time I’ve heard it but it has a lot of —

J: I haven’t heard it at all.


Q: By the way, I have downloaded photos —

J: Cool.

Q: — of the ‘Mother Ship.’

J: Oh really?


J: Do you have it with you? (“I’M GETTING”)

Q: I’m getting originals. (“FROM”) I’ve ordered photos. (“YEAH — HI” “TWO” “I HAVE TO”)

J: From the observatory? (“RIGHT I HAVE” “TOTALLY”)

Q: Isn’t that like computer sex? When it goes download on you?

( . . . )



J: . . . what I thought at first too but what it just means is you can’t use federal money for it. (“IS THAT — BUT”)

W: But what if it were something like integration or something? That’s like saying like regardless of what the laws say, it’s okay to use federal money to, like — (“BBB” “BLACK” “I LIE” “DO TO ME” “LIKE THA[T]” “BUT THEY’LL”) I don’t see how you can — (“OPEN”)

J: But they do that with — (“PLUMBER”)

L: Hi, Mark. (“HI”)

( . . . )

Q: . . . my witnesses. First of all, I was showing Pat this and she got a big kick out of this article. She’s a comet nut.

W: Okay.

Q: She says this is one of the best articles she’s seen. I don’t know if you’d be interested in seeing it too. And this is about the new Cassini mission that they’re having 73 pounds of plutonium on board. And they’re going to fire this rocket into the sky and if it explodes we’re all dead. Can you believe it?

W: Whose rocket is this?

Q: NASA. I mean they (“WHY”) think they know it all.

W: Why are they doing it?

Q: Research.

W: Is the plutonium — (“MORE”)

Q: It’s used as a power source for their experiments.

W: And they’re just hoping it isn’t going to blow up?

Q: Exactly. And you know their track record. (“DIE” “LEE”)

W: You’re bad.

Q: I know . . . (“LEE”) Anyway, I tried faxing it to Art Bell and he wouldn’t even talk about it. (“SO”)

J: What is this . . .

Q: No, that already happened. (“NO” “WITH WHO”)

W: It looks like a little . . .

Q: So real quick I’ll show you this, John, and then you can look at it. I’ll just leave it here with you.

J: Thank you.

Q: Here’s an Orion Nebula mosaic. It’s much better in color. I have ordered the color photos but, look, it looks like a bird. Doesn’t it look like a bird? And then this is what most (“PLAN”) protoplanetary disks look like. They’re dust and they think that our solar system evolved from this kind of protoplanetary disk. But most of them look like this. They look very hazy with a sun — a bright spot in the middle. This is the one that’s different looking. And if you’ll notice, it looks like a ‘UFO’ or a flying saucer. Doesn’t it? So they explain this by saying that it’s an “edge-on” view, which is ridiculous because if it’s just dust it would look gaseous.

J: Right.

Q: So, anyway, (“IT’S LIKE”) “seventeen times the diameter of our own solar system” . . .

J: (laughs)

Q: Actually, you know the pyramids are all in alignment pointing (“THAT’S WHAT YOU”) to the Orion nebula.

J: That’s what you — you started talking about it — yeah.

Q: So this is obviously what they’re pointing toward. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to know that. My favorite one — this is going to be the cover of my next book. Are you ready? (“UH-HUH” “YEAH”) You know how idiotic scientists are?

J: (small laugh) Uh-huh.

Q: Right? I mean they’re really stupid. They’re the stupidest people on the Earth. I mean that retarded people are smarter than they are. (“THEY”) They saw this and said, ‘Oh, an hourglass nebula (“RIGHT”) around a dying star’ and they explain this all away. And look what it is.

J: It’s an eye. (“IT’S A” “EYE” )

Q: It’s a — (“EYE”) I’ll have to put you in my next book.

J: (small laugh) (“YOU EACH” “PUT”)

Q: You see things much more clearly. And isn’t that the symbol of infinity?

J: Uh-huh.

Q: Excuse me — I mean they’re looking at this, going, “Uh — duhhh.”

J: Holy shit.

Q: Exactly. So this is going to be the (“BOY”) cover of my next book. Isn’t that great? (“NO”)

V: What are you calling it?

Q: New Testament. So — (“ONLY”) and wait until you see it in color. I have it ordered in color.

J: Is it amazing? (“ME”)

Q: Wouldn’t you just die if I told you this was my gay lover? (“OKAY”)

J: Do you think it is?

Q: Would you think I had a chemical imbalance if I said yes? (“THANK YOU” “I WOULD”)

J: I wouldn’t understand it. (“WE’LL NEED TO EXPLAIN IT”)

Q: The whole book is explanation enough. (“RIGH[T]”) What page are you on?

J: I haven’t been reading it. (“WELL”)

Q: When you do. (“OKAY” “I”) Oh, also I wanted to show you too. I got this letter about volunteer opportunities so here’s my resume. Do you want me to leave you a copy too? I have an extra copy.

J: Sure. (“SO”)

Q: If you hear of anything. I’m trying to get them to somebody in the P.R. department so they can make use of my talent. You know, I’d love to give them (“FOUR”) four hours a week.

J: Here you’re talking about?

Q: Yeah, here.

J: Okay. Definitely.

Q: In P.R. I think, though, I threaten them. When I went in before and they saw all my credits — (“IT’S LIKE”) ‘Hell, he’ll have our job.’ I don’t want this for a career.

J: You just want to volunteer. (“I JUST WANT”)

Q: So I’ll leave this with you to look at too and I’ll go ahead and maybe I’ll even call him today.

J: Yeah, that’s a really good idea. (“YEAH” “SO ANYWAY”)

Q: Pat also said, “Will you ask John if he’ll make a copy of the Hale-Bopp article for me?”

J: Yeah. I definitely will. (“OKAY”)

Q: And you can make copies for yourself of everything if you want.

J: Cool.

Q: If you’re on the Internet, you can go to the Internet and see these things. (“WHERE — WELL”)

J: Where was it?

Q: See? It’s right there on the top of the page. You know where to go.

J: Okay.

( . . . )

Q: John, can you imagine me telling David and Barry, “For Christ’s sake, will you help the poor guy get his book published?” Bunch of pricks. (“O”) Can you just imagine me — that’s my idea of good P.R.

J: Oh, Mark!


(“JOHN] IS”)

Q: (I might) say something like, ‘John, I might call that UFO hotline.’ (“BUT”) Anyway, I was going to say — well, what do you think — (phone rings) (“OF THE”) of those photos? Whoops. The Hotline’s ringing.


Q: Well, one thing I might ask. I’m trying to think — what would I ask you? You know what I thought would be fun is to have someone — like an actor like you, William — (“DO”) a quick impression of me.

W: I’m not really an actor, though.

Q: You’re an actor. You are.

W: No, I’m not.

Q: Well, then do Clara Voyant. (“MORE THAN”)


W: As an interview?

Q: Okay, you don’t really have to do her. Just say something very witty. You’re so witty (“AT THE”) at the inservices and things. I want to get you a gig in my book.

W: Okay. Alright.

Q: I want people to know that you’re this extremely talented actor/writer who I once mistakenly thought was in another profession — who I didn’t know then was the reincarnation of William Shakespeare.

W: (exasperated) Right. Okay.

Q: And he didn’t either.

W: Okay.

Q: But so — wait.

W: Whatever you want (to ask).

Q: What would you like to — (“OKAY” “FOR MY BOOK”)

W: I’ll give a little quote.

Q: I’m going to add something. I know that supernatural things scare you.

W: Yes.

Q: So just what would you like to tell the world about your relationship with me and unexplained phenomena? The last time we were together —

W: I would just say — (“THAT”)

Q: — (remember on our way to) the photocopy machine? You found a penny. You can verify that. Right?

W: Right. Let me just say — (begins dialect) the problem is, as William Shakespeare said, not in the stars. It is in ourselves. (“WE”) Do not look to the stars for guidance. Look into your heart and the hearts of others.

Q: That sounds like William Shakespeare. (“VOI[CE] “IT”) There’s sort of a manner. Do you think he spoke like that?

W: No. That was Clara Voyant.

Q: Oh, I see. It sounded like William Shakespeare.

W: See, I’m not an actor.

Q: I thought you were channeling William Shakespeare for a moment.

W: No. That was Clara. (“AND LOOK”) From Romania.

Q: Well, that’s what they said. They said that William was — I mean William Shakespeare was gay too, you know? (“OKAY WAIT IF I”)

W: I’m not gay.

Q: Oh please.

W: (laughs)

Q: You know me: “Everyone’s gay”-me. Right? Why was — the ‘second-best bed.’ What do you think he was referring to?

W: Hmm?

Q: ‘My second-best bed.’ William Shakespeare said that.

W: I don’t know.

Q: In one of his letters.

W: I don’t know the context. (“GUE[SS]” “I’M JUST SAYING”)

Q: Exactly. That’s why — I don’t even want you to know. (“THE CONTEXT”) I want to see what you would — what would be your guess? Why would somebody refer to “my second-best bed”?

W: Their mistress? Like not their relationship in marriage but their relationship outside of marriage? (“WELL THIS IS” “HATH”)

Q: He was married, though, remember.

W: Um-huh.

Q: To Anne Hathaway.

W: Um-huh. So maybe his mistress. (“SO WHEN HE”)

Q: I think when he died, if I remember right, he (“HAD”) left his wife “his second-best bed.”

W: Oh, did he?

Q: So what was he inferring by that?

W: That he had another relationship.

Q: With a man or a woman? (“OR WAS IT A”) Was it — (“I DO[N’T]”)

W: I don’t know.

Q: — the dark woman of the sonnets? Was it an Angel?

W: Could be.

Q: That’s my theory. (“THAT IT WAS” “THE [ANGE]L”) The angel.

W: But you don’t usually get into a bed with angels.

Q: You do if you’re William Shakespeare.

W: Maybe. (“HHH” “YOU KNOW H[E]”)

Q: Well, somebody told me that the Spirit of the world channeled his plays. Right? Because his plays were so — (“THEY”) they took in every part of existence and experience.

W: I’m really not familiar with his plays. I mean I know (“YEAH”) some of them.

Q: Right. No, I know.

W: But not all of them. So I couldn’t make a statement about all of his plays.

Q: No, of course not. (“OF COURSE NOT” “BUT WHAT”) What’s the title of your project, by the way? (“YOUR NEW”) Your new play?

W: It’s called “Escape From Petit Point.”

Q: What is Petit Point?

W: It’s a kind of needlework.

Q: “Escape from Petit Point”?!

W: And it’s also — in this play it’s the name of the town. (“I SEE”) Petit Point is the name of the town. (“AND WHAT’S I[T]”)

Q: What’s it — a thriller or a mystery —

W: It’s a satire on “Peyton Place.”

Q: Oh how hilarious.

W: It’s a farce.

Q: Oh my God.

W: Yes.

Q: If you sell your script, will you thank me?

W: Oh yes. Of course.

Q: If I give you this publicity for free? (“SSU”)

W: Sure.

Q: Will you say ‘I knew him when’? You’ll say, “Oh, I knew myself when.” (“IT’S A STEP”)

W: You shouldn’t use that.

Q: What?

W: Don’t print that because I don’t want other people to work on satires of “Peyton Place.”

Q: Everything that’s made in Hollywood today is a satire of “Peyton Place.” Are you (“OKAY”) nuts?

W: Alright.

Q: Think about it. Read Mia Farrow’s biography if you want “Peyton Place.” Right?

W: Alright.

Q: In fact, Harley Peyton was one of the people who wrote “Twin Peaks.” I hope you don’t know anyone named Bob. (“THY”) You don’t, do you? (“OKAY”) So, anyway — (“LISTEN”) nice working with you. I’m sad to see the Hotline going. (“TOO”) But I’m sure that you’ll find something even better. I’ve always gone on to bigger and better things, all my life.

W: I hope I do.

Q: So, anyway, John was going to help me but since he’s not here it’s been fun. What can I say?

W: Can you do it Tuesday with him?

Q: I guess so.

W: Okay. (“BUT HE” “YOU KNOW HE”)

Q: He’s always cooperative. He told me that he was the reincarnation of that famous painter whose name I always forget. Anyway — see, I have a hundred different tapes at home. (“SO I’M”) I’m going to — I’m so excited about these Hubble photos. (“THAT I’M”) I’m doing this — I’m going to cheat and transcribe this one in-between.

W: Now what painter was John? (“YEAH”)

Q: He told me he was — anyway — (“HE”)

W: What is the painter like?

Q: Modern.

W: Modern?

Q: Rothko (“I THINK”) — his name was Mark Rothko.


W: No, I don’t know. (“WELL ANYWAY” “I’M SEND”)

Q: I’m meeting all these people who were famous people (in previous lives), as you know.

W: Alright.

Q: (sighs) (“OH”) Anyway —

W: Too bad you can’t get, like, if John’s the reincarnation of Rothko that he can’t go claim some inheritance from the Rothko estate.

Q: It’s better that artists (“MON”) struggle. I mean that’s how they make their art — through struggling. (“I MEAN YOU KNOW”) You don’t — the people who have money and wealth have no motivation to do great art. Right?

W: Sometimes.

Q: Well, think of one really rich — (“WOULD” or “WOOD”)

W: Virginia Woolf was very comfortable. She had plenty of money and she was a great writer.

Q: She did? But she committed suicide so she wasn’t real happy, was she?

W: No.

Q: See, I’ve always stayed away from those types of too depressing — “To The Lighthouse” I remember seeing or reading.

W: I like “A Room of One’s Own.” That’s on video. (“THEY”) That’s a really good PBS — Eileen Atkins —

Q: I saw that.

W: I loved it.

Q: Yeah. That was good. (“REALLY GOOD”) That was only an hour, though.

W: Right. They cut it.

Q: Oh, I hate editing. (“DRIVES YOU NUTS”) You know what I’d want — if I was a screenwriter today I would adapt Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse.

W: I don’t know. (“NO”) Is he gay?

Q: Who?

W: Is it about a gay relationship?

Q: Everything Hermann has wrote — there’s so much innuendo. It’s not really. I mean he had sort of an emotional fixation on a priest but he screws every woman around, which I guess is what most people do.

W: Shocking. (“SHOCKING”) Scandal.

Q: Well, you know me. I mean I’ve gone on three radio shows so far and on two of them I said that, “Everyone is gay.” So that’s 66% of the time. Or I should say 66.6% of the time. We’ll leave it at that.

W: Bye.

Q: Bye.

W: See you next week.

Q: Okay.


S: You want your husband to know that the vows he made you put aside?

C: No. Of course not.

S: You want all your friends and family to know that you betrayed your vows and your obligations to your family? Then what’s the point? There’s no orgasm worth all of that.

C: Yeah.

( . . . )

Q: (speaking into tape recorder) Great billboard. It says, “Bob, I’ve got emphysema.” And it’s done in the style of the Marlborough Man billboards.

( . . . )

Q: The phone number has 666 in it for this Independent Cab Company vehicle to my left. Let’s see what the license is. Oh, there’s no license. It’s company cab #1100.

( . . . )

Q: The Buick in front of me license is 3RAS283. There’s a Taco Bell stand to the left.

( . . . )

Q: So I saw some synchronicity in the newspaper today at lunch. There’s an article entitled “Hubble Not ‘Hushed Up,’ First Lady Says.” It says, “Probe: She says charges are latest in the ‘fictional conspiracy’ of Whitewater. By Robert L. Jackson, Times staff writer.” It says, “The first lady went on to dismiss the notion of hush money as ‘part of the continuing saga of Whitewater — you know, the never-ending fictional conspiracy that, honest to goodness, reminds me of some people’s obsession with UFOs and the Hale-Bop comet some days.'” Well, that’s pretty ironic. Some people would think it’s pretty close to fiction how much money that investment made you years ago. That’s pretty fictional, if you ask me. I guess one might say maybe Bill can tell us more about the UFO dilemma than we otherwise know. I’m sure Ronald Reagan would have been able to, if not for his predicament. I guess it takes a village, Hillary. On the back of this page, there are three articles in the “Nation In Brief” column. The first says, “Gingrich Challenges Celebrities on Arts.” And, of course, I always think people’s names reveal a lot about them and his name happens to be Newt. Gingrich — it has the word Grinch right in there. And he says, basically, “Wealthy celebrities should support their fellow artists, as opposed to relying on the government to do so.” Well, what does he think he is? The hypocrite. It says, “Gingrich joined other conservative Republicans at a news conference at which they reiterated their goal of eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts . . . President Clinton is requesting $136 million for the program.” You know, that’s one thing I will say — if Bill and Hilary would work on health insurance for the nation, maybe people would stop paying attention to Whitewater so much. If you know what I mean. The article below that says, “U.S. Doubts N.Y. Missile Sightings” — “The Navy tested two Trident D-5 missiles off the coast of Florida last month, but a Pentagon spokesman said it ‘stretches the imagination’ the missiles might have been seen by pilots flying near New York City.” I guess you can deny anything, can’t you? And then here below it says, “Judge Throws Out Travel Office Suit” —”A federal judge threw out a civil lawsuit filed by seven longtime employees of the White House travel office against Hollywood producer Harry Thomason and a business associate . . . Judge Harold H. Greene dismissed the case with prejudice . . .” I’m glad they qualify it. I hope everyone, once they read my book, can see that God is watching them continuously. I mean everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong so they don’t even need me to tell them what to do or to report stupidity in the newspapers because they can just follow their own conscience.

( . . . )


Q: So I’ll do my own imitation of myself before one final telephone conversation for this out-of-sequence tape — I’ve decided to transcribe it out of sequence: “Everyone’s gayyyyyyy!” (“YEAH”) That doesn’t mean they can’t have children with members of the opposite sex. It just means they’re true preference might be repressed. And I still believe in the sanctity of sex and in monogamy, as my own life shows. That’s one thing no one really knows when someone’s having sex with someone — what they’re really thinking. Other than God. I’m not doing any TV appearances. People who go on TV have something to sell. There’ve been so many stupid people interviewed over the years that just to go on TV is to be stupid and I don’t really need to be stupid. I want my book to speak for itself. Instead of going after an interview with me, I wish they could talk to my friend Pat at the Hotline because we’re a lot alike in many ways. (“WE CAN”) We care about the environment and what-have-you. She’s just as good an interview subject as me so go interview Pat. I showed her the cover of the Edge magazine today that was at APLA and she said, “Oh yuck. Steroids turn me off.” People on steroids always have that strange abdominal look and the ‘hourglass’ look. If you want to see what people are supposed to be like, you’ll have to go back to those movies of the ’50s and ’60s probably, those Hercules or Tarzan movies way back when. But people on steroids do make a good match with the women with implants — I will admit that. They both treasure status, after all. What’s wrong with a little self-satire from time to time?

( . . . )

Q: So I’m connecting myself with the Internet. You know, I went in and spoke to Volunteer Resources about working in public relations. And I don’t know. I have impeccable credentials but I think that maybe everyone there knows about me. They’ve heard of my book. You know — people talk. I don’t think something’s going to happen there.

( . . . )

Q: So, anyway, I downloaded all of this Farsight Organization information and a letter to the government of the United States about an imminent terrorist attack with an atomic bomb in New York. So I have the information in front of me. I’m going to look it over but it’s very worrisome because, of course, Nostradamus predicted just such a thing happening. So it’s quite a lot of pages here. Oh, I see I did get a letter back Email from Mike Dash. It says:

Dear Mark

Thanks for the e-mail. We have indeed received review copies of your book — it’s an impressive piece of research. I’ve forwarded your message to our associate editor, Joe McNally, who’s in charge of that section of the magazine.



Q: And now I will begin a whistle blower part of my book. (outgoing call telephone ringing heard on tape here followed by recording of chimes)

U: You have reached the National UFO Reporting Center located in Seattle, Washington at (gives number). If you have a recent UFO sighting to report, at the tone please your name, address and telephone number, including area code, together with a brief description of your sighting, including its location, date and time. If you would consent to accepting collect charges for a brief return call, we would be grateful if you’d please indicate that fact in your message. Again, thank you very much for your call. (tone)

Q: Hello, this is Mark Russell Bell and I’m calling to report a UFO. Actually, it’s one that anyone can see because the Hubble telescope was involved in taking its picture so the photo is available on the Internet. You can go to ( and see the picture of the flying saucer. Of course, it’s in the Orion nebula which leads me to believe that this is what the pyramids are aligned to indicate — (“IT’S”) a disk seventeen times the diameter of our own Solar System. So, anyway, everyone has access to it. It’s right there in front of our faces. But I did want to report that. (“MY”) My name and number — my address is (gives address). So I hope you’ll give me any credit where credit is due in your archives for being one of the first to call about it. Maybe someone else has called about it — I don’t know. (“BUT”) Maybe I’m the first and, if so, fine. I guess some people would probably believe this to be what was known as Marduk to the Babylonians. So I hope you find this all interesting and useful. I’m pretty busy so I don’t think I’ll leave you my number and I don’t really take collect calls because I’m out promoting my own book at the moment. But I did want to help you out because I am — I think you also . . . (listening device malfunction on tape here) . . . bit of business there. That’s at — so, anyway, thank you. Have a nice day.

( . . . )

Q: So I’m looking over this announcement to the government. It’s just exactly what I thought about the sabotage in terms of the orchestrated campaign against them with that phony picture. Apparently, they’re channeling E.T.s and the E.T.s are trying to save us all from an atomic bomb terrorist. This is “A TIMELINE THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED” according to “The Bomb Target Study.” They have transcripts of two of their remote viewing sessions with even drawings of the suspected terrorist. So I’m going to pray to God against this horrible possibility from taking place. I just wouldn’t want to live in a world where something so horrible has happened again. This is what happens in a world that doesn’t believe in a God or don’t believe that people have to take responsibility for their actions. But maybe we don’t have to go through that. Maybe God and Mighael and the aliens and — if we would just give everyone love to those things that we don’t understand then we wouldn’t have to let there be such fear and hatred in the world because we would just have love, which is all we really need.

( . . . )

Q: Maybe an atomic bomb would be what it takes to wake the world up. But I hope my book will do the same thing. (“I”) I pray to God not to allow this to happen even though, because of freedom of choice, it might not be something that God can have any intervention on.

( . . . )

Q: I don’t know what to make of all this. It seems like even in the letter “To the Government of the United States” they are even promoting remote viewing sessions and their school. (“SO”) What the hell is going on? Everything is just so completely ridiculous. (“UM”) Please, God, I’m sure every human being would say, “Kill the motherfuckers. Don’t let them do this to us.” Who cares about freedom of choice? What about the greater good? We don’t want this terrible thing to happen. We’ll behave better. We’ll channel love to You. We’ll do the best we can. We’ll give back as much as we take. We’ll be honest. We’ll recognize you in all people and all things. We won’t be whores. Hurry up and weed out the evil, bad people in the world. Who needs them, anyway? But, most of all, do what’s best for You because what’s best for us is what’s best for You in the long run. I love you and I hope everyone loves you the way I do so we don’t have to worry about things like this.


Dear Courtney Brown,

“The potential of this universe is limitless. Her revelations of potential are infinite beyond number. But there are no star wars or advanced civilizations beyond your own; because if civilizations are fearsome, they do not advance beyond your own. They become extinct, to rise up in the soils of another world, a little wiser, until they learn.” — Ken Carey, Return Of The Bird Tribes

Now that I have your attention, as someone with expertise in public relations with one particularly time-consuming Client at present, I would like to share with you an objective opinion on how to best pursue the variety of endeavors expressed in your letter. I was surprised by how many different dilemmas you’re facing — (1) admitting you were conned, (2) placing your faith in our government for help, (3) warning of an imminent terrorist atom bomb attack, (4) promoting your institute.

I would like to offer some gentle prodding for someone who has shown an innate quiet and inobtrusive nature in your interviews on Art Bell’s radio show. Always remain confident that you can trust God and He/they will lead you, as always, via communicating with you through the subconscious minds of others. Just remember to carefully discern this voice from those of human egos preoccupied with their own self-interests; after all, remote viewing, like all forms of communication and expression, is a shared interaction with God.

The best form of meditation is upon how to best help God. And remember it’s never embarrassing to admit making a mistake. Only proud, vain and arrogant people can be embarrassed. People would be fascinated to hear the details of how you were manipulated in a campaign to discredit you. By doing this, you take away any power that you or others imagine they have over you. Who knows? Art Bell, himself, could be in the same boat as you where his ‘Art’s Parts’ are concerned.

If you aren’t familiar with the book mentioned above, I would recommend you read it in addition to my own book Testament. For details of the latter, refer to (gives address)


Mark Russell Bell