Q: Mark Russell Bell
M: Angela Matthews (portion of KABC news broadcast)
K: KABC taped message announcer
R: “Coast to Coast” taped message announcer
A: Art Bell (portion of “Coast to Coast” broadcast)
W: Whitley Strieber (portion of “Coast to Coast” broadcast)
G: Guy Kirkwood (portion of “Coast to Coast” broadcast)
B: Bill Mishak, Eagle Market Makers spokesman heard on “Coast to Coast” commercial

Q: (speaking into tape recorder) So Mighael has me working again. It’s after ten o’clock Pacific time and I was able to download photos that I saw at the observatory here on my computer. They aren’t really great and they’ll be even worse if I fax them. (“BUT”) Mighael wants me to fax them. Nothing happened ‘today’ so I wrote yes and no on slips of paper and I said, “Mighael, should I fax this to Art?” And it came up ‘yes.’ ‘No’ was face down and ‘yes’ was face up. So I’ve done a cover memo and now I’m going to send the three-page-fax. At first, it wouldn’t go through because the line was busy. (“SO”) I thought Mighael wanted me to add something so I stamped on the image of a pyramid with God’s eye in it just to sort of dress it up and — (“S[O]”) he’ll notice this fax and the two surprising pages that follow. Let’s see if the fax goes through now.

( . . . )

Q: It’s going through. I have the machine set on ‘fine’ so it’s taking a while to be transmitted. It still isn’t going to look very good because I tried making a copy of it on my machine — unless he’s got a much better machine than I do and he probably does. I’ll read it to you while it’s faxing. It says:

APRIL 9, 1997




NOTE: The third page presents a standard protoplanetary disk. The fax must be terrible so see —

The following page shows what is not such a standard ‘disk’ of ‘dust.’ See —

To explain irregularities, astronomers say this metallic-appearing object is “seen edge-on.” To appreciate this photo, one must see an original on display (I viewed one at the Griffith Park Observatory in L.A.) and not via the Internet. This doesn’t seem to be an embryonic planetary system in the making. As it is located in the Orion nebula, it doesn’t take a genius to offer the possibility that this object is the basis for the Egyptian pyramid alignment and is, in fact, what was known as MARDUK in Babylonia and NIBIRU in Sumer. To the casual observer it looks like a flying saucer yet it is 17 times the diameter of our own Solar System. This image might make a good companion link for your website; after all, the Hubble telescope is a fairly reliable source.

I hope you will also present the news of NASA’s planned launch of the Cassini space probe with 73 pounds of deadly plutonium aboard this October. Dr. Helen Caldicott wrote in her book Nuclear Madness: “One pound, if uniformly distributed, could hypothetically induce lung cancer in every person on earth.” If this Titan IV rocket explodes, the lethal plutonium would be spread far and wide. The mission can be performed without plutonium according to Dr. Michio Kaku, City University of New York physics professor and author of the new book Hyperspace. I hope you will have him as a guest on your show. Instead of plutonium, solar energy could be gathered by photovoltaic panels on Cassini.


Q: Yes, it says three pages went through. I haven’t had time to change my phone number on the top of this fax machine so that’s wrong but I did put my current phone number on the cover page. Now if I got this fax I would at least check out the pictures on the website. I know he gets very nervous before his shows begin but it’s no big deal just clicking on the Internet these two pages. Of course, I won’t know what he says anyway because we don’t even get his show for the first hour here in L.A. but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist listening at midnight. Whitley Strieber is scheduled to be on. I should have added ‘Tell Whitley I said hello’ but I didn’t want to be too glib. I also was thinking about putting — following MARDUK in Babylonia, NIBIRU in Sumer: ‘and HEAVEN in the world today for Christians.’ But I thought that was a little too extreme. I took a long nap today. I was so tired after staying up late last night and it’s such a bad habit. I have so many bad habits. That and the excessive masturbation are probably my worst habits. But actually there was a man — the famous ‘man on Venice Beach with all the signs’ says people who masturbate never have drug problems. They don’t need a drug. And, besides, it’s love channeling between me and my Love. I ordered a cheeseless pizza tonight and even when I called the restaurant, there were love songs while I was on hold. So it’s scaring me already how much love I’m having. It’s almost like ‘Martha’ thinking, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to kill me.’ Poor Art must be getting so sick of my faxes. I wasn’t going to send this because (“IT’S LIKE”) when I send him something that fact alone makes sure he won’t mention it or put it on his website or what-have-you. But Mighael said to do it in His own inimitable way. Do you notice (“THE”) the word Hubble sounds like bell? It’s spelled differently but it sounds just like bell. And the gentlemen credited on these two photos both have ‘Son of Man names’: M. J. McCaughrean (Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy) and C. Robert O’Dell (Rice University). I think I’ll record the beginning of Art’s show so you can see how he acts after receiving my fax and knowing that the show is just beginning in Los Angeles.

( . . . )

M: . . . news coming up at 12:30 or when it happens. From the KABC 24-hour newsroom, I’m Angela Matthews.

K: Now talk radio 790 KABC presents “Coast to Coast” A.M. with Art Bell. (Music excerpt heard on tape here.)

R: Call Art Bell toll-free west of the Rockies at (gives number); east of the Rockies at (gives number). This is the CBC Radio Network.

A: That’s what it is. Good morning, everybody. I’m Art Bell. Buckle in — we’ve got a lot going on. In the first hour, Richard C. Hoagland, here, talking about the sun flare — actually more than a flare, which scientists thought was going to smack right into Earth. And we’re getting apparently a grazing blow. But I will tell you this. I’ve been monitoring for the last several hours the National Bureau of Standards at five megahertz and C-band signal strengths—satellite signal strengths—and we’re beginning now to get an erosion — a definite erosion at five megahertz. And I’ve begun to notice an erosion on C-band as well so we may be getting some effects but scientists are now saying they think the major portion of this blast from the sun is going to graze Earth. Now Don, listening on KCMO in Kansas City, suggests that he has lost his C-band. I don’t think that is generally the case but we do have word from our NSM satellite uplink people —

Q: This is news? This is pathetic.

A: — that indeed their . . .

Q: He gets the news story of all time!? And Richard Hoagland is there.

A: This alert is extending 24 hours —

Q: I hope he showed Richard the fax.

A: — from about eight o’clock this last evening Eastern time —

Q: This is insane.

A: — so I want to warn my affiliates anything can happen. . . .

Q: I don’t really blame people like Art who oppress me. (“BECAUSE”) I remember my own response — I really couldn’t believe it, myself —

A: . . . And I’m beginning to wonder whether they really know one way or the other so my warning to . . .

Q: — in terms of a love and kindness that was behind it all. Maybe he thinks this is something evil.

A: . . . it’s going to be because of this solar problem so be prepared . . .

Q: Because this is just craziness. Solar flares? This is nutso.

A: . . . to have some alternative programming . . .

Q: This is wacko time.

A: . . . on hand just in case.

Q: And Richard Hoagland is an expert on cosmology.

A: Things are quickening in more ways than one and this is obviously going to occur again. There are also persistent reports, though unverified, of something — maybe a comet that actually collided with the sun. And some people are trying to attach a —

Q: Oh please. Give me a break.

A: — some sort of meaning to this flare — to that impact. And there are reported to be existing photographs of that impact on the sun. I want to again congratulate Richard C. Hoagland, who was in effect congratulated by Ted Koppel on tonight’s “Nightline” for his prediction seventeen years ago of life on Europa. And water. And scientists are now saying that, in fact, there’s probably more water on Europa than there is here on Earth. Let that one sink in. Richard Hoagland said he had a major announcement. It will be made not on “Nightline” but on this program next week. That was all in the first hour, including Renee Barnett who’s got a film coming up Monday on “Strange Universe” — Monday the 14th — (“THIS’LL”) this film supposedly smuggled out of Area 51 by somebody calling himself, apparently, Victor. And I have on the phone with me Whitley Strieber and we’re talking about it. We have not yet really talked about what Whitley saw but we’re going to do that very shortly. I’ve got a surprise coming up for Whitley in a moment and for everybody else. As you all may or may not know, David John Oates — the — let’s see — inventor? — he didn’t invent reverse speech — how about the man who discovered reverse speech — had his house burned to the ground. He was burned out and it looks very much like it was arson. They intentionally burned him out. Well, guess what folks, there’s some very serious stuff going on in the UFO community. More in a moment. . . . (commercials include Dr. Michael Teplisky’s Super Prostate Formula) the results astounding. It contains about every known natural ingredient that’s been clinically proven to reduce the size of the prostrate and thus relieve symptoms . . .

( . . . )

A: Alright. Now back quickly to Whitley. Whitley, are you there?

W: Yes.

A: Whitley, we’re going to take a little detour and come back to the video that will be shown Monday. But I’ve got something that I want you to listen to, Whitley, so that you can react to it.

Q: Okay. (“THIS”)

A: This is really serious stuff. Here it is, folks. Here’s what happened. David John Oates got burned out. His house was burned to the ground. He was warned. He got calls. He had people who were supposedly trying to make deliveries — trying to get his address. He finally, unfortunately, gave his address to one person. His house within hours was burned to the ground. He escaped with his life and some smoke-damaged equipment. He’s living in a hotel. He doesn’t have a house — fortunately, it was a rented home. And it was drastically uninsured but that does not lesson the impact of what was done to David John Oates. He was burned out, folks, for what he’s doing. And I think tonight we’ve got proof of that fact because I’m now — how many of you know Steven Greer? Dr. Steven Greer? Raise your hands. Thank you. Dr. Greer is in Washington. I suspect now (he) was at the Pentagon. Dr. Greer came on this program and, as you know, he was gathering together a group of experts—military people, other people—to prove conclusively in testimony in Washington that there really are visitors — they really are here; that UFOs are real — not the figment of somebody’s imagination. One of the people that was due to go back to Washington and testify is a man named Guy Kirkwood. And I’ve got Guy on the line, I think. Guy, are you there?

G: Yes, I am.

A: Hi, Guy. Thank you for coming on the program.

G: Nice to be here.

A: Guy, if you could briefly, tell us about yourself. Who are you?

G: Well, I’m a retired pilot. And, as you know, Steven Greer had requested that I attend the meetings in Washington, D.C. to testify in the congressional hearings. This is several months ago. A few weeks ago, I received the package of — itinerary and travel arrangements.

A: Alright. May I ask, in other words, what would the nature of your testimony have been? You’re a retired pilot — did you see something or capture something on —

G: I have photographic evidence taken during an operation with the air force and, also, from the flight deck of a Boeing 720B.

A: Oh my. And what does that photographic evidence show, Guy?

G: Well, the one photo, which was only one of approximately thirty-some thousand frames exposed by the group of four Sabres in 1954, shows one of the Sabre jets and two of five objects which were under observation at the time. Daylight.

A: Daylight. (“SO”) You were flying a Sabre jet?

G: Correct.

A: What do these objects appear to be? I mean are they —

G: They were disks.

A: Disks?

G: They were approximately — the Sabre jet’s a 36-foot wingspan and the objects were very close to the same diameter — about a 35-feet diameter.

A: Okay. So you’ve got some pretty serious evidence. I understand why Dr. Greer would want you testifying in Washington.

G: Um-huh.

A: So you got a package. You had your travel plans. You had your ticket. You were ready to go back and testify.

G: I was scheduled to leave San Diego at 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday.

A: On Tuesday.

G: Uh-huh.

A: However?

G: On Sunday preceding — two days before that at (“ROUGH”) roughly 10:30 at night, the phone rang and I answered the phone. The individual did not ask for me or ask if it was me — apparently recognized my voice (and) just made a very simple statement that if I went to Washington and testified before the congressional hearing that I would expect to receive the same treatment as David Oates.

A: In other words, your house would be burned down?

G: That was the implication of the threat.

A: Oh my God. I don’t know how much you can talk about on the air, Guy, but I know that at some level the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved?

G: I spent some time with them the following morning — on Monday.

A: Um-huh.

G: Now, of course, it is not established (“IS”) at this point at time that it is a federal matter so they do not have official jurisdiction but they have a file — (“ARE”) working for follow-up purposes.

A: Did you recognize the voice?

G: No, I did not. And, of course, it was very brief and by the time I — really when it sunk it what was said, he had hung up.

A: Alright. Again, you received that call when?

G: Sunday night about 10:30.

A: Sunday night. Alright, I didn’t air the business with David Oates until last night. Were you aware — I guess you — you know David Oates?

G: Yes, I do know — I’ve known David since he lived in Dallas some — few years ago.

A: So this phone call threat occurred, certainly, prior to my broadcast and at that point not too many people knew that David had been —

G: I asked David how many people he had informed of the fire and he said as of that time roughly about a dozen. (Of) course, those could have talked to others in the meantime but —

A: But there was no big national broadcast.

G: Oh no. No no. It hadn’t received any widespread exposure.

A: Until my show. Alright. Guy, it doesn’t even stop there. There was another woman who worked with Dr. Greer who was also threatened. Can you also tell us about that?

G: I, Monday morning, attempted to contact Steven Greer to bring him up to date on circumstances and he was, at that point, en route from his home in South Carolina to Washington, D.C. so I did not reach him. I then called his assistant — associate in Colorado, Sherry Adamek, and informed her of the event that had taken place the prior evening. Her statement was that she wished that she could respond with surprise but unfortunately that she had received the same type of threats and that the threats has been carried out. And, although, in error, they apparently burned the wrong condominium. They burned the neighbor’s condominium instead of hers.

A: My God! So she received a similar threat and, in fact, they did do it so based on that much information you obviously decided not to go to Washington.

G: That decision was made in meetings with the FBI.

A: Guy, do you have any idea of the number of people who were due to go to Dr. Greer’s —

G: According to Steven Greer, in the area of 20 to 22 people.

A: How many — do you have any idea how many of these — (“I”)

G: I do not know, in fact, how many are actually there at this time?

A: Or how many were threatened?

G: Correct.

A: So we know about, actually, two now and, of course, poor David Oates who’s lost his home.

G: Correct. I spent about four hours today with David at the house going over the remains. There’s — I was hoping and looking for any type of evidence or testimony that it wasn’t arson and, instead, it just continued to show the factors that it was.

A: Yes. And there’s something that I’m going to make public that maybe I shouldn’t — but I should because it ties it all together. David’s public presentations of reverse speech have mostly been celebrities and politicians and that sort of thing. Dangerous as that might be, it’s not generally known that David has done a great deal of work for the UFO community with reverse speech.

G: He has some significant evidence to bring to bear, which he has not done because he doesn’t feel that it’s going to aid and abet his efforts.

A: However, it is if you’re in the business of connecting dots, it’s certainly a dot that connects to these threats. In fact, more than threats — these arsons.

G: Well, it, of course, if — whereas you might otherwise consider it to be a cruel prank, because of the acts that had been perpetrated, it had to be considered a serious (matter).

A: How are you reacting now, Guy? I mean even though you didn’t go to Washington, you’ve still got to have concerns that what happened to David might happen to you.

G: This is why the FBI’s been a great help along with local law enforcement.

A: Alright. Whitley Strieber’s on the line. Whitley, does any of this surprise you?

W: Well, it doesn’t surprise me. And I’ll tell you the most telling thing about all of this and that everyone should remember — I think that as the lines are now being drawn pretty well clearly in the sand here, it’s obvious that the people who are behind the cover-up do not have access to the normal authorities. In other words, it is probably in general an illegal activity, which is what was more or less concluded, I believe, by the — there was a senate investigation of this some years ago. It was very quiet and I don’t even know very much about it but I did understand that they came to feel that if this existed it had not been properly disclosed to the authorities — I mean to the oversight committees in Congress, meaning that all of the activity that had taken place or been initiated after the law changed, I believe, in 1968 requiring such disclosure was not legal activity at all. And, therefore, people who have signed security agreements in connection with this, subsequent to that time, have not been in compliance with the law and the agreements aren’t even valid.

G: Hmm.

W: And now we see a situation where instead of — people who were scheduled to go to Greer’s conference, being given a quiet visit by the FBI and reminded of their security oaths, thugs appear on the scene burning people out. And it’s because of the fact that the individuals involved in this cover-up don’t have access to the FBI because they’re not an official organization. They are absolutely a rogue organization operating inside and using the facilities of the U.S. government. But I think it’s becoming quite clear (“THEY”) that this is not legal activity.

A: A government within.

W: A government within that does not have access to they duly-constituted authorities of the United States. And when it needs enforcement it has to resort to the tactics of thugs.

A: Well, I’m beginning to wonder if those involved in ufology generally should all — I got a call from Barbi Taylor, who warned me about all of this today, and she said, “Take care. Look out.” (“WELL I’M”)

W: You know, I — personally, I’ve known for a long time and my whole family has that we’re soldiers fighting in a war and I can tell you right now that I expect to continue to fight until I can’t. Period.

A: Yeah, my view too.

W: Absolutely. I think you and I and everyone else involved in this is in the same position.

A: Guy, is there anything else that you would like to say? I really appreciate your staying up and telling us this story. It’s very important. Guy, do you think there is reason for genuine concern among those involved in ufology now?

G: Well, there’s an old saying in the air force that the flag is heaviest over the target.

A: (small laugh)

G: It is an indicator that you’re getting close to the action source when you see such things coming about. They apparently are very tolerant of the revealing of data and sharing data with groups of thirty/forty/50/100 people at a time at the lower level, knowing that there is not going to be any kind of organized threat to their activities. But when you elicit this type of a reaction, now you know you’re starting to hit home.

A: That’s a good point. I don’t want you to reveal anything — you just heard what Whitley said about ‘the government within’ one. You think that’s a reasonable possibility. I mean after all —

G: I’m afraid that this is a tragic truth.

A: Tragic truth. And the reason I say that is because here you are dealing with the FBI, which is the government — the government we see but obviously whoever threatened you had to have had motivation that would have been as Whitley described.

G: Well, as the FBI pointed out — they said this is probably one of the most difficult if not impossible charges to prove and get a conviction in a court. They said even when they have voice tapes it becomes very, very difficult to convince a jury that the suspect is the actual perpetrator. And they said irrespective of that normally what they do is even when they’ve I.D.’d such a caller, they’ll send agents out to the address and then show I.D. and then read the statute, the violation of the penalty — (he) said normally this will scare them straight. (“[H]E SA[ID]”) However, he said, “You have to understand when it gets to this magnitude that these are only employees. These are people who are only contract people who are carrying out the orders of they’re higher-ups — they’re so-called bosses,” if you will.

A: Guy, when you saw this disk that you got the photograph of, was there any doubt in your mind about what you were seeing?

G: It was perfectly clear daylight. There were four of us in the operation. They reflected sunlight. We lost all analog instruments in the aircraft. It was a serious situation.

A: Guy, I want to thank you for coming on the program and be safe, keep an eye out — do all that sort of thing. Let them Sawyerville as much as they want and just be safe.

G: It’s nice talking with you, Art.

A: Guy, thank you. (Music excerpt heard on tape here.) And we’ll be right back with Whitley Strieber. So that’s what’s going on out there and you say it’s not ‘quickening?’ (small laugh) From the high desert, this is CBC.


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M: Talk radio 790 KABC news time: 12:31. Good morning, I’m Angela Matthews. The woman who saw the man authorities believe killed Ennis Cosby failed to identify the suspect in a police line-up. The woman went to the Sepulveda pass to help Cosby on January 16th shortly before he was shot and killed. A suspect was arrested and the woman could not pick him out of a line-up at Parker Center. The L.A. School District Board is expected today to announce the names of the finalist for the job of school superintendent to replace the retiring Sid Thompson. Applicants have been screened by an independent citizen search committee and the names of the three-to-five finalists are expected to be revealed late this morning. And a day after voters overwhelmingly approved of an elected panel to rewrite the city’s charter, proponents of the measure say they look forward to work being done. Proposition 8 was approved by about 61% of those who cast ballots in the citywide polling and eight people were chosen to sit on the 15-member panel. Seven others face run-offs June 3rd. KABC news is brought to you by L.A. Cellular. Mobile Memo is the computerized answering system for your cellular phone and it’s available exclusively through L.A. Cellular. Call (gives 800 number). KABC news time: 12:32. (Music excerpt heard on tape here.) Our 790 KABC traffic watch shows —



3 June 1997

We are in receipt of the Michael Lindemann/CNI News article regarding the April 9, 1997 briefings in Washington, D.C.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Lindemann decided to write and distribute such an article without first consulting with CSETI regarding the numerous false accusations mentioned therein.

The Lindemann/CNI News article is filled with falsehoods, poorly researched information and egregious and libelous statements regarding the Best Available Evidence briefing document. Lindemann never called or wrote to me or CSETI to ascertain the facts of the matter before publishing statements which are defaming, false and blatantly inaccurate.

Lindemann/CNI News specifically accuses me of plagiarism—and worse—and these defaming statements cannot go unanswered. Without checking the facts of the matter with me directly, he has chosen to repeat falsehoods regarding the document in question.

Regarding the Best Available Evidence document (hereinafter referred to as the BAE), the following are the facts related to its creation, concept, title, development and use:

After beginning the CSETI Project Starlight UFO/ETI disclosure effort in the summer of 1993, I was invited to a meeting at Mr. Laurence Rockefeller’s JY Ranch near Jackson Hole WY, where I met Mrs. Marie (Bootsie) Galbraith. I shared with Ms. Galbraith and the others gathered there our plans regarding collecting the Best Available Evidence regarding UFOs and our plans to provide briefings for world leaders and the public on the subject.

Mrs. Galbraith indicated a keen interest in assisting with this effort. Subsequently, I provided to her, to Mr. Rockefeller and to the BSW Foundation a full complement of our plans, strategy and an outline of the BAE, including inclusion and exclusion criteria for cases, the title ‘Best Available Evidence,’ the concept and strategy for its use, etc.

For nearly two years we collaborated on this matter, and CSETI continued to provide consultation and strategic input. In addition to my creating the title, concept, criteria and strategy for the use of the BAE, I flew to New York to meet with Galbraith et al and spent considerable time discussing specific cases to be selected for the BAE. Additionally, numerous hours were spent via long distance telephone discussing the BAE with Mrs. Galbraith and in selecting specific cases to be used.

Subsequently, Mrs. Galbraith and BSW Foundation, with funding assistance from Mr. Rockefeller and others, offered to take on the task of completing and writing the BAE. The BAE was to be a collection of classic, if traditional, UFO cases of strong evidential integrity. It was decided that my efforts should go into obtaining extraordinary evidence and deep cover first-hand military and intelligence data and witness testimony.

It was always the explicit and repeatedly stated intention of Mrs. Galbraith, BSW, Mr. Rockefeller and CSETI to create a BAE which would be a PUBLIC DOMAIN, NON-COPYRIGHTED DOCUMENT which would be used to brief VIPs, world and national leaders. We worked, without compensation and freely in good faith, to create such a BAE document.

Subsequently, BSW and Mrs. Galbraith hired Don Berliner and Antonio Huneus to work on writing the BAE, although Berliner was the primary paid writer/researcher.

In the fall of 1995, some 2 years after first providing the concept, title, strategy, etc. to Mrs. Galbraith et al, she mailed me a NON-COPYRIGHTED Best Available Evidence document to be used for briefing leaders as stated above. We SPECIFICALLY AND EXPLICITLY DISCUSSED THE USE OF THIS JOINTLY CREATED DOCUMENT AS A PERMANENTLY NON-COPYRIGHTED, PUBLIC DOMAIN DOCUMENT. Mrs. Galbraith re-iterated Mr. Rockefeller’s intent to have this document become a briefing tool to be freely used for its intended purpose — a purpose and concept originated by me personally.

Unfortunately, subsequent to this, Mrs. Galbraith, in collaboration with the so-called and newly formed UFO Research Coalition attempted to seize this jointly created BAE document, copyright it, and restrict its use, in clear and reprehensible violation of the spirit of how the document was created. In doing so, Mrs. Galbraith violated our working agreement, and further violated her arrangement with the founder and principal of BSW foundation, a long time friend of Mrs. Galbraith.

Both the principal of BSW and CSETO protested this extraordinary and devisive act, but Mrs. Galbraith and the UFO Research Coalition persisted in this behavior. I wrote Mr. Rockefeller personally informing him of this treachery. I further informed him that we intended to use the BAE document, which I originated and named and for which I selected many of the cases, in the manner which he—and all of us—had intended: as a non-copyrighted, public domain document, jointly created in good faith, to be used for educating world leaders on the UFO subject. No corrective instructions were ever sent to us regarding this clearly stated position.

Subsequently, an historic gathering was convened in Washington, D.C. on April 9, 1997 at which a number of congressional offices, congressmen and other VIPs were present. As part of the materials provided, this non-copyrighted, public domain BAE was presented as a complete document, as well as an executive summary in the larger CSETI Briefing Document (a separate item) which was given to the VIPs in attendance. This use is wholly in keeping with the spirit and stated purpose behind the collaborative creation of the BAE document. It was not, nor has it ever been, old by CSETI, contrary to false and defaming statements made by others. This BAE clearly stated that it was written by Berliner, so how could it have been plagiarized? Unfortunately, it appears that Lindemann does not even know the definition of the word, since it requires the taking of another’s written material and without crediting the writer, claimed to have written it. On the title page, we did also credit SETI and myself for the title, strategy, concept, etc., and it is wholly appropriate that we did so, since it is the documented truth.

The CSETI Briefing Document which currently is available for purchase does not contain any part or reference to this BAE document. We have behaved entirely ethically and within our rights in this matter, and, unlike other parties who have aggrieved us, have refused to try to seize this BAE document, copyright it, or make plans for its sale.

At this juncture, due to the unpleasantness of the entire matter, we are not even providing this document gratis to VIPs who should receive it.

I should point out that the principal of BSW, who provided significant funding (along with Mr. Rockefeller) for the writing of the BAE, has been quite concerned over the attempt to seize and copyright this document. Notwithstanding the fact that BSW partially funded the document, Mrs. Galbraith and the s0-called UFO Research Coalition will not even allow BSW to purchase copies of the document for free distribution to VIPs and world leaders.

Lindemann/CNI News also falsely claims that I altered the BAE document to make it look like it was written by me. This is completely false: the BAE document, except for the title page which was changed to reflect the true, above stated origins and credits, was provided to the VIPs with only very minor and occasional changes from the original given to CSETI by Mrs. Galbraith.

The above is a true and factual account of this matter. There are multiple witnesses and dated documents which support these facts. It is profoundly regrettable that Lindemann/CNI News failed to engage in due diligence to ascertain these facts prior to publishing the false, defaming and libelous article in question.

Beyond this, it is regrettable that, rather than working cooperatively as we hall all agreed, these elements within the UFO community have instead chosen to attempt to obstruct the process of world education on the subject.

As a physician, scientist and researcher who has foregone nearly a million dollars in his income and assets to do this work, it is distressing to see such venal and destructive behavior from some in the UFO arena. I suppose it has even been thus: Were it otherwise, the dangerous and erosive secrecy surrounding this subject could have been reversed long ago.

In the Lindemann/CNI News article, Lindemann states that I am “grossly dishonest,” am possessed of “deplorably bad judgement,” am a “plagiarist” who acted with stupidity and that I acted with “treachery.” These are serious, defaming, false and libelous comments.

Mr. Lindemann and CNI News must publish a full retraction and apology, or approprite actions will be taken against Mr. Lindemann and CNI News and any others engaged in similar defaming and libelous behavior.

I have watched for 18 months as the BAE document was seized, misrepresented by many as originating from Galbraith et al and generally used in bad faith by those who falsely lay claim to it. As a gentleman and as a person who sincerely wishes for the general advancement of the UFO subject, I have chosen, up to now, to be restrained on this matter. But the appearance of such libelous and defaming comments in a publication and on the Internet cannot and must not go unanswered. It would appear that our forbearance and restraint has only emboldened those elements in the UFO ‘community’ who act out of malice and jealousy and who appear to wish to derail the historic events and momentum of the CSETI Project Starlight effort.

Until Lindemann/CNI News decided to besmirch my name, I was content to ‘grin and bear it,’ and take a patient view towards this controversy. I can no longer take this approach and leave these charges unanswered since an attack this vicious and this public simply cannot go unanswered.

I recommend that the public refer to the CSETI Report on the DC Briefings, available from CSETI and also located on the CSETI wbsite ( This reply constitutes my official public response on this matter, and further inquiries will be referred to this document.

This matter has also been referred to legal counsel for appropriate remedies.

Meanwhile, historic and promising developments continue with the CSETI Project Starlight disclosure strategy. Those working with us in Washington report significant interest and progress from key leaders and we remain hopeful that the day will soon come when the truth will be known, and the Congress will permit full and open hearings on the UFO subject. If they do so, I have identified over 125 first-hand witnesses who can be subpoenaed and who can testify under oath. This will constitute a definitive disclosure on the subject — a truth about which every American and every citizen of the earth deserves to know the truth.

Steven M. Greer, M.D. Director of CSETI P.O. Box 15401 Asheville, NC 28813


Dear Mark,

>I am considering including Steven M. Greer’s June 3, 1997 letter to you—replying to a CNI article—to illuminate some of the pitfalls people fall into when trying to report about UFOs.<

This sounds like you think I’m the only one who hit a pitfall. I respectfully suggest that you not ignore the fact that Greer acted both illegally, unethically and foolishly, from a strategic political point of view, in commandeering a document that was absolutely not his and misrepresenting it as his. Please acquaint yourself with the very long explanatory statement posted at, as well as the CNI News Special Report of June 10, 1996 before you decide where all the pitfalls are.

But also keep this in mind — I have never wished Dr. Greer any ill, and I am personally very deeply concerned to hear of his, and Sherri Adamiak’s, grave health problems. I would prefer to see the disagreement between Greer and myself forgotten. I fail to see what good you will do by posting this material at your site. It is old news. It has been settled. Mistakes were made on both sides, but they are inconsequential in the big picture. All things considered, I recommend leaving it alone.

Best regards,

Michael Lindemann